Nick Vujicic – Never Give Up

Have you ever give up on something when you failed?

I have too but not now after I watched Nick Vujicic’s video and also read the “Think BIG” book by Donald Trump.

One of the chapter inside the book teach us Never Give Up and keep on trying until you success. If you give up, then you will never success. Success belong to those people who never give up.

Maybe you might not fully understand what I mean, so I attached a very touching video below.

As you can see in the video, if Nick give up to stand up, then he will never get up. Even he need to try 100 times or 200 times, and he still need to do it until he can get up. This is same problem what we have encountered in our life. If someone rejected you 100 times, don’t give up! Keep on trying and you will success.

When you keep on trying but still failed, then you must check what you have done wrongly. If method 1 do not work for you, try method 2, method 3, 4, 5, 6 until you found a way to success.

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Free Image Editor

Don’t have Adobe Photoshop?

No problems! Now you can get a similar of feature image editor like Photoshop for free. No Installation require and you can play your design anywhere anytime you want.

Watch the video below:

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Building Business Relationships

This is one of the most important lesson for doing business in offline or online world.

It doesn’t matter what business you do, relationship play the most important role in doing businesses. If you don’t know the company director and you suddenly pop up to their company and approach them your product, guess what? You will be rejected or kick out of the business.

If the Director is your friend, then it’s much easier to approach him your product. You save many steps to do business with him. You doesn’t need to wait 2-3 hours in their company just to see them and not even waste entertainment fee on them.

Remember this “Before business, friend first”

You need to make friend with those business person before you try to approach them your product/ businesses. That’s several ways to make friend with them without spending much money.

Remember, you do not need to always buy them lunch or dinner or any entertainment fee. Otherwise people will know that you’re trying to good with them.

To be a friend, we are sharing what we know and help each other.

How to make friend with those business person?

Find out their interest. What they like to do when they’re free. Like playing golf? hiking? playing badminton? tennis? and etc.

If they’re any member of the club like Lion Club, then you can join too so you can make friend with them. Find out what they do and what they like. Find chances to make friend with them.

When you’re trying to make friend with them, make sure you do not contribute too much on them, like always buy them lunch, dinner or entertainment. This doesn’t help you. How you can make them like you very much is how you can help them when they have problems. (I’m not referring to money problem)

Example: He/ she has a kid want to study in ABC high school but the school management reject their request because of some reasons (maybe poor of results). If you can help them get into that school, then they will very appreciate you. They will feel that you’re a person that able to solve problem so they have no worries to make friend or business with you.

If you have any comment, ideas or experience want to share with us, please post in the comment.

Thank you.

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Recession in 2009

It has been a month that I didn’t update my blog. (very very busy)

I started to learn a lot of new things like playing share with quick cash method, piano music (training my brain), offline sales marketing and follow up the rest of the investment like unit trust, property and etc.

The market getting slow down because some people has lost their job and pay cut. Many people trying to spend less and save more. Some MLM company aim the timing to attack on those factory worker. I personally attended a MLM presentation recently. Most of the people there, are the factory people. They want to earn extra money before they’re the next to be fired.

I didn’t join the opportunity. To me, there’s no any company is the best and make you most money. It’s depend if that opportunity comfortable for you. I have been very very busy doing my things, so I probably don’t have extra time to spend on doing presentation to recruit downline in this new opportunity.

Everything is slow and getting worst. Like stock market, today in Malaysia, the share index drop 18. Right now the index remain less than 900. Last time index over 1000. (drop almost 100++ since the recession)

It’s the best time to entering into the stock market. “Buy low sell high” (right now the price is very low)

I met some of my friends, some of them worked as salesperson. They told me that the market very quite. That’s true. I went to my uncle company that their business is to supply tools to factory. My uncle sat in the company and I ask “Didn’t go out to meet customers?”, and he said “The market is very quite and no order from factory”.

Since the market is getting slower, there will be less cash flow in the market. I would advice to spend only it needed. Cut down the unnecessary expenses and do more good investment like saving or any insurance investment plan.

If you’re not good in investment, then I suggest you ask from those professional finiancial planner to design a investment plan for you. You can find them from bank or insurance & investment company. Mostly they will design a long term investment for you because you don’t have the time to monitor your money.

Unless you’re business owner or have extra time like me, then you can monitor your own money on many investment like Unit trust, share and etc.

My personal advice: NEVER EVER involve HYIP on the internet (High Yield Investment Plan). HYIP will always offer you like 3% interest or 10% interest per month. A few attractive investment plan that ask you to throw in your money. NEVER EVER trust in this investment. If you have already invested money into HYIP, then what you can do is just pray they pay you the money before they shut down their website.

I have see many HYIP movement, some shut down their website in 3 months, some 6 months and the longer is after 2 years. I don’t want to speak out the name that the one last until 2 years but if you’re live in Malaysia and have notice the newspaper last few years back, then you will know which HYIP website. (many people lost their money in this HYIP)

I cannot give any advice on how to overcome and ideas to make more money because the readers are from around the world and different people has different situation. What I can share is how to make money online, using internet to make extra money.

I will create a small ecourse (maybe free or charge a small fee) that teach how to make money online without spending a single cent. That’s right, no need to pay advertising or buy website. It’s just a simple small ecourse that won’t take you much time to learn.

Stay tuned for my small ecourse release.

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