Create Your Own Luck

Have you ever blame that you don’t have luck?

Do you know that you can create your own luck if god didn’t give you one?

Although ‘Luck’ will not help you to achieve 100% what you want, but it takes a small percentage on your success.

If you’re a sales person and want to see the manager but you’re stopped by their secretary and give you many B.S. reasons like ‘our manager is too busy and can’t see you’ or ‘our company do not interested on your product’.

You’re stopped at their filter. So you have no luck to pass through.

Create your own luck to reach the manager.

Example: Find out what are the activities that the manager do, like golfing, hiking, swimming and etc. Maybe check what are the places that the manager always go for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Let say you found out the manager always go to ABC restaurant for dinner. Then you can have the same time to have your dinner too in that restaurant. So when you see the manager arrive at the restaurant, then try your best to have the table near him. Ok, then just act like this:

YOU: Hey, Are you Mr. John from XXX company?
Mr. John: Yes, may I know you before?
YOU: Oh, I’m so lucky meet you here. My name is X X X (try not to intro your company at first but make friend with him)

then the conversation go on… (for building relationship techniques, please refer to your favourite bookstore for the suitable books that can help you on this)

You see, you can create your own luck to meet the person you want but NOT wait for the ‘luck’ to come.

Ok, you must know that sometime you just meet someone in a place that you both do not plan to meet, so it’s called a luck. However, if you really want to meet that person, then you need to create your own luck but not waiting for the luck to come because you won’t know when your luck will come.

If you want to know a girl, that’s the same thing. You need to create your own luck. Never think you can get to know the girl based on your luck to see if both of you will meet again in some where. If you know the girl always go to the gym for exercise, then you can join the gym too to create your luck to meet her again. In this case, you will 100% sure to meet her again without waiting for the luck to come.

Remember, luck is just part of the thing. It may help you to get started or help you to complete the thing.

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9 Hypnotic Words You Can ‘Instantly’ Use

I just picked up this cool tip from my good friend –
Jo Han Mok, who’s truly a Master Wordsmith.

Apparently, certain words that end with “ly” can be
sneakily used in your copy to slowly and hypnotically
influence your readers.

Obviously, these words easily slip into their minds
under their radar and you can clearly see how these
words work powerfully as persuasion weapons.

Quite evidently, I’ve already led by example in using
all these words in the couple of paragraphs earlier…

* obviously
* clearly
* slowly
* apparently
* certainly
* easily
* powerfully
* evidently
* Insantly

Spot them? : – )

Then next time you write copy, try sprinkling your
copy with a liberal dose of words that end with “ly”.

I think you might easily wind up amazed at how much
more ‘hypnotic’ your copy instantly becomes.

Hope you found this quick tip useful.

P.S. Obviously, if you like what I just shared with
you, you’ll clearly be delighted with Jo Han’s brand
new “Recipe For Riches” report, which you’ll certainly
want to pick up, over at:



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Free Online Photo Editor – Download

After I opened the Free Image Editor to public. I received a few emails from my loyal subscribers and customers asking me how they can do same on their own hosting as well.

If you’re new or have missed the earlier blog post, please read them at:

I’m going to released the script that I used on my website that provide free image editor to my subscribers and customers. If you have website (hosting), then you can download and install the script into your hosting. You can provide your subscribers and customers the free service just like me.

I have uploaded the script and installation tutorial at: Webmaster Tips Member Area

If you’re not my Webmaster Tips subscriber, register your account (free) and you will be notified every time I have new webmaster tutorial to share with you. Plus, I will archive everything so you can access all of them anytime anywhere.

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