Earn Lazy Money Online! Really?

Last week, I have read several ebook about internet marketing. Today, I would like to share with you how to earn lazy money online. A IM friend of mine, Matt Garrett sharing how he’s make lazy money on the internet.

If you very lazy to selling digital product online, create product, or promote affiliate product. Then please pay more attention to this post. You’re about to learn how to make lazy money on the internet. Attention, you won’t make hundreds or thousands dollar overnight from the lazy method in the ebook.

I love the ebook, because he’s explained pretty clear what you should know to do more and what you should know BUT do less or no need to do. It’s save you time and effort doing useless thing. That’s why I recommended this ebook to those people who just get started or only can do invest 2-3hours per day.

If you’re selling online or doing other marketing, then you should know online selling have a lot of things to learn trial and error. Especially give support, write email, setup salespage/download page/ squeeze page, play SEO, and many more. If you’re one to do all the things I talk just now and you only can spend less than 2 hours per day, I think you have to spend at least 1-2 weeks to setup a simple salespage to sell online and maintain it to give support.

Or headache with write email, salesletter, squeeze page and all kind of things. Even if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you also need to write good email to sell your subscribers or customer list. Some people may say, those kind of things can outsource and hire expert to write the email or salesletter.

May I know how many people can afford to hire people to do all those things when they just new to internet marketing and low of budget? Why so many people want to make money online? Everyone wish to have extra hundreds or thousands dollar a month to buy more things, travel, shopping or clear their debt quick.

If you wish to make money online BUT only can invest 2-3 hours per day and lazy to give support, write email/salesletter or cannot afford hundred or thousands to hire people do all kind of things for you. Then look no further to this Lazy method ebook.

Make Lazy Money Online

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can either be a way to put a little extra cash in your pocket or, hopefully, become a full time job. However, it’s not like you can put up a bunch of affiliate links and expect to start making a mint. If you want to make a full time job’s worth of money off affiliate marketing, you have to work at it full time. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it works 24/7—but this doesn’t mean you should also put in several hours a day of your own time.

The affiliate marketers who have had the most outstanding success are normally those who have more than one site working at once. It’s much harder to make a decent amount of money if you have one affiliate site at a time. Experienced affiliate marketers will have a number of different sites running at once, all with different types of affiliate links. What this means is that each affiliate site will need separate SEO: new content in the form of blogs, forums, articles, and other techniques.

 A key to a successful affiliate marketing program is to make the affiliate site a useful resource. Just posting a bunch of links is not going to impress many web surfers. They’ll leave and likely never come back. The trick to any web business is to keep people on site—this is true for the affiliate partner and it’s true for affiliate marketers. An affiliate site shouldn’t necessarily scream, “affiliate site.” Instead, it can be a trusted resource on a particular topic.

Useful content is the best way to make this possible. Take a site that has a number of links to sports-related businesses (apparel, equipment, tickets, books, etc.). The affiliate marketer can then set up a forum that talks about different sports teams, strategy, and so on—potentially, this forum could bring in sports fans from across the country. Blogging is another great medium for affiliate marketing. On the same site, the blogger could write reviews of new equipment or write in depth trade talk about a variety of sports. These are just a few ideas but they show how affiliate marketing can—and should—be a serious, long-term proposition.

What it comes down to is that affiliate marketing is no different than running the host site. Both are about running a business, even if an affiliate marketer has no direct product or service to sell. An affiliate marketer should set up a site that is useful and informative—a destination that people will come back to again and again. In some cases, an affiliate site might even be more informative than the partner’s website.

Only until these issues are covered can an affiliate marketer hope to make a good amount of money with affiliate marketing. Sure, you could put up links and hope for the best, but you should think about investing some time into the site if you really hope to turn a respectable profit.

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Get Started To Make Money Online

If you are just started your internet journey without attend any courses or learn from ebook before, then take my tips here. It might reduce your lost and time.

When you just started, what not to do:
1. Do not hire any people to do work for you.
2. Do not buy any web traffic or lead.
3. Do not buy expensive product.
4. Do not join any expensive membership.
5. Do not do more than 2 type of online opportunity.
a. Google Adsense
b. Affiliate Marketing
c. Online MLM
d. Online Selling
e. Blogger
Just choose maximum 2 type to concentrate.

