Popup is ALIVE! List Building Software

Finally a Popup software that grabbed my attention is Instant Popover version 3. Some people say “Popup is dead” but what I can say is “Popup is ALIVE” because it’s unblockable. If the popup software you use is blockable by some popup killer, then you should consider to get a new one that unblockable.

Introducing Instant Popover version 3 with many types of different pop styles like sticky note, window style, floating in and many others. Click here for more details

Why Popup? It grab your visitors attention and command them to take action– either subscribe to your list or click on your ad. It pop in front of your visitors screen and grabbing your visitors attention in the first place.

If you’re still apply the old version Popup software in your business, then you’re gambling because you cannot know how many of your visitors actually see your popup. The chances are less than 30%, because most Internet Browser especially Firefox fully block popup in default setting.

It’s NOT worth to take the risk if you’re doing business. Get a newer version and you’re guarantee that your visitors will see your popup when they arrive your webpage. No more gambling game and never waste your web traffic.

Click here to see Instant Popover Demo

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Get Free Web Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

If you’re looking for an easy/ lazy way to get free traffic to your website or blog, I have a solution for you. It’s Free.

I know there are a lot of methods to get free web traffic, but some require a lot of hard work like sitting in front of the computer to work with the traffic exchange, post forum, post articles to article directory……! I’m NOT saying those method do not work but they are time consuming.

You can easily spend a whole day just to post forum to get backlink and free traffic from the forum signature. NO kidding! This is not a good way for those people who are work this as part time. Maybe you’re part time blogger or internet business owner. I know some people have their full time job and work part time as internet marketer or blogger at night or weekend. You probably don’t have the time to do those time cosuming work.

1. Real Traffic Exchange by Jon Leger

It’s free to join. You can see the widget at my right sidebar from Real Traffic Exchange. I got free web traffic by adding the Ad widget on my blog to exchange the web traffic from others.

Click here to access the Real Traffic Exchange for free 

 2. Blog Rush by John Reese

Put this ad widget on your blog and the system will exchange your blog post with other website owner. Pretty Cool! It’s Free to sign up and you can have your own Blog Rush ad widget within 5 minutes.

You can see one of the Blog Rush ad widget on my right sidebar.

Click here to access Blog Rush for free

Go and sign up both free program above and put them up on your website or blog. You are not require to maintain anything with the ad widget. Just put them up and you’re done.

This is the most easy/ lazy way to get free web traffic to your website or blog. Because they’re free to join and use, so you’re nothing to lose to put them up on your website or blog. And you also get free web traffic from the program without pay them a cent.

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Increase & Boost Your Page Rank With NO SECRETS!

Past few days ago, I was asked from other internet friends that how did I achieved page rank 3 for my marketing blog http://www.SeanTanMarketing.com . Yep, it’s Page Rank 3 at this moment, you can scroll down to the middle of the page and look at the sidebar there. That’s a live page rank display, or you can go to http://www.prsitecheck.com/ to check for proof.

I replied them that – I do nothing but  just uploaded a file and put a link in my blog. That’s it! No other secrets!

You may thinking same as my friends, “just uploaded a file and put a link in the blog” that can increase to page rank 3?

“Does it blackhat things”? “Special software”? or…..?


What I use is just a service that provided by Jonathan Leger called “3 Way Links

With this service, I just need to choose 3 set of favourite/ profitable keywords for my site and then upload a file to my server and place a link in main page. That’s it!

My site http://www.SeanTanMarketing.com page rank went from 0-3 within 3 months. Yes, I joined 3WayLinks since it’s just started until now. In that time, I didn’t expect any result but just simply sign up. After around 3 months later, I checked that my site page rank went from 0-3 and WOW ! WOW!

I really suprised in that time, because I really do nothing but just sign up > choose keyword > upload file > place a link in my main page and DONE. If you would like to know how it works, Click here for more details >>>

Until today, I still continue the 3WayLinks services because it really give results! Why want to waste your valuable time and scratching your head just want to increase the page rank? You can get all the easy steps by signing up Jon Leger 3WayLinks and you save all your time which you can focus on other important things like marketing, building relationship with people…..! Those technical work just pass to Jon Leger 3WayLinks team to do it and you enjoy the result.

Click here to access the 3WayLinks now

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