What have you done in 2007? What is your 2008 plan?

We’re going to celebrate 2008 new year! So what’s your plan for 2008?

Make more money?

Earn extra $500 per month?

Buy a new car or a new house?

not in the list?….? Whatever you want to achieve!

If you plan to make more money, then you will need to create an action plan. If your plan just to “Make more money”, then you’re NOT going to make more money because you do not have any actual action to achieve more money.

I have asked most of the people “What’s your plan for 2008?” Most answered me “Make more money”.

OK! Very Good. Then “How you’re going to make more money?” Most answered: Don’t know YET.

Do you see my point? Most people don’t have a actual action for their plan, they just know want to make more money but never think how to make more money to achieve what they want.

That’s why most people failed to achieve their goal EVERY Year! If you do not have a proper action, then you’re going to chasing the same plan every year – “Make more money”.

Why people say want to “Make more money”? Because they do not have an exact goal yet. They do not know how much they want to earn, in conclusion: They DO NOT know what they want.

Everybody also want to make more money, but the problem is you’re not going to achieve any goal if you do not have any exact amount of money you want to achieve. Trust me – try to set a goal that you want to achieve extra $300 in the next 30 days.

Remember, you must achieve $300 in the next 30 days. So what should you do to achieve $300? Now You have an exact amount to achieve — think what you can do to earn extra $300 within 30 days.

Provide services? Sell a new book? Work extra 1 hour per day? Or improving your marketing strategies ?

Once you have an exact goal, your mind will start thinking a lot of things in order to achieve the goal.

NO MORE think “Make more money” — Throw this sentence away from your mind. Put the exact amount of money you want to achieve. Maybe $300 is too low for you – you can set even more higher BUT make sure the goal is still under your ability to achieve.

If you never earn more than $10,000 per month — NEVER set your goal to achieve $30,000 in the next 30 days.

How to set a goal correctly?

Example: If your income is $1000 per month, then you can set your goal to achieve extra 50% from $1000 income. Use 50% will help you achieve your goal more easily and also increase your confident.

Once you have achieve your goal, then set another goal for the next 30 days. Let your income is $1000 per month and you have achieved extra $500 from your 1st goal. So right now set your goal to 50% again — and your next goal 50% will be $750 amount of money.  And so on……

I know this works because I use this to achieve some goals in the past few months.

Like I want to get a new laptop, goft set, marketing courses, new clothes, new targus laptop backpack and a sport car.

All the above goals I have achieved except the last one – sport car. This will achieve in 2008.

Before I buy a new laptop, I will need to know how much for the laptop. So I can have an exact amount to achieve. ( Finally I got the super machine with fully upgraded )

Here’s an example:
What you need to give in order to get a new laptop? Answered is : MONEY.

So we move to the next question: What you need to do in order to get MONEY?
Answered is: Think yourself — what you’re expert? provide services, write a new book, designing, reparing vehicle,…..!

So you will need to do something to get MONEY in order to get the laptop.

Action to get > Money > Laptop / Car / House / or whatever you want.

Don’t just put the “laptop” inside your mind — You’re not going to achieve the goal if your mind just thinking the “Laptop”. You must think what action you need to take to get MONEY so you can get the “Laptop”. This is how it works.

Have you achieved any goal in the past with different method than mine? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each other. Thank you!

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Domain Name, Hosting & DNS Explanation

What is Domain name, hosting and DNS?

Most newbie will confuse about three of these when they just get started. Me too!

1. Domain Name

Domain name will be your Company name.

Example: Google.com , Yahoo.com , SeanTanMarketing.com are called domain name. Or ABCD.net , ABCD.info also are domain name. ( .com , .net , .info are domain extension )

Domain extension explanation:
.COM = Commercial
.NET = Network
.INFO = Information
.ORG = Organization

Choose the right domain extension for your domain name. Example: If your website is provide information to the reader, then the domain extension should be .info or .com ( suggestion ).

2. Web Hosting

Web hosting will be your office. It’s depending how many spaces you have rent from the hosting provider. If you have take 1000MB space hosting, then you can host a lot of web pages and files.

3. DNS ( Domain name server )

DNS will be your office address ( location ). This is use for manage your domain name only.

How to setup domain name and hosting?

1. Go to register your domain name at NameCheap.com
2. Apply a web hosting. Click here for our recommendation hosting
3. Change the DNS in your domain name account.

First, go to NameCheap.com to register your domain name, and you will get a NameCheap account to manage all your domain name. After you have registered your domain name, go to the hosting provider website and apply a hosting.

Once you have make payment to the hosting provider. You will get the hosting details from the hosting provider within 48 hours or less. The details will be your hosting login details and the DNS ( Domain name server ).

You must change the DNS in your domain name account before your website go live. You must let your domain name know where is your office ( hosting ). So when people type your domain name, they will go to the right website. To change the DNS, login to your NameCheap.com account and look for the Manage domain name > DNS or Domain name server. Insert the DNS that you get from the hosting provider. Save the setting and you’re done.

If you do not change the DNS, then your domain name will NOT know where is your hosting and it will not able to send your visitors to your website. So please remember that you must change the DNS in your domain name account before your website able to go live.

Summary Explanation:

1. Domain name is your company name.
2. Hosting will be your office.
3. DNS is your company address.

Let say your domain name is ABCD.com :

When someone type ABCD.com then it will follow the DNS you have given to him, transfer your visitors to the right hosting. If you have forgotten give the DNS to your domain name, then the domain name will not know where to send your visitors to.

Faq section:

1. I have registered a domain name from NameCheap.com, but why I didn’t get the DNS yet?
If you go to goverment office to register your company name, do they provide you what is your company address? You’re the person who provide them what is your company address when you register your company name.

