Make $69,000 With Your Own Firesale

Do you know what a “firesale” means?

While I’m not of the origin of the word, in the Internet
marketing world it means having your own mega blow-out sale
where you bundle a dozen or so products for one low price.

Then, you increase the price every day to send your conversions
over the roof, since everyone wants to get it before the price increases!
Gobala, Vince and Melvin made over $69,000 recently with
their “Send Us To U.S” firesale, and now they are letting
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It’s doesn’t matter if you’re totally new – anyone can
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Their case study has left a big impression on me, as I never
though it could be that simple to have your own firesale. In
fact I’m considering holding my own firesale soon 🙂

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Sean Tan

P/S: Firesales are not new – and that’s a good thing! A lot
of smart marketers have financed anything from a wedding to
the purchase of a business, with firesales. It works!

Earn Lazy Money Online! Really?

Last week, I have read several ebook about internet marketing. Today, I would like to share with you how to earn lazy money online. A IM friend of mine, Matt Garrett sharing how he’s make lazy money on the internet.

If you very lazy to selling digital product online, create product, or promote affiliate product. Then please pay more attention to this post. You’re about to learn how to make lazy money on the internet. Attention, you won’t make hundreds or thousands dollar overnight from the lazy method in the ebook.

I love the ebook, because he’s explained pretty clear what you should know to do more and what you should know BUT do less or no need to do. It’s save you time and effort doing useless thing. That’s why I recommended this ebook to those people who just get started or only can do invest 2-3hours per day.

If you’re selling online or doing other marketing, then you should know online selling have a lot of things to learn trial and error. Especially give support, write email, setup salespage/download page/ squeeze page, play SEO, and many more. If you’re one to do all the things I talk just now and you only can spend less than 2 hours per day, I think you have to spend at least 1-2 weeks to setup a simple salespage to sell online and maintain it to give support.

Or headache with write email, salesletter, squeeze page and all kind of things. Even if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you also need to write good email to sell your subscribers or customer list. Some people may say, those kind of things can outsource and hire expert to write the email or salesletter.

May I know how many people can afford to hire people to do all those things when they just new to internet marketing and low of budget? Why so many people want to make money online? Everyone wish to have extra hundreds or thousands dollar a month to buy more things, travel, shopping or clear their debt quick.

If you wish to make money online BUT only can invest 2-3 hours per day and lazy to give support, write email/salesletter or cannot afford hundred or thousands to hire people do all kind of things for you. Then look no further to this Lazy method ebook.

Make Lazy Money Online

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Thank you.