When you decide to step on whether google adsense or affiliate marketing, then you should only concentrate to them. If you do more than 2 types in the same time, you will make yourself confuse, not enough time and lack of performance.

Unless you’re rich enough, then you can skip all the tips here. You can go to hire people to do all the work for you.  🙂

Try to read more other marketer salespage, squeeze page and email. See how they do the marketing. Subscribe to their list, so you can see how they do email marketing. In this way, you will learn more and compare their marketing work with other marketer.

If you wish to start selling online, then you have to put some effort, time and money to learn how it work. Especially how to setup salespage and thankyou page (download page).

Most newbie stuck in this part. They don’t know how to setup salespage, how to create paypal button, how to link the thankyou page. There are a lot of things to learn, and it’s require to take time on that. Just take it easy and learn step by step.

Compare to Selling Online, Affiliate Marketing is  more easier to make money with low cost and more quickly to see result. Why? Affiliate don’t need to setup any salespage, linking work and thankyou page. Affiliate also don’t need to provide support.

Just send customer to the salespage to buy the product and you make money. But doing affiliate marketing also need to learn how to promote product and where to find customer.

Most affiliate will use PPC (Pay per click) Google Adword. Bid the keyword and drive the targeted customer to the salespage. As long as you know how to target keyword. Or you will just lose the money. Little tips of how to target keyword.

Example. You are selling ‘training dog’ ebook, then you should target ‘training dog’, ‘how to train my dog’ , Do not target ‘dog’, ‘dog name’ , You will ask why not to choose ‘dog’ keyword? There are more than 20millions search results in google search engine for ‘dog’ keyword. Maybe those people want to find dog shampoo, dog food or anything else. They will not buy your ‘training dog’ ebook and you will just waste you PPC money with those people. Because they are not looking for ‘training dog’ ebook.

More tips how to get started make money online will post soon.

Talking About Drive Web Traffic

No Traffic = No Visitor = No Income

Everyone know this very well. But still have a lot of people no idea how to drive web traffic. I’m not traffic expert and just want to share my 2 cents here.

For promoting affiliate product, most will use Google Adword ( Pay per click ). Quick and Easy. As long as you have do some homework for the keyword and can afford to bid some hot keyword.

If you wish to drive web traffic to your blog, then you can post more comment to other related blog to get more backlink. Get more backlink will improve your blog in search engine. Learn How To Drive Free Traffic To Blog

There are some method can get free traffic:
1. Join Giveaway Event. ( Must be join as partner to contribute gift to be able drive traffic )
2. Put other people blog URL into your blogroll or website.
3. Submit URL to search engine.
4. Post article and free advertisement directory.

Before you try to get free traffic, you must submit your URL to search engine.
1. Go to http://www.submitexpress.com and submit your Website URL. ( Free )
2. Add Url to Google Search Engine ( http://www.google.com/addurl/ )

Let the search engine know your website URL.

If you want to learn how to drive thousands of free traffic to your blog. Then I suggest you check this out: Easy Blog Traffic

Learn from those Blog Traffic Expert User. How they drive thousands of free traffic to their blog. Ready PDF format, MP3 Audio and Video for more easier to understand.

Use Google Adword To Make Money

You might heard these “No website require”, “No Send Email Require” and a lot of things no require to make money online.

Yes, I agree using adword can make you money online. But without website and autoresponder, you’re just leave “Big” money on the table. People who buy the product is buyer.

Buyer will buy other product in the future, over and over again. Then why don’t collect those buyer information for your next product use? When you have new product to promote, you can promote to those existing buyer as well, because they are “quality” leads which are people who always buy product online.

This way will make more money from previous work. The more “quality” leads(buyer) you have, the more extra money you get from less effort. If you have collect every buyer from adword campaign. Then the every click from your campaign is worth enough. Maybe you pay $0.50 for a click but you make $20 commission and future commission as well.

For a $0.50 = Unlimited Income

100 Buyer list better than 500 free subscribe list. ( normal conversion rate from my own )

 No website or autoresponder will require to find new customer over again.

One website only cost you $10 a month and the autoresponder only cost $20 a month.

