Create Web 2.0 Images Without Download Software

A friend of mine, Bill Ortell, has created an online application that
with a few clicks creates immaculately beautiful, and professionally
designed images that literally look as if you had an expert hand-creating
every single one!

No Software? No design experience? Virtually, No talent whatsoever?

Quite literally, within a few seconds, you WILL create
images that you say “WOW! I cannot believe I did that!”
It’s simply a point-n-click solution.

In literally seconds, you can create:

==> Extravagant Web 2.0 Text Logos
==> Professionally Created Header/Footer Images
==> Opt-In Type Boxes
==> Squeeze Page Type Images
==> All Elements for Mini-Sites
==> Extra Features for Special Outline Methods/Styles

And you’ll be able create an unlimited number, combination, variations of
images of this high-qaulity and calibur using his product called…


Membership to this great tool was closed and is now being reopened –
And, now he’s re-releasing it with even more features!

In a click, you can add:

==> An Array of Gloss Options, Solid, Gradient, Gloss Shape
==> Reflections, Shadows, Light Source – to create a ‘lit-up’ effect

Click Here to watch the video to see how it works

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Make Your Customers Happy Part 2 – End

If you have missed the part 1 post, click here to read the part 1

Quick Recap: In part 1– Sell the product that your customers want. Help them achieve their goals, or get their problem solved.

When you creating product, you will need to make sure that this is the product that your customers WANT but not NEED. Both of them are DIFFERENT. The things they need, doesn’t mean they will want that things.

Example: James need a car, so he can go anywhere anytime he want without waiting for taxi or buses.

Take note here: ‘James need a car’

Car is too general, it could be BMW, M.Benz, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ferrari and etc. If you simply intro any model to James, then the percentage of closing sale is less than 50%. You will need to know what he WANT.

It could be fair price around $20k, 6 seats, 4 wheels drive and etc. THIS IS WHAT HE WANT.

James need a car but he want the car have 6 seats, 4 wheels drive and price around $20k. So if you intro James BMW that cost him around $50k and just 4 seats, do you think he will buy?

Or you intro him a car that cost around $10k, 4 seats and front wheel drive. Do you think he will buy? Of course NOT, although the price just $10k, but he want a 6 seats car so his whole family can get in.

The customers want 6 seats but you intro 4 seats, and the closing sale is less than 30%.

We know that our product will not 100% fit to all customers, but at least fit their 70% things that they want.

Example: James want a car just cost around $20k, with 6 seats and 4 wheels drive.

If you have a car that have 6 seats and 4 wheels drive, but the  price is around $25k. Then your closing rate is as high as 90% above. Because you have closed 2 of the things he want and just left 1 behind. So it’s time to say something good and sweet why your car is so GOOD, and say a few good reasons is because of 6 seats and 4 wheels drive (keep remind them that the car have 6 seats and 4 wheels drive), so you’re hypnotize the customer to their mind with “This is the Car you’re looking for” or “This is the Car you want”.

Keep praising the things they want, like James want a 6 seats car with 4 wheels drive. Then you target the ‘6 seats’ and ‘4 wheels drive’. Keep prasing how good is the 6 seats car and how good is the 4 wheels drive car. The customers will feel that you have a same thinking with them.

I know this may sound like not good, but HEY, this is WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Honestly, people like to hear GOOD and SWEET. But I know there are some people don’t like. Who care?

The truth is MOST people like to hear GOOD and SWEET. Do you want to do business with 80 people or 20 people?

You know the answer. We’re doing business, customer willing to pay money just because you can deliver the things they want. Who care you’re talking from your heart or not?

You can say GOOD and SWEET about their car, shirt, hair, hobbies, or the things they WANT. Example like: “I agree, 6 seats car is better because blah blah blah….”

A successful sales person know how to talk to their customer. They’re expert of entertainer! You make your customers happy, you get paid. And they’re more likely to hear from you again (because they want someone like you that understand what they want)

This is simple– do you like a person that always say something bad (negative) or always give bad comment on you? 🙁

If a person always say something GOOD and SWEET and always praise you, I believe you more likely to join with him. You know the answer. 🙂

Remember: There are no right or wrong in doing business. We do business with majority people and give what they want. That’s it. They get the things they want, they HAPPY and you get paid. Thank you!

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New Extreme Website Conversion Software Promises 40% More Sales!

So … what is Virtual Smart Agent and how can it benefit you?

