Traffic Digger & GiveAway Events

Last few days ago, I joined traffic digger and also recruite a lot of member. What is traffic digger? It’s like a place for you to advertise you ad in their website. The best part is it’s Free. You only need to promote/recruite people to join and advertise then your ad will show up more. It’s a simple calculation, 10x10x10x10……… that’s mean there are million of people seen your ad on that website. I only send out email to my subscriber to share traffic digger with them and the member just do the samething like me. Nobody will care is it really get result because it’s free.

Another new giveaway event “Saint Patrick’s Ultimate Give-A-Way“. If you are looking for any free stuff or build subscriber list, then you should take action right now. It’s free to join and make money with their affiliate program. Internet Marketer newbie or beginner should take a look and learn from there.

I remember when I was just start my internet marketing, I know nothing. Someone send spam email to me and I just curious that person say in email get over 200 free stuff from the xxx giveaway website. I go to have a look and read the salespage then quickly join the giveaway event. Afterward I was so excited because I have download almost 50 gifts from the giveaway event. Have software, ebook, script and other free membership.

You know what happen after I download those gifts? My email box full of email and some are waiting me to confirm to their list and some sending me tons of crazy offer which I don’t like these kinds of email. So I never send crazy offer to my subscriber because I know a lot of people don’t like to see full of crazy offer email in their email box. It’s a waste of time to delete those crazy offer email.

Web Traffic: Traffic Digger
Free Stuff: Saint Patrick’s Ultimate Give-A-Way

Learn From Mistakes !

I have made new mistakes with my “Graphics Collection“. People who have bougth it will know I make the mistakes with the collection. There is copyright mistakes. But luckily I just solve the problem and very happy to learn from mistakes.

I have made lot of mistakes when I was just start my Internet Marketing. I spend thousands of dollar to buy ebook, software, scripts, membership and many others. I also remember the 1st big mistake I made is SPAM complaint.

When I was newbie, I don’t know what is Autoresponder and don’t know what is SPAM. Some of you might think I’m really newbie ( even SPAM also don’t know ).

Yes, When I have about 300 subscribers in my email account ( hotmail ). I always send email to them one by one. Almost crazy everytime send email like that, finally I get a lot of SPAM complaint one day. Then I do some research and found autoresponder. 🙂

Another mistake is Buy too many product that thought will help me get rich overnight.  Until I found a book Magnetic Sponsoring then I stop buy the product that teach me “how to” ……… make $xxxxx in xxxdays. WHY ?

As I have previous post below about the Magnetic Sponsoring. Education never stop ! The book or CD or Course you buy/attend not make you become rich. You just get what you don’t have from it. Get what I mean??

Example: You bought a cook book, it have 10 receipes chapter inside the book. After you finish the book and find out that some 2-4 receipes you already know before. BUT not all, So you just learn what you don’t know from the book.

This month I learn new things from my mistake not book or any product.  Luckily and happily because I solved the problem already. I never thought my Graphics Collection will in Best Seller in fourth position. Really suprised ! I thought 50-80 sales a day is very common so I never think my product will get in the Best Seller position. But not compare to expert internet marketer, they probably make more than thousands  every single days.

Promote MLM 3 BIG Mistakes

There are many of people failed in MLM because they make 3 BIG Mistakes in the beginning.
#1. Promote Company
#2. Doing the Boring Presentation
#3. Attitude/Negatif thinking
Do not ever promote your company in the 1st place. Because they already have invole one and WHY they should join your MLM? If because your company or product better than their MLM then WHY they didn’t join yet?

Promote your company in the 1st place will NOT solve their problem. You have to share with them “How To” earn money from a system/way.

Still cold calling your friends/family as many as you can? Then doing the Boring presentation to them in coffee house? I told you what, when you suddenly call them to the coffee house without answer their question why you want to meet them, they will know you want to promote MLM, sound familiar? Almost all the MLM beginner do this.

If after 2-3 months still didn’t get any result, they will start have negative thinking. Example: “The product are too expensive”, “Other MLM company history better than our”, “No speaking skill” and Blah Blah Blah….. ! Then quit/inactive their MLM.

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