Over spend on the internet! :-)

Some people never realize they have already over spend money on the internet. Like buy the webtools, ebook, web scripts, membership or ecourses. I know, because I’m one of the ‘some people’ before. Last time when I was new to internet marketing, I bought a lot of different type of tools, web scripts and membership. I never realize that I have already over spend the money to those products.

It’s too easy to take out the credit card with just fill in the blank and you can download the product instantly. Until end of the month when the credit card statement mail to your house, then you will suddenly “SHOCK”!

Oh my god! Just look at the credit card statement, and all the make money online hope is gone or lose confident. Because still losing money month after month, or maybe make less than $100 per month. If you spend more than you earn, then you consider losing money.

If you have already spend more than 3-4 month with the internet marketing and still make less than $100 per month or your internet business expenses more than your earning, I suggest you stop buying any product or tools. Just stop to spend money for a while, I suggest you spend 1 day to look back from start until now, what you have done and why you still losing money.

You need to find out the problem, or you will just keep losing money without solve the problem. Take 2-3 pieces of paper to write down what you have done from start, what you have bought and how much you earn every month.

After that, you will see the total you have spend and the total you have earned.

OK, It’s time to find the solution how to earn back the money you have spend last time. Internet business is same like offline business, you also need to record the expenses and earning. So you can see the exact $ number every month. At least you can reduce the lost.

The main solution is maintain your online business is cut expenses! If you cannot earn more than 50% of your monthly expenses. 80-90% of work do by yourself, never outsource the work to other people, because you’re losing money now. So you need to cut the expenses, until you make money.

Find out what’s the problem. why you’re losing money. Maybe you don’t know how to drive traffic, setup salespage, post article/video or how to find people to join your online mlm. These are the common case that most people will facing, some people know how to setup salespage, but don’t know how to drive traffic to the site. Or some people good in drive traffic but dont’ know how to setup the salespage properly.

Take my 2cents tips: Give your PC rest one day, and you take 2-3 pieces of paper to write down from you start until now, what you have done. Then create a plan how to do better than last time. If you’re not good in drive traffic, then go to buy the ebook or ecourses that teach you how to drive traffic. So you should not spend the money in any non-related product.

Here are some product you can have a look if you need it to help you solve the problem.

1. Easy Blog Traffic – Show you how to drive traffic to your blog and get high ranking for your website. Package include ebook (PDF), Video and Audio.

2. Graphics Collection – More than 2000 web graphics, web templates, button, ready made ecover, header and many more.

3. All Niche Video – Step by step video show you how to setup your own internet business.

4. Magnetic Sponsoring – Learn How To Magnetically Attract Endless New Prospects And Customers To You, With Credit Card In Hand. ( for mlm people )

Thank you.

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SalesBully Increases Your Sales As Much As 4X

Most marketers are under the mistaken presumption that the best way to get more sales, is to drive more traffic.

Well that’s one way to do it, but it’s certainly NOT the “best” way.

The fact is, unless you are “converting” your traffic effectively, you are leaving cold hard c-a-s-h on the table… and every ad dollar you spend is not going as far as it could.

Before you spend more on ads, send out another email, or do anything to drive more traffic, make sure you are doing everything you can to convert that traffic.

That’s where “Sales Bully” comes in.

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It’s an incredible new software application just released by John Reel, and it can dramatically amplify the conversion power of any website.

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I highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about improving their bottom-line Internet marketing results.

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Thank you.

WordPress 2.2 Missing Update Button?

Some wordpress user are getting the missing “Update button” problem with wordpress 2.2 version. That’s because every webhosting setting are not the same, so some wordpress user may experience missing ‘update button’ in theme editor.

Here are some tips you can try below to make your “update button” appear:
1. Open your FTP and login into your web server. Then look for this folder called “Themes” in your wordpress folder.
( public_html> wp-content> themes> “yourthemename” )
CHOMD “yourtheme” folder to 777 permission. then the problem should be solved.

2. If still cannot, then please CHOMD inside your theme php file to 666 or 777.
( Please CHOMD the php file back to 644 after you finish your edit. )

Extra option if you still getting the same problem:
3. CHOMD the “theme-editor.php” to 777
( wp-admin > theme-editor.php )

What is CHOMD? And How to CHOMD?
1. In short story CHOMD is give permission to admin or outsider edit the file.
2. How to CHOMD ( set permission ) ? Open up your FTP software, and login to your web server, then right click on the folder or file you want to set permission. You will see “File Attributes” or “CHOMD”. Simply click on it and type the number like 666 or 777. Or you can check the “check box” and you will see the number change.

