Getting Things DONE FAST

Have you ever feel that you can’t finish your work and your work performance getting slower?

It could be the Time Management issue. When we failed to manage our time, we will getting tired and feel work overloaded.

We have only 24 hours a day even the richest man in the world. The billionaires and multi-millionaires do not have extra hour a day but they know how to manage their time and leverage.

If you have 10 tasks to be done in a day, probably you can’t make it as one person but you can manage to delegate to other people that can help you out. Otherwise you will not be able to finish the tasks.

Sometimes we are getting slow performance. Like, you can write 500 words article in just 30 minutes previously, but now you take an hour to complete an article. This mean your work performance getting slower and you need to fix it.

“Always track your work performance and quality from time to time.”

You can prepare a checklist and record your best record time. This way, you can compare your current work performance with previous best record. You can see it clearly how you improve your work performance.

Our brain cannot store too many things and cannot remember everything all the time. I knew it, because I always stuck in the middle when someone interrupt me. I need to get a paper or notepad to write down all the things I need to do for today (just like a checklist).

That’s another scenario like this…

When you’re doing something at home and your mother just work over and ask you to buy something at 5pm later. Then you just answer YES. But sooner later you totally forgot what she said just now. Why? Because you never store that task into your brain.

When we’re busy on something and someone talk to us, we will never store anything into our brain of what they’re saying because our brain is concentrating on our work. The best way you can avoid this it… take a notepad and write down the things you need to do and the things that people ask you to do later.

I have written a quick report called “How To Get Things Done FAST With 3 Simple Steps”


Feel free to pass the report to your friends and family to share the tips with them.

Thank you!


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DIY Make Money Online Easily

I just completed a special report called DIY Make Money Online Easily. In this special report, I show the step by step method to start making money online. This is a basic information for those new people who haven’t make any money on the internet.

The report is free. Go to download at

DIY Make Money Online Easily

Download the report and go through page by page so you will not miss any step.


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Never hear ‘no’ from your prospects again

What can you do with E-books and how can you or your downline increase their credibility almost instantly (even if you guys are brand spanking new in network marketing…)

Very simple… just slap your name on it!

Let me explain carefully the concept of private label rights:

With the private label rights or PLR to a collection of network marketing books, you will get the Microsoft WORD document (in addition to the PSD file for viewing) which you can edit.

Let’s say the title of the book is – How to generate more leads for any MLM business.

You will get the chance to edit the book and call it… How to generate more leads for any MLM business – by “your name”

Imagine how sweet is that?

What will your friends or your prospects think of you if you have AUTHORED your very own book?

Did you know that reading a book creates a very deep connection with your prospects? They will be able to perceive you as an expert and listen to every word you say.

But the problem with writing the book is that not everyone can write. Even if they can, most people just don’t have the flair for writing. And ghostwriter’s aren’t particularly cheap either. Don’t even get me started on the market research aspect…

But with PLR, you get to skip all that straight to the end – (just like a boring TV show, you would just want to skip all the way to the ending just to see what happens in the end…)

The book is 99.9% completed, just slap your name on it and you are done.

Best of all, your downlines can do it too – no training or headaches required… just pure, 100% duplication.

Gain access to these books at $1 each:

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Mark Joyner’s New Book for Free

#1 best-selling author Mark Joyner, the man people like Dearl Miller call “the greatest marketing mind of our generation” has just released his new book, but it’s not yet available at your local bookstore.

Instead, he’s letting you download it now for free.

If you want to learn how to grow your business, this is an absolute must-read.

And the Integration Marketing Deal Board you’ll find there is one of the most powerful marketing resources on the net.

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Everyone can become ebook author for less than $10 bucks! e-Writer Pro

I know there are a few PDF convertor sell for $27 – $47 on the internet. Now the new software available called “e-Writer Pro” software ( also called “PDF Writer” ) that sell for less than $10 bucks with bonuses.

e-Writer Pro

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Plus! You will also get free access to our Newsletter free for life that will be shared with you “How to” make money with ebook business or even how to get started. I know some people are new to the internet and no idea how to setup their online business to sell ebook, in the Newsletter will be covered all of these.

