Marketing Test To My List!

Good Day! If you’re one of my subscriber or customer currently in my list, then you will receive some non-related topic email from me last few day ago. And maybe you’re one of the subscriber/customer who send complaint email to me. I would like to say Thank You for the comment and complaint.

I’m very happy on that. At least I know my customer and subscriber read every my email and want to receive related information from me.  Thanks again.

The reason why I send the non-related topic email for promoting other topic offer is because I’m doing marketing test and some account doing house keeping. Now I know which my list is active and which is not. And which account I should provide more information and which I should give more update for the product.

If you’re one of my subscriber or customer and you have your own comment or complaint, you can send email to our support. I will read every comment and complaint email.

What result we get from our marketing test:

1. We earn the commission for the promoting, BUT in the same time we lose our trust and customer and subscribers.

2. People don’t like to receive non-related topic they subscribe to your list. ( Most probably un-subscribe from your list FAST )

3. Existing subscriber and customer who already un-subscriber from list, the percentage % to take your new offer or subscribe to your list again is lower than 30%.  Most won’t subscribe to your list anymore.

If you’re just new to internet marketing, remember — if you want to gain trust from your customer or subscriber and build relationship with them for long-term, then do not send non-related topic to them.

Example: You have “Cooking” subscriber in your list, and you should send the information about “Cooking” to them, NOT send the “Car” information to them. Or they will scare or tired of receiving the not interested email from you.

Although I have different niche account in my list, and I promoting the “Internet-Marketing” topic to all my list, and some are totally out-of-topic. But I still take the risk to do that, so I know what’s the result I will get If I do this to my list.

Some people will tell you go ahead to blast email to all your list, whether it’s related or non-related, just go ahead to promote. I’m not really agree with them, since I already know what happen if you do this.

Your subscriber and customer will dissapointed to you and never want to receive your email anymore. Somemore you’re not brand as professional for collecting subscriber information. They will see you as a spammer. Just collect their information and start drive the “crazy offer” to fill full their email inbox.

Unless your have mention that they will receiving “crazy offer” from you or promoting any offer to them in the email before they subscribe. No all people want to receive “crazy offer” or “internet marketing” offer. I’m personally subscribe to more than hundreds of people list.  I receive more than 120++ email every single day, and 90% are all the “Crazy Offer”, ‘Dime Sale”, “Firesale” and “New Product” offer. The rest like the hobby or general interest topic will only receive their email once a week or 2 weeks once.

That’s why other subscriber scared to receive your email, because most of them never receive so many email everyday until they subscribe to your list. And some more most of the email out-of-topic and make them not interested to your email anymore.

Remember, not every person like you and me. Able to spend the time to read the “crazy offer” or “dime sale” every single day without miss.

If you have comment on this topic or idea to share with me and my reader, please post your comment to my blog. Thank you

Don’t Let Your Money Collecting Dust!

Do you love to buy online digital product like me? Or you have download hundreds of product from GiveAway Event?

I love to buy digital product and download tons of product like ebook, software, audio, video and join free membership. But 90% of the products I download are collecting dust in my hardisk. 😉

But this already long time ago story, last time I just download the free stuff or buy product BUT never touch them more than 3 days. Especially those free stuff download from Giveaway event, just keep download without think twice, ( because it’s free )

Sometime I also waste my money, I bought the same product that I already have. I remember last month I need a software for my webpage use, But I can’t remember I already get free from giveaway event and I go to bought the software.
After a week later, I dig my hardisk to find something and suddenly found that the “software” I want already in my hardisk one of the folder. LOL!

Because I have thousands of products and can’t remember what I really have in my hardisk. Only a few product I remember are those expensive product like Salesbully, Instant Article Wizard and some other can’t remember right now. 😉

This is also the reason why I didn’t give free “value” stuff now. People will not take serious with the “Free” stuff and it’s just waste. That’s why I start create some product for less than $10 so people will go to read it, touch it and take care of it. ( at least not collecting dust )

If you have a lot of product in your hardisk, spend some time to dig all the product out and manage into several folder like “software”, “ebook”, “audio” and “video”. At least you know what folder you should find when you need ebook or audio. Or if you have resale rights, go to setup a website and selling it.

