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Salesletters Story — A Drill and a Hole

Recently, I’m suddenly want to improve my web copywriting skills and finally I bought a few physical books and ebooks/courses. Those courses and books are really good and I would like to share some here.

I love what they’re sharing and explanation in the book, especially they explain in a story – A Drill and a Hole.

Do you write salesletter, email and Ad for your business?

It’s very interesting to write the salesletter, email or even an ads by yourself. You will discover a lot of things in the middle of writing. The human psychology, conscious and subconscious mind….. ( a long way to go )

Let me sharing the basic copywriting rules that work.

1. Don’t make your salespage look like an Ad.
2. Put “Trap” in your salespage to have your visitors stick at your salesletter.
3. Don’t just telling how good of your product.

Who else like to read Advertisement? There is no one spending their time to open the TV, newspaper and surfing internet because they want to read Advertisement. ( Never – unless they get paid to read )

If your webpage look like an Ad, the percentage of visitors will close your webpage immediately as high as 90%. Why? Because people don’t like to be sold!

How to have your visitors stick on your webpage? Put a BIG Trap at the top and smaller trap in the middle of webpage. The so called “Trap” is the Headline and sub headline. Grab your visitors attention when they just arrive your webpage, if you failed to grab their attention, then they will close your webpage because they’re not interested to read more.

Finally “Don’t just telling how good of your product” — This is where a Drill and a Hole story come in.

One day, James want to drill a big hole to his room wall but the problem is he don’t have a drill. So he went to the Shop to get a drill. But because he didn’t know which is the best drill that suit his requirements. The sales person saw James standing there and look like don’t know what to buy, so the sales person called “Alex” went near to the James and asked “Sir, What can I help you?” and James answered “I want to buy a drill but no idea which one is better”.

Alex immediately promote one of the famous brand drill to James and explained how good of the drill like it’s a world class brand, able to drill wood and stone wall, small size and light weight, sold more than 1 millions set of drills around the world, have more than 200 resellers store in 16 countries and blah blah blah…. all the story.

What we can say is the drill that Alex recommend is Best of the best. But James didn’t take it because James is not came here to buy the Best of the best drill.

Remember this question when you’re trying to write a salesletter “Why James want to buy a drill?”

Answer is — He want a hole.

James not because he want a drill and go to buy a drill. He want a hole so he buy the drill.

Same as the visitors that visit your webpage, they’re not came to your webpage to buy your product because they want your product. They need their problem to be solved so they buy your product.

If your salesletter failed to explain how your product able to solve their problem, then the customer cannot find a reason why want to make a purchase. If the drill cannot make a big hole, then why I want to buy the drill that cannot solve my problem? ( Make sense? )

It’s not about how good of your product, it’s how your product going to solve the customer problem. If your product able to solve the customer problem, then it’s consider a GOOD product.

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