This technology is so new … it almost looks like science fiction! VSA is
the world’s FIRST stand-alone Virtual Sales Agent enables you to
put an automated chat solution on your website WITHOUT having to
pay someone else for the service…

But I didn’t stop there. I also made it BETTER than anything else out there,
by making it possible for you to train your virtual agent, split-test the results,
and even build your opt-in list on autopilot!

This technological masterpiece has already been PROVEN to boost sales by up
to 40%, and the marketers who manage to get their hands on it are going to
be at a huge competitive advantage.

Not only does it boost sales, but it can also build your list on autopilot,
and even increase your affiliate commissions.

It’s basically like having your own virtual “employee” that never sleeps. It
just keeps working for you and building your business 24/7 with no breaks.

You see, Dave Guindon, the product owner, is also an experienced online marketer
as well as an advanced software developer. So he knows how to deliver quality products
along with how to use the products to your advantage.

Not many product owners even attempt to over-deliver as much as Dave does!

Here is a short list of the powerful features this software provides:

* Increase your website conversions up to 20-40% in a little as 2 weeks!
* Dramatically reduce your shopping cart abandonment.
* Instantly increase the value of each website visitor.
* Improve your website visitor’s experience (builds trust and repeat business).
* Increase your customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.
* Quickly grow a highly responsive opt-in list of interested prospects.
* Reduce labor costs.
* Save time by reducing questions and support requests.
* Up-sell or cross-sell similar and/or additional products to boost your revenue.
* Find out WHY customers are leaving your site.
* One installation works on ALL your websites… boost your entire business!
* Builds your opt-in list on autopilot!
* Auto follow-up emails to your web visitors after they leave your chats!
* And a lot more …

Dave Guindon offers an unbelievable LIFETIME money back guarantee!

So you basically have nothing to lose … I didn’t! The software works great.

Click Here Access Virtual Smart Agent Today!

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Make Your Customers Happy Part 1

There is no secrets or advanced courses to teach you how to make your customers happy. Every customers will have their own characteristic and styles. You cannot apply the same tactics to all your customers otherwise you will make them unhappy and they will feel that you’re not understand what they want.

This is based on previous experience– You only can know more about your customers when you are talking with them. You will more understanding your customers after conversation with them.

Example: After talking with “James” (your customer), you discovered that James very interested to learn how to play golf and enjoy the game. So the suitable product to John will be the basic golf courses but not those advanced courses or how to win in the game.

Some people might just want to enjoy the game but not win in the game. If you push them to learn the advanced technique then they will fail to enjoy the game. What will happen then? You lose the customer.

Just give what your customers want and they will be more happy to do business with you. Some people might not want to be an expert but want to enjoy the learning process. Sell the suitable product to your customers.

If you’re selling “How to” information, you can consider to split them into 10 ebook or package. Some people might not want to learn A-Z but just some part only. You will reduce the refund rate and also have more happy customers.

We do business with majority people but not the 10% market. It could be harder to attack the 10% market and high risk. We cannot make all customers happy but at least 80% of them are happy from doing business with you. If you find out your 80% customers like to learn basic information, then you could consider to just attack them basic products.

What is basic? Split the information from A-Z into A-C, D-F, G-I…. so on!

If your majority customers are working 9-5 a day, you should know that they do not have the time to learn the A-Z information. Let’s take build an online business as an example– James (customer)

James is currently work as ABC company customer service 9-5 every day and he’s interested to build an online business to earn extra income. So what do you think the best course for James? It’s the A-C (basic) information, because he just want to earn ‘extra income’ but NOT want to quit his job.

Online business and Offline business are the same. You will need to put in your effort, time and money to build it. There is NO push a button and money coming in 24 hours! (NEVER)

When a customer achieve something like he/she successfully made a sale after study your course, then he/she will said that your course is good and better than those ‘Gurus’ course. There is no right and wrong.  The ‘Gurus’ course might teach advanced information or A-Z course and probably cost them thousands dollar.

It’s not easy to learn from A-Z, because it’s takes time to learn and understand. Most people ‘know’ the information after study the course but not ‘understand’ what it mean.

Know and Understand are different thing. ‘Know’ doesn’t mean you ‘Understand’. Like a customer knows he/she will need to build a website, setup opt-in page, write follow up email…… to sell a digital product online! But the problem is he/she do not understand how to setup. Make sense?

That’s why there are so people complain that they have spent a lot of money into the courses but still failed to achieve what they want. Some people are slow learner and they cannot understand the A-Z information. They will confuse and give up fast. They just want to get a small achievement. So help them achieve what they want, but NOT what you want.

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