Store resale rights inside your hardisk is like “Money Collecting Dust” 🙂

Leave your comment here if you have any better idea what to do with the ‘rubbish” inside the hardisk, or you have any question about this topic.  Thank you

What’s the most important for online business?

If you want to make a steady income every month, then you have to know what’s the most important thing for your business.

“Customer Base and JV Partner!”

You probably heard this before “Money is in the List”. Yes, How many customer or subscriber in your list will depend how much you will earn. What if you have 5000 people in your list? Or 10,000 people?

Imagine that you just send an email through autoresponder to all your list member to offer them your product! Let say your product sell $27 and you have 5,000 people in your list. What if just 50 people buy your offer? You earn $1,350 just send an email 🙂

Another one is JV Partner, find JV Partner to help you promote your product. Example your JV Partner have more than 5,000 people in their list also, and you have 5 JV Partner. That’s mean you have another 25,000 people going to see your offer again. Normally JV Partner will earn more than 50% commission on every sale from their own list.

Having a big list will earn you more money, there are 2 list you have to build for your business.

1. Subscriber ( Free )
2. Customer ( Paid )

The subscriber is you offer something like ebook, software or ereport to exchange their first name and email address. They need to subscribe to your list, so they can get the free stuff.

Customer list, once the customer buy something from you, ask them to subscribe to your customer list. So you can give them special or bonuses or free update.

Always take care of your customer list, because they are people who always buy product online. We called “Quality List”.

Once you have too many free subscriber, offer them some cheap product so you can turn the free subscriber into customer. You won’t know who will become your customer and some never make any purchase on the internet. In order to know who’s potential subscriber, set your autoresponder special action to un-subscribe the subscriber if they buy your product and subscribe them into customer list.

So you will have 2 list in your autoresponder, one is quality list and another one is free list. More people in your quality list, the more you will earn.

Choose the right autoresponder AWeber Autoresponder System for your business.

Affordable and no worry about SPAM. Why bother with the $19.95 /month? Make just one sale already cover your expenses and what if you need to handle 10,000 people in your list? You probably earn more than that every month with your list.

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Notice – About My Graphics Collection Product!

This is Sean Tan here. I just found out that someone is using my name and support email address selling my “old version” unauthorized graphics collection on the internet through other payment processor besides PayPal.

The “old version” unauthorized graphics collection was released in March 2007 for less than 3 weeks. The “old” version has some image copyrights issues and has since been replaced with a new version from March 10th 2007. All the existing customer that bought tru’ my official site has already replaced the “new version” graphics collection.

The “new version” graphics collection which released in 10th March 2007 is 100% copyright free. So all the existing customer get the “new version” for free from 12th March 2007 onwards for the replacement.

Right now, I found that someone using my old version salesletter with my name and use my support email address selling the old version graphics collection on the internet through other payment gateway.

Here’s the important announcement!
Those who buy the “Graphics Collection” through other website domain name will not get our support and if you get any problem with the product, please do not email or submit ticket to our helpdesk. We will not respond to your email ticket if you buy from other sites. This is a serious case of identity theft and fraud by some irresponsible child!

We only have ONE website that sells “Graphics Collection”!
Here’s the original website for Graphics Collection:

When you make payment, make sure the website address is .

Thank you.

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Paypal Link Cloaker

Good news for $7 secrets script user! Introducing Paypal Link Cloaker plugin to help $7 product vendor attract more affiliates! Most affiliates afraid their email expose to all over the web and search engine. Now the problem solved with the Paypal Link Cloaker!

Affiliate no longer “add” their paypal email for the affiliate link. They can choose their favourite username or keyword they want as their affiliate id.

It’s very easy to use and vendor simply put the plugin into the existing $7 script with less than 5 minutes. Simply paste a piece of code and the plugin can go live.

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