Launch of Profit Blogging Bootcamp (Malaysia)

Two of my friend Steven Wong and Melvin Ng are launching Profit Blogging Bootcamp in Malaysia start on May 2008. That’s a 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop that you can attend by registering at Asia Online Mastery Registration

If you live in KL or PJ, that’s a good news to you. (*sorry for those people who live outside of Malaysia)

“Is that possible to make money blogging?” Does this question familiar to you?

Make money online doesn’t need to sell in eBay, Amazon, write ebook, create software and etc. There are a lot of way to make money on the internet and you choose the one that suitable to you.

If you’re not a good writer, you probably will not choose to write ebook to sell. Are you looking for a part time income that doesn’t require much time and effort?

You can consider to start with blogging which doesn’t require to do shipping work, give customer support and etc. Blogging is more easier than other like selling software which you will need to provide customer support.

To reserve your free seat to Steven Wong and Melvin Ng 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop, here’s the special link:

Register your seat to 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop

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Don’t Simply Copy The Same Strategies or Tactics From Others.

When you have no idea how to improve your business, usually will learn from other and apply the same strategies and tactics in your business. Does it work?

Yes and No.

If you’re doing restaurant business and you are trying to copy the shopping mall marketing strategies to apply in your business, the high posibillity is it will not work for you. Like, the shopping mall applying collect reward point for every purchase. But do you think it will work effectively in restaurant business? Not really. Maybe you get some response but NOT effective and good result.

Business Strategies and Tactics

Offline Business like restaurant applying Online Marketing? Usually offline business applying online marketing is just to brand their name but not attract more customers in the first place. You see, you are NOT going to attract tons of customers go to your restaurant by applying online marketing BUT just to let the world know about your restaurant and start building your brand.

But before your business is good, you will need to apply the right strategies and tactics to attract more customers in the first place. Once you have a customer base then you can start build your brand to let more people know about your restaurant.

Some people do not understand about this, and just listen to some internet folks say, “hey, you can get millions of people know your restaurant if you are applying online marketing” and WOW, this is sound great! Does it really bring you millions of customers with this method? What do you think?

How about online business doing offline marketing? Like, I’m selling ebook on the internet and I apply the offline flyer method to promote my ebook. Does it work? How many people do you think they will take your flyer and open the computer then buy your ebook? Make sense?

If you’re applying offline marketing for your online business, it will only help you to build your brand and letting people know you are exist in this online world. So when people discussing about online shopping, their conversation will something like “hey, I know there is a local person who’s selling ebook on the internet too”, people will know you and you have build your brand. They could be your future customers but not as fast as tomorrow like promoting in Google Adword.

What do you think about this article? Please leave your comment here.

Thank you!

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Cannot Send Out Email Through Outlook Express?

Today 13th May 2008 morning, I still able to send out email through my Outlook Express. In the afternoon, I’m start getting problem to send out email. I was wondering what’s going on with the Outlook Express. After I checked with some of my friends, and they got the same problems.

It’s NOT Outlook Express fault BUT our Internet Service Provider TmNet.

If you’re using TmNet internet service and unable to send out email, please give it a try with the solution below:

1. Change your SMTP port number from “25” to “26”

TmNet SMTP Port 26

After you change it to port 26, it should be able to send out email now.

In case the above solution unable to solve your problem, or your email software like Eudora do not have ‘Port’ setting in your software settings. Please use the method below:

1. Open the email account properties, and find the “SMTP Server

2. Change the SMTP Server from “” to “

3. Save the settings and try to send out email if it’s workable.

I was wondering WHY TmNet do not inform about this issue and I need to get help from some technical expert to help me solve this problems.

I hope this could help those people who are facing this kind of problems. Please share this post with your friends or relatives if they’re having problems to send out the email through Outlook Express. Thanks!

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