So where to get a company address (DNS)? You should rent an office ( hosting ) then you will know what is your company address. The answer is the DNS will be provide by the hosting provider NOT domain registrar ( NameCheap.com )

NO office ( hosting ) = NO company address ( DNS )

Make Money Online Doesn’t Need To Be An Expert

Why most people still failed to make money online after study the internet marketing courses, ebook, coaching program, audio courses and internet marketing membership. Some are even spend thousands of dollar and 1-2 years time still haven’t make any money online.

In order to more understand WHY, repeat the first sentence again…

“study the internet marketing courses, ebook, coaching program, audio courses and internet marketing membership”

Information OVERLOAD!

I know this — because I was newbie before.

I remember my 1st online purchase is adwords ebook. Afterward affiliate marketing ebook and many more….! Look, the reason why I keep buying ebook when I was newbie is because I was sold by the salesletter, income proof and testimonial.

Never take action after reading the “How to” ebook. I honestly said that some of the ebook are really good so it was not the ebook fault to cause me failed to make money online from start.

Note: There are tons of information selling on the internet but we do not need all of them.

You MUST DO the right thing in every step. If you’re just get started want to selling your own ebook, then what you should do from start?

Here are the basic action:
1. Setup domain name and hosting
2. Start writing your ebook
3. Setup your salespage
4. Find an affiliate program for your product
5. Invite JV partner and affiliates.
6. Launch your product

This is just a basic overview action, But some people will skip the step like from step 1 skip to step 4.

Or he haven’t setup the ebook product salespage yet and suddenly skip to learn how adword can help his ebook product. Don’t you think this is TOO early action for the product which haven’t setup yet?

Another type of people failed to make money is because NO ACTION.

Why NO action? Because they keep study and hopefully can become an expert on the internet. But the main reason is they afraid to lose, they want to know everything and make mutliple income.

I have a same feeling too, when I was newbie – I will think that what if I know how to make money from affiliate marketing, adsense and selling own products, then I must be a millionaires soon.

But the sad part is we’re human. You only can concentrate on 1 or 2 opportunity. At least I can’t see any people expert in all martial art fields. You only can choose to become successful in Karate or Judo. It’s same in the business, you cannot think that if you’ve learned all the martial art in the world and you will unbeatable.

Sorry, no such thing. No people is unbeatable in this world.

You won’t increase your income 3-4 times if you learned all the courses available on the internet. Because you won’t have the time to understand them and take action. That’s why most people who failed to make money is because they don’t have the time to take action. Most of their time is to study the courses and keep research the best courses available.

Actually they’re not looking for the best courses, they looking for a HOPE.

I suggest follow the courses instruction and take action. Fully invest your time and afford into the instruction so you can know does the course really can help you make money or not.

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Salesletters Story — A Drill and a Hole

Recently, I’m suddenly want to improve my web copywriting skills and finally I bought a few physical books and ebooks/courses. Those courses and books are really good and I would like to share some here.

I love what they’re sharing and explanation in the book, especially they explain in a story – A Drill and a Hole.

Do you write salesletter, email and Ad for your business?

It’s very interesting to write the salesletter, email or even an ads by yourself. You will discover a lot of things in the middle of writing. The human psychology, conscious and subconscious mind….. ( a long way to go )

Let me sharing the basic copywriting rules that work.

1. Don’t make your salespage look like an Ad.
2. Put “Trap” in your salespage to have your visitors stick at your salesletter.
3. Don’t just telling how good of your product.

Who else like to read Advertisement? There is no one spending their time to open the TV, newspaper and surfing internet because they want to read Advertisement. ( Never – unless they get paid to read )

If your webpage look like an Ad, the percentage of visitors will close your webpage immediately as high as 90%. Why? Because people don’t like to be sold!

How to have your visitors stick on your webpage? Put a BIG Trap at the top and smaller trap in the middle of webpage. The so called “Trap” is the Headline and sub headline. Grab your visitors attention when they just arrive your webpage, if you failed to grab their attention, then they will close your webpage because they’re not interested to read more.

Finally “Don’t just telling how good of your product” — This is where a Drill and a Hole story come in.

One day, James want to drill a big hole to his room wall but the problem is he don’t have a drill. So he went to the Shop to get a drill. But because he didn’t know which is the best drill that suit his requirements. The sales person saw James standing there and look like don’t know what to buy, so the sales person called “Alex” went near to the James and asked “Sir, What can I help you?” and James answered “I want to buy a drill but no idea which one is better”.

Alex immediately promote one of the famous brand drill to James and explained how good of the drill like it’s a world class brand, able to drill wood and stone wall, small size and light weight, sold more than 1 millions set of drills around the world, have more than 200 resellers store in 16 countries and blah blah blah…. all the story.

What we can say is the drill that Alex recommend is Best of the best. But James didn’t take it because James is not came here to buy the Best of the best drill.

Remember this question when you’re trying to write a salesletter “Why James want to buy a drill?”

Answer is — He want a hole.

James not because he want a drill and go to buy a drill. He want a hole so he buy the drill.

Same as the visitors that visit your webpage, they’re not came to your webpage to buy your product because they want your product. They need their problem to be solved so they buy your product.

If your salesletter failed to explain how your product able to solve their problem, then the customer cannot find a reason why want to make a purchase. If the drill cannot make a big hole, then why I want to buy the drill that cannot solve my problem? ( Make sense? )

It’s not about how good of your product, it’s how your product going to solve the customer problem. If your product able to solve the customer problem, then it’s consider a GOOD product.

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If you have any questions, ideas or something to share, please leave your comment. Thank you!