If you have other better solution and better idea how to make the theme editor “update button” appear. Please post your comment here. Thank you.

Free Fonts You Can Use!

Recently I received some “Graphics Collection” customer email, asking me where I get beautiful font for my banner, header, mini-site and other. I have reply them the website I get free fonts and I’m going to revealed all the free fonts website that I always download from. So all my readers, visitors, subscribers and customer can directly know where I get the beautiful fonts for free right here, instead of I reply everyone of them.

“Sorry guy, I have more than thousands graphics collection customer, I cannot reply the email to one by one with the same question!”

 Here are a few free fonts website you can download for free:
1. http://www.fontdirect.com/
2. http://www.1001freefonts.com/
3. http://betterfonts.com/
4. http://www.fontparadise.com/

Find the suitable fonts for your mini-site, header, banner and ecover. BUT remember, do not use the font in your ebook and salesletter text, because people who don’t have that type of font in their website, the text will not display in their PC or browser. So you need to save the font text as graphics format like you use the special font text in your header, banner or ecover, you will save it to graphics format. So everyone can view the text with the special font.

If you use the special font in your salesletter, remember to save the certain special font as graphics format, then put it into your salesletter. Otherwise, your visitors will not view the salesletter properly with the text because their PC don’t have the special font type.

Thank you.

WP Adsense Mastery from Steven Wong & May Ong!

WPAdsenseMastery.com offers workshop that teach you on how to get started blogging. In this Adsense Blogging Seminar, Steven Wong & May Ong will show you how to use powerful WordPress Blogging as a platform to make money online.
What will you learn in out Workshop? We offer you:

What will you learn in out Workshop?
• Step-by-step instructions and guide to help you setup your blog.
• Practical and easy to follow workshop.
• Start your website on WP blog within 30 minutes.
• How to look for good themes to beautify your site from a merely plain to a colorful one. (See demo site for plain blog & beautify site).
• How to find useful plug-ins and widgets to change your site to hot, trendy and sticky.
• How to drive visitors and legally steal traffic from other blogs.
• How to post content, beautiful images, hot video and music on your site for Free.
• How to look for possible online income revenue and make money from your site / blog.
• Build passive or constant stream of future income.
• Virtual Real Estate.
• How to attract free natural search engine traffic.
• How to attract search engine traffic (SEO).
• How to optimize your site and get indexed by Google search engine in the next 48 hours and rank no. 1.
• How to manage your blog painlessly.
• And Many more ….

If you’re live in malaysia and want to get started your internet marketing journey, then don’t miss the chance, since they are only take not more than 25 people per workshop.


Thank you.

Video Traffic Assistant Software

How would you like to submit your video to the video site like Youtube.com, Blip.tv, Bolt.com, ZippyVideos.com and many more in just one place? I have my own copy of Video Traffic Assistant software and it’s awesome. I simply open up the software and just upload my video, then click submit to the video site.

VIP Edition

No more go to the video site one by one anymore. Save tons of time with the old style submit video process. I’m now can submit my video right in my desktop with just a few click of mouse.

For a limited time, you can get the ‘VIP Edition’ Video Traffic Assistant Software for free.

Yes, No cost, No one-time-offer and No trial. 100% free download.

Click here to download the VIP Edition Video Software

Download now while it’s still available for free.
( If you have ask to buy the software, then I only can say sorry, you’re late )

Hope you enjoy the gift.

Thank you.

How would you like to know how to get 1000 visitors in 24hours with just a simple video. It’s very easy to understand eReport that show you just a simple video submit to the video site and get 1000visitors in 24hours. Click here to get the eReport now

Attention $7 Secrets Script User!

If you’re using $7 secrets script selling online, then please pay more attention! Paypal going to freeze or limited access to the account if you’re still using the $7 secrets script part of salescopy. There are some content violating PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

There are something need to change to prevent paypal account from being shut down.
1. Remove the “P.P.S. If the report isn’t enough, remember, after buying you can turn around and resell the report to your list (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that $7 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the FULL $7 directly to your PayPal account for every sale, the instant it’s made.”