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Make Money Online Doesn’t Need To Be An Expert

Why most people still failed to make money online after study the internet marketing courses, ebook, coaching program, audio courses and internet marketing membership. Some are even spend thousands of dollar and 1-2 years time still haven’t make any money online.

In order to more understand WHY, repeat the first sentence again…

“study the internet marketing courses, ebook, coaching program, audio courses and internet marketing membership”

Information OVERLOAD!

I know this — because I was newbie before.

I remember my 1st online purchase is adwords ebook. Afterward affiliate marketing ebook and many more….! Look, the reason why I keep buying ebook when I was newbie is because I was sold by the salesletter, income proof and testimonial.

Never take action after reading the “How to” ebook. I honestly said that some of the ebook are really good so it was not the ebook fault to cause me failed to make money online from start.

Note: There are tons of information selling on the internet but we do not need all of them.

You MUST DO the right thing in every step. If you’re just get started want to selling your own ebook, then what you should do from start?

Here are the basic action:
1. Setup domain name and hosting
2. Start writing your ebook
3. Setup your salespage
4. Find an affiliate program for your product
5. Invite JV partner and affiliates.
6. Launch your product

This is just a basic overview action, But some people will skip the step like from step 1 skip to step 4.

Or he haven’t setup the ebook product salespage yet and suddenly skip to learn how adword can help his ebook product. Don’t you think this is TOO early action for the product which haven’t setup yet?

Another type of people failed to make money is because NO ACTION.

Why NO action? Because they keep study and hopefully can become an expert on the internet. But the main reason is they afraid to lose, they want to know everything and make mutliple income.

I have a same feeling too, when I was newbie – I will think that what if I know how to make money from affiliate marketing, adsense and selling own products, then I must be a millionaires soon.

But the sad part is we’re human. You only can concentrate on 1 or 2 opportunity. At least I can’t see any people expert in all martial art fields. You only can choose to become successful in Karate or Judo. It’s same in the business, you cannot think that if you’ve learned all the martial art in the world and you will unbeatable.

Sorry, no such thing. No people is unbeatable in this world.

You won’t increase your income 3-4 times if you learned all the courses available on the internet. Because you won’t have the time to understand them and take action. That’s why most people who failed to make money is because they don’t have the time to take action. Most of their time is to study the courses and keep research the best courses available.

Actually they’re not looking for the best courses, they looking for a HOPE.

I suggest follow the courses instruction and take action. Fully invest your time and afford into the instruction so you can know does the course really can help you make money or not.

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Why Most Newbie Failed To Make Money Online?

There are a lot of new people learn how to make money online every single day! But most newbie failed to make money online and keep buying ebook/course without earn any cent. After some time, they will give up and said to their friend make money online is hard and almost impossible because XYZ…….blah blah blah ( tons of excuse/reasons ).

There are a few reasons why they didn’t make money after study those ebook/ course.

1. Type of business
Many newbie don’t know which online business is suitable for them. So they just keep ‘trying’ all the online business like Google adsense ( become bloggger ), Selling info product ( internet marketing niche ) and ( other niche market ), Selling in eBay, Promote as an Affiliate, provide Services, buy Turnkey website ( like Games site, Video site, Community site….. ), Online MLM and many more…!

Newbie should concentrate into 1-2 businesses only. Once you decide to selling info product like ebook, ereport, software or ecourse. Then you must put 100% effort, time and money into it. Most newbie always having “TRY” in their mindset, like creating info product in the middle and give up because they discover writing ebook is boring or lazy to write email, salesletter, setup website….! And they will go to try google adsense or other new stuff.  Sound familiar?

When I was newbie, I’m the person who do this kind of action, keep trying all the online businesses and give up in the middle. Wasted money for those turnkey website like network community website and adsense turnkey website. I’m not saying those things not good, but you have to concentrate to the things before it can bring you profit.

Why others able to make money with PPC ( Google Adword Pay Per Click ) or Selling info product on the internet, BUT why you can’t? There must be some reasons between you and those people.

If you’re selling info product, then do not waste your time to figure out how to make money from google adsense. You will just waste your time and effort. Unless you have spare time, or else you will lose both business at the end of time.

