Place Bookmark Order In Your Webpage

If you’re still wondering how other webmaster put the bookmark link in their webpage, then you can watch the video below, I will show you how to place bookmark order in your webpage and have you visitors one click and go to the location you want.

If you have any question about the bookmark order or any suggestion, kindly leave your comment. Thank you!

Use Google To Find Your Answer

If you have a lot of questions want to solve, then you can go to google to find your answer. Most of the time I use google to find my answer, like do not know how to solve the technical part in MS. frontpage for my salesletter or squeezepage, looking for small modification to my wordpress blog, how to create certain effect in adobe photoshop…..blah blah blah….! Too many to write here.

You will find useful tips to solve your problem in google search engine. I always do that when I was new to internet marketing, I don’t know how to create squeezepage, salespage, setup script and many more. How I learn? Get answer from google search engine, and you will learn more.

Learn how to fish, rather than wait for the fish to come. You will never learn anything if you just sitting there without take any action. I always told my friends, said “go to search google” if you need anything.

My english not very good – so I also love to use ANSWERS.COM to get my answer. When I found the word I do not understand what it mean, then I will go to to get my answer. This is how I learn so many things from the internet.

Go to to find your answer like technical problem, news, …….. anything you want. Last time I used 2-3 hours to get an answer. If the answer is hard to find and require a few hours to get it, then I will ask my friends or pay someone to solve it. Sometimes the answer is not worth to use a few hours to find it. Unless the answer will cost you a lot of money then you’re require to spend some time to google it.

I hope you learn something from here and kindly leave your comment or any better idea to share.

The 4 Things For Your Online Business!

From time to time, I received different email from my subscribers, customer and other people. Although their questions not the same, BUT same point, It’s all about MONEY.

Some email are “How to start online business” ( selling digital product online ), “Losing money and still no idea how to make money”, “How to convert more visitors into customer”……………….! You can see, all are about MONEY. All the questions are talking about MONEY.

Here are 4 main things you should build in to your online business. No matter you’re selling digital product or physical product on the internet.

1. Clean and Professional Website – You don’t need to hire expert designer for your website, just keep it look clean, choose the correct font type/size, suitable picture and put all the text and picture position nicely. Use light color for your web template will look nice and clean.

2. Affiliate Program – If you want to get more target customer and more sales time to time, then you should use affiliate program for your business. Mostly digital product will pay high commission like 50% or 70% for every sale. And physical product will pay around 5% – 10%.

3. Autoresponder – Want to convert subscriber into new customer? And convert new customer into repeat-customer? Offer your “Visitors” free information like ebook, ereport or newsletter for free, and have them exchange their email to you. This is your chance to follow-up your free subscriber to buy your product. And if you have customer, offer them special information and have them subscribe to your autoresponder. Like, offer your existing customer more value information or discount coupon, and they will become your repeat customer.

4. Support Helpdesk – Most customer will buy your product because you have customer support. Having customer support will help you increase more repeat customer. Because they falling in love to your customer support service. Most people afraid we left them behind after buy our product, here are a few example I have personally experience before after buy someone product:
A) I have difficult with their product and want to get help,BUT vendor never reply my email.
B) Poor support, they reply my email after 2 weeks.

No matter what type of product or services you’re selling on the internet, you will need these 4 tools to build in to your business for better result.

Some people email me said that “I have no money but I want to start my own online business”

Sorry, If like that, you’re not suitable to start a business now, “You need a job”. Look, running a business require money, no matter what business you’re doing, online selling? MLM business? provide services?

If you’re selling digital product online, you still need some money to get started. Like buy domain name, rent hosting, buy tools and many others depend what business you do. Sometime I received the same person email 3-4 times and asking the same question – “No money but want to start online business”, I reply and said that at least require own domain name and web hosting for selling online. But this person said that he cannot afford $10 per month for the hosting.

Look, he even cannot invest $10 per month for the web hosting, then HOW to start doing business? After I get experiences from this kind of email, I’m now never reply this such email anymore. If you cannot afford to maintain your business, then you’re NOT in the right time to start your own business yet. You need a job to save money for your business. Even you do MLM business, you still need to start from Part time, because you need money to maintain your sales, invest knowledges and others.

See my point? If you’re doing offline business, you need Office, staff, pay electric and water bills……..! If you cannot afford to maintain the expenses, that’s mean you’re not suitable to start your own business yet. What you need is a JOB, to collect more money to start and maintain your business.

Everyone are the same. UNLESS you’re in rich family, so you can start your business without start from a job. Otherwise, go to get a job and start to save some money now.

If you have any questions or want to sharing your thought, please leave your comment. Thank you!

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Sean, How To Make Money Online?

Does you familiar with this title “question”? Ok, first and for all, I’m NOT gurus or expert make money online marketer. I received such email “Sean, How to make money online” time to time. But most are not really understand “online business” yet.

You won’t make thousands or millions overnight after you buy any ebook or courses how to make money online. Many people confused and misunderstanding with those “Salesletter”. Those successful marketer show their income screensshot doesn’t mean you will get the same “results” after purchase the courses or ebook.  You NEED to treat your online business LIKE offline business. You need to take care of it, and keep learning how to improve your business.

If you think you will make millions dollar without keep improving yourself and business strategies, then you’re wrong. Those “Successful Marketer” have already involved in the business many years, and they improve their business time to time.  You can see a lot of marketer start using video, audio and nice graphics for their website.

There are 2 income for online business.

Short-period income and Long-term income. Anyone can easily make a few hundreds dollar on the internet within 30 days or less. Yes, you may seen those “ebook” teach you how to make “$X” amount within “X” days. BUT not for long-term.

If you wish to generate long-term income on the internet, then you have to learn step by step and keep improving your business. You have to choose your own “Niche” business like games, garden, health, music and many more. If you’re work at home MUM and like to cook, then you can start your own cooking website niche business.

Be aware, there are a lot of SCAM on the internet. Those so called “GURUS” want to teach you how to make hundreds of dollar per day or earn hundreds dollar from adsense every day.

I personally saw some of these “SCAM” website, just stay away those “SCAM” website. If you really want to start your own long-term online business, then I suggest you learn from those “GURUS” who really made millions dollar a year.

One of the Internet Marketer expert you can learn from is Patric Chan. He’s one of the expert who really know how to make money online and have coaching clients around the world.  Another one expert marketer is Stephen Pierce, he’s also a well-known expert marketer on the internet.

There are a lot of expert marketer on the internet, BUT you have to learn from the right person for your business. If you want to do like “Garden” niche business, then you have to learn from those “niche” expert marketer like Patric Chan and Stephen Pierce. Some marketer just teaching you how to make money in “Internet Marketing”, and it won’t really help your “niche” business on that.

Think properly before you start your own online business, WHAT niche you want to start. And remember you won’t make thousands or millions dollar overnight after you purchase the courses. That’s the most important, you need to take action after purchase the courses, you won’t make any money if you JUST read but no action. Some people just keep buying courses and ebook how to make money online, BUT they never make any money because “no action”.

Remember — You need to treat your online business like your job or offline business.

If you have questions or ideas to share, pls post your comment here. Thank you.