Nothing is Perfect

Correct me if I’m wrong… nothing is perfect.

This is not any negative thinking but a good discovery from my own experiences.

Why I said “Nothing is perfect”?

Here’s the story why…

Recently I was so busy on creating product, designing a new website, integrating software and so on. During the work, I was so busy on making everything perfect. At the end of the day, everything were delayed to get done.

Even though I have make a better one, but still can’t really satisfied the work. This is really bad!

Project deadline is there and I have to deliver the product even though I’m not really satisfied the work. After a few days, I’m look back my work performance and progress. I found out that I shouldn’t trying to make things perfect because there’s no such thing ‘perfect’ in this world.

There’s no perfect product in the marketplace. We can only improve the product and make it better from time to time. So if I’m going to make the product perfect before deliver them, then the product will NEVER release to the public because by the time I thought that product is perfect, there will be a better one on the market.

It’s a NEVER ENDING game. There’s no PERFECT iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Window, Car, Laptop and so on. But they will have a better model and version from time to time. Don’t you agree with that?

I learned something from my mistake.

If the product already good, deliver it first and improve it later, make a better one later. Otherwise the ball will never get rolling. You will waste all the money, time and effort in researching for better product. At the end of the day, you don’t make any money and business fail.

Personally I think the word ‘perfect’ shouldn’t exist because nothing is perfect in this world. (I could be wrong but at least I don’t see anything is perfect for now)

If you’re like me, always trying to make things perfect, you might get the same problem like me. Never get the things done on time. LOL…

Feel free to leave your feedback and I love to know your thought as well.

Thank you!

-Sean Tan

Are you a perfectionist? Click here to take a test. (I have already took the test and it’s very accurate for me)

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Niche Marketing Secrets

“I can’t sell information products online anymore. It’s saturated.”

Have you heard that said?

Actually, it’s common to hear that.

Yeah sure … It is somewhat true if you want to sell another ebook about sales copywriting and compete with the veteran copywriters!

But you know what — EVERYDAY, many people are laughing all the way to the bank from making sales of info-products.

You see, they are smart. They don’t sell another ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘How To Make Money’ ebook when they want to start their online info-product business. They sell info-products in a niche market.

You don’t believe me?

Just go to

You’ll find all kinds of info-products that you would never have imagined that people are selling and making money out of!

Here are a few examples:

* An ebook info-product about Ipod MP3 players
* An ebook on how to do magic tricks
* An ebook on how to improve golf swings
* An ebook on how to improve your volley ball game
* An ebook about tropical fish
* An ebook about training Boxer Dog

In a nutshell, I can give you 101 examples how these can all be home run, profitable products on the internet.

The market for info-products will never be saturated if you know how to sell in a niche market.

To be frank with you, I know it works because I have one of these sites that is making money for me while I sleep.

In fact, you may be surprised to find out that some of these sites in Clickbank are actually mine!

Why niche marketing?

Niche marketing can be very profitable because you won’t be competing with Internet gurus (They are busy with their own ‘How To’ niche) and your info-product can be highly ‘targeted’ to the prospects. For instance, someone who wants to start raising tropical fish at home, might order “Tropical Fish Secrets”, which is an ebook in Clickbank.

And the best part is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start an online niche business in less than a month!

Simple plan:

i. Get a niche info-product
ii. Start a website
iii. Drive traffic to it

Of course, there is more to it than that, but by just by doing that… you should be able to start making money in an online niche market.

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