[Update] Brand New Version Graphics Collection

I managed to completed my total brand new version Graphics Collection and put it Live now. This total brand new version design that you won’t get anywhere else.

The full package market price will cost you at least $147, but you’re going to get crazy deal from me today. Go and read the full package now before I change my mind to increase the price.

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How To Withdraw Money From PayPal in Malaysia?

Finally, Paypal allow Malaysian to withdraw money to Malaysia debit card or ATM card which have Visa/Master logo. No more headache to search around how to withdraw the money or pay higher fees to others merchant to withdraw the money.

Here’s the screen shot how to withdraw the money.
1. Login to your Paypal account. ( Click here if you don’t have Paypal account )
2. Go to Withdraw > *Screenshot below

You will see that there is a small *fee $5.00 USD ( still cheaper than others ), Click the “Transfer funds to your card” and you will lead to another page below.

Enter your card details and wait for the money send to your account. CHEERS!

Don’t have debit card to withdraw the money? Go to AmBank or Public Bank to get one, it’s just cost you less than RM50 without need to verify your annual income or any supported documentation.

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Track Your Work Performance For Better Results

Finally I managed to figure out why sometime I feel “Pressure” and “Tired” after completed a task/project. The reason is after a few days later I cannot recall what I have done in details. So it cause me no idea how long ( time/day ) used to completed a task. If you always doing work without track, then your performance will getting lower.

Do you have staff/worker? Keep record their work performance and follow up will help them to increase their working speed for better result. If you always keep the same speed, then you will never get to the next level.

If you’re internet marketer, then you might know Time and Speed are very IMPORTANT in order to make money online. If both of us have the same product to sell online and you launch earlier than me, then who will get the ‘bigger’ cheese cake? ( smile )

Keep track your work everyday and break the old record. Cheers!

NOTE: If your work is delivery — please DO NOT increase your vehicle speed to get better performance! It’s NOT worth to do that.  ( No kidding )

Sometimes I saw the pizza boy ride a motorcycle deliver the pizza like CRAZY ( more like racing ), especially at the corner, they turn their body and motorcycle lower and almost near the bottom. I was wondering how’s the pizza inside the case will look like during the pizza boy turn to the left and right like crazy at the corner. ( I believe they have extra commission for fast delivery but it’s NOT worth to do that )

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DealDotCom | Deal Or Not Deal?

Recently I’m too busy with my online businesses and delay a lot of post. I found a good site DealDotCom that offer you internet marketing products for a special price! This is really a REAL DEAL like $97 product, they sell for only $67. Don’t you think this is a GREAT Deal?

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Free Minisite Web Template

I managed to completed one minisite web template last few days ago, and I’m going to give away for free. There is 100% original created by SeanTan Marketing, so you won’t get this anywhere else.


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BlogTactics.com — Free eReport

My friend Matt Garrett allow me to giveaway his Blog Tactics eReport to my blog reader,  subcribers and customers. How would you like to learn more about blog and how to make money from your blog?

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Would you like to know how to setup a membership
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That is the beauty of creating membership sites. Products that can be accessed online and offer value to your customer are great to sell. Paid memberships fit this description. Subscriptions on how to run a home business, paid newsletters on every subject imaginable, personal development, website hosting and just about anything you can think of, offering you a chance to create residual income.

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Away To Singapore For Seminar

Hi, I’m away to Singapore to attend Anthony Robbins seminar and will be back to work on thursday. If you send me email within the day, no worry — I will get back to you as soonest possible after I come back.

I will share some tips what I have learn from the seminar once I come back.