Made just 1 sale already cover your monthly expenses. Then why not start build your own customer base and make more money with your previous work?

Most Recommended Webhosting
HostGator WebHosting

Most Recommended Autoresponder
Aweber Autoresponder

 The more buyer in your list, the more money you can make!

Why So Many People Want To Make Money Online?

Before that I was a car mechanic and I thought internet can make me money quickly and easy. So I start searching “make money online” or “how to make money online” in Google search engine.  I remember the 1st few opportunity I found are “Get paid to read email/Ads, “Get paid to surf”, “HYIP”and some ebook/ecourses. In that time, I don’t have credit card and not really willing to pay money to buy those $47 or $67 ebook/ecourses.

So I decided to join those “free” stuff get paid to read email/Ads and surf internet. At the same time, I also invest some money in HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ). Guees What? Get burned with HYIP and surf internet. They never pay money to me after I have surf about 150 hours ( take me about 30days ) . The Admin  never respond !!!

The HYIP, they simply closed the website.  After that, I’m start looking for other opportunity, and I found some website that selling their income system or ebook “how to make money online”.  Because of I don’t have credit card so it’s hard to take out my hard earn money to cash into debit card to buy. 🙂

Just wait…….until I get the credit card. At that moment, I found another opportunity from Advertisement directory. “Typist” and “Ads Typist”, guess what? Scam opportunity, those people just selling the out-of-dated information to teach people how to get paid to survey. Most information like company contact, website are out-of-dated that cannot be reach.  Or you have another option is selling the same opportunity to others just like them. That’s mean find other people become victim. 🙁

In that time, I feel sad because make money online is hard and get scam all the time. Until I reach some website that teach you how to make money online and show you their “Big Check” $thousands in 7 days or 30 days!!!!

I’m very excited when I saw their check and my confident come back. After I get my credit card and the 1st thing I do is buy the ebook and start read it quickly. What I have learned from the ebook are how to setup adword account and campaign. Then promote the author products. That’s it!! Such ebook cost me $47 just teach me setup adword account and setup campaign. FINISH.

Most crazy thing is the author ask reader to follow his method to setup the adword campaign. Set the daily budget to $50 and bid all the single keyword he gave in ebook, those single keywords are expensive that some cost up to $2.  And he said that “Guaranteed” get sale, So I just do it and trust what he say. After 2 day, I quickly close my campaign, nearly died. Make only 1 sale ( commission $22 ) and need to pay $50 daily budget for campaign.

Then I start search other ebook that really can help me make money online with low start up cost. I have bought a lot of ebook in that time, and cost me a few hundred dollar. Almost crazy, owe my credit card too much. Then I stop buying any ebook and start thinking what I have done. I have bought how to start business online ebook, how to build list, how to blah blah…… All those “how to” ebook but I still losing money.

Until today, I finally make a little fortune online. What I can say is make money online for long-term is not so easy. You must attend some course or buy some ebook to improve yourself time to time. There are a lot of thing to say about make money online and the main way to start IM business are :

1. Create Own Website www.yourname.com
2. Create Autoresponder

This is the main thing should have to build a long-term business online.

More about simple way to start IM business will post soon.

How to insert date into your webpage

Some newbie are still wondering how to insert the date into their webpage that updated everyday. Below are the code and the date will be like ” 12 May 2007 ”

Date Code:
<script language=”JavaScript”>
function makeArray() {
for (i = 0; i<makeArray.arguments.length; i++)
this[i + 1] = makeArray.arguments[i];
var months = new makeArray(‘January’,’February’,’March’,’April’,’May’,’June’, ‘July’,’August’,’September’,’October’,’November’,’December’);
var date = new Date();
var day = date.getDate();
var month = date.getMonth() + 1;
var yy = date.getYear();
var year = (yy < 1000) ? yy + 1900 : yy;
document.write(day + ” ” + months[month] + ” ” + year);


Simply copy and paste the code into the Text file first, then copy again the date code from the text file and paste it to your webpage html mode. Please do not paste it to your webpage. You must paste it into HTML mode. If you’re using Microsoft Frontpage, then you will see there are 3 mode at the bottom of the webpage, which are Normal, HTML and Preview. You must paste the code in the HTML mode.

I hope this help.