2. Move the Opt-in form to download page. Cannot require the customer opt-in after a sale in order to claim their purchase. That is simply not allowed in PayPal’s AUP.

3. The salesletter selling the opportunity more than the product. Some people using $7 secrets script more focusing on selling the 100% commission opportunity, kind of this salesletter look like Matrix program or MLM program. That’s why some people facing their paypal account limited access.

Remember, your salesletter not try to sell the opportunity instead of product. You can say that you have offer affiliate program that pay 100% commission directly to their paypal account for every one of sale they made. So the content won’t smell like promoting the opportunity.

For more detail, please go to forum

Thank you.

Expensive VS Cheap

Expensive Versus Cheap! What is expensive and what is cheap?
What is expensive?
$197? $997? or $1499? Before you look for the price, please read the salesletter and get more detail about the product. The number of the price is not expensive, but the product value! If the product can help you earn hundreds or thousands of dollar, and it sell $97 for a one time payment. Then it’s worth enough.

Some product are help you to save your time, save monthly expenses, no need to hire people or increase the conversion rate. Let talk about the ‘save time’ product, I just bought the Instant Article Wizard a few week ago that created by Jon Leger. IAW is help you to save your time in do research for yout article content. It’s sell $67 for a one time payment, some people will feel $67 too expensive. But I say it’s depend who need this software to save their time and make more money.

Some people hire others to write article for them, about $5-$20 per article, depend what topic and how long the article they want. If you need 5 articles, then you have to spend at least $30-$50. Most people tired of spend time to do research what to write and not expert in that topic. What IAW can do for you? IAW will help you do all the research for you with just insert your topic keyword, and it will search the content for you. It’s just take you a few minutes for the research.

Instant Article Wizard

If you’re doing affiliate marketing, then you will need this tool to help you save time and make more money. The more article you create and post to internet, the more people will know you and more people will read your article. For a little investment for just $67 is not expensive to affiliate marketer at all. WHY? The affiliate only need to make one or two sales already cover back the investment and he/she still continue make profit from this software month after month.

If the product value is worth more than the price it sell, then it’s not expensive, it’s cheap! Only those people who are just buy and not take action is expensive. You have invest the money into the product and never take action, it’s just like throw the money to the sea and wish one day will get rich. Some people is like that, they thought the product he/she bought it and the product will make them profit without spend the time and effort to take action.

If the product require you to take about a few month to get back your investment, then it’s a bit expensive. Example: XYZ product sell $997, and the product will help you earn $10-$20 per sales or action, then you should know this product is for long term not short term. You will not make any fast money from a short period. Then you should think and plan yourself what you will going to do with the product if you decide to buy it. If you don’t have any plan to take action, then you better don’t buy the product. You will just losing money ONLY.

Before you buy any product, membership or services. Please take my 2cents tips below:

Ask yourself a few questions before you decide to buy the product:
1. Am I REALLY need this product?
2. Is this for short period or long period to get back the investment?
3. What is my action plan for this product?
4. Am I have time to spend with this product?
5. Am I need to spend extra money to buy other product to combine with this product?

These are most important questions before you buy the product. Some of you will not understand number 5 question.
Here’s example: You are interested in the membership script, WOW, I can make recurring income month after month from my member. The membership script will auto charge the member monthly fee and automated the process like sign up, collect money, member area protected and many more. Here’s is the problem, do you have extra money to maintain your membership site or get started? Like buy webhosting, buy product for member to download, hire people write salesletter, design graphics and many others.

Some people will face this problem after they bought the membership script, Oh my God, don’t have enough money to buy a bunch of product for my member and maintain every month, since you’re just get started, not yet have any recurring income from member. Or don’t know how to write salesletter and no money to hire people to do this or do that.

If you don’t have any services or product to provide your member, then how the membership site works? The membership site will not work if you can’t provide any services, free download, or free content. This is one of the product need to combine with others before it can works and make you money.

Remember, everytime buy product, don’t see the price, read the salesletter and get more information about the product 1st. If the product can bring you 100%-200% profit, then even $197 or $297 still is cheap enough. Because you know you will earn more than the price you pay.

If you don’t have extra time to spend with the product, then please do not buy the product or you will just waste your money. Especially new product that require you to study how to make it works or make profit from it. Like membership site again, if you don’t have enough time to maintain the site, then your member will cancel their account once they realize your thing out of date or update very slow.

You can post your comment here if you have any questions or better idea.

Thank you.

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