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2. Forgot those technical stuff –
Why want to bother those SEO or search engine ranking? Do not waste your value time into those SEO technical stuff. It won’t help you much to make money online from start. People can easily spend more than 1 week to figure out how to win the search engine or get better alexa ranking. If you’re able to spend 1 week to create new info product, then I believe you will make more money than figure out the SEO stuff. Do not do the wrong thing in your business. It could be able to destory your business anytime.

3. Low of budget –
Most newbie low of budget to get start online business. Do not hire people do the work for you if you low of budget to get started. Just buy those ready made tool like web template, software… that may able to help you save 3 times of the money. You can write your own salesletter and create ebook if you’re low of budget. Try to do the thing that you’re able to do. If you want a software, then you will no choice to hire a programmer to create for you.

You’re not require to know everything in order to do online business. There are a few online businesses that you can choose to step in ( if you’re not start yet or want to do other online business )

One of my friend Dane Bergen, the creator of PPC Prophecy. He’s offer an ebook that will teach you how to make money through Per Pay Click. The best part is the price “affordable” to everyone. I have personally review the ebook and feel that this is a good ebook that very easy to understand, so it’s good to share with those newbie that still wondering how to make money online.

REMEMBER: Before you want to start money or study the PPC Prophecy, please remove the “Try” keyword from your mind. Just DO it and follow all the step by step.

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Make $69,000 With Your Own Firesale

Do you know what a “firesale” means?

While I’m not of the origin of the word, in the Internet
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Then, you increase the price every day to send your conversions
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Their case study has left a big impression on me, as I never
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fact I’m considering holding my own firesale soon 🙂

I strongly recommend that you get “Firesales Exposed” now:  


Sean Tan

P/S: Firesales are not new – and that’s a good thing! A lot
of smart marketers have financed anything from a wedding to
the purchase of a business, with firesales. It works! — Free eReport

My friend Matt Garrett allow me to giveaway his Blog Tactics eReport to my blog reader,  subcribers and customers. How would you like to learn more about blog and how to make money from your blog?

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>>> Download the free report now <<<

This is FREE download and you’re not require to pay any red cents for it. This is a good report to increase your knowledge for free. I hope you get benefits inside the information in this free report.

Would you like to know how to setup a membership
site without breaking the bank using free wordpress?

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That is the beauty of creating membership sites. Products that can be accessed online and offer value to your customer are great to sell. Paid memberships fit this description. Subscriptions on how to run a home business, paid newsletters on every subject imaginable, personal development, website hosting and just about anything you can think of, offering you a chance to create residual income.

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Earn Lazy Money Online! Really?

Last week, I have read several ebook about internet marketing. Today, I would like to share with you how to earn lazy money online. A IM friend of mine, Matt Garrett sharing how he’s make lazy money on the internet.

If you very lazy to selling digital product online, create product, or promote affiliate product. Then please pay more attention to this post. You’re about to learn how to make lazy money on the internet. Attention, you won’t make hundreds or thousands dollar overnight from the lazy method in the ebook.

I love the ebook, because he’s explained pretty clear what you should know to do more and what you should know BUT do less or no need to do. It’s save you time and effort doing useless thing. That’s why I recommended this ebook to those people who just get started or only can do invest 2-3hours per day.

If you’re selling online or doing other marketing, then you should know online selling have a lot of things to learn trial and error. Especially give support, write email, setup salespage/download page/ squeeze page, play SEO, and many more. If you’re one to do all the things I talk just now and you only can spend less than 2 hours per day, I think you have to spend at least 1-2 weeks to setup a simple salespage to sell online and maintain it to give support.

Or headache with write email, salesletter, squeeze page and all kind of things. Even if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you also need to write good email to sell your subscribers or customer list. Some people may say, those kind of things can outsource and hire expert to write the email or salesletter.

May I know how many people can afford to hire people to do all those things when they just new to internet marketing and low of budget? Why so many people want to make money online? Everyone wish to have extra hundreds or thousands dollar a month to buy more things, travel, shopping or clear their debt quick.

If you wish to make money online BUT only can invest 2-3 hours per day and lazy to give support, write email/salesletter or cannot afford hundred or thousands to hire people do all kind of things for you. Then look no further to this Lazy method ebook.

Make Lazy Money Online

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Thank you.