Free Minisite Web Template

I managed to completed one minisite web template last few days ago, and I’m going to give away for free. There is 100% original created by SeanTan Marketing, so you won’t get this anywhere else.


Click here to download for FREE now — I don’t know when I will stop giving away for free, so you need to hurry up before I change my mind to start charging for a fee. — Free eReport

My friend Matt Garrett allow me to giveaway his Blog Tactics eReport to my blog reader,  subcribers and customers. How would you like to learn more about blog and how to make money from your blog?

>>> Download the free report now <<<

>>> Download the free report now <<<

This is FREE download and you’re not require to pay any red cents for it. This is a good report to increase your knowledge for free. I hope you get benefits inside the information in this free report.

Would you like to know how to setup a membership
site without breaking the bank using free wordpress?

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That is the beauty of creating membership sites. Products that can be accessed online and offer value to your customer are great to sell. Paid memberships fit this description. Subscriptions on how to run a home business, paid newsletters on every subject imaginable, personal development, website hosting and just about anything you can think of, offering you a chance to create residual income.

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Awesome Fun Gifts August 2007

Awesome fun gifts LIVE! 6th-13th August 2007 ONLY.

Awesome fun gifts

For the next 7 days, Edmund loh, a selected group of Top marketers and my friend Matt Ng are pooling together some of their best resources – and you can gain instant access to them at ‘No Cost’.

Expect cool resources like:
1. Collection of eBooks & Resell Rights
2. Private label content
3. Templates 
4. Business in a box
And much, much more!

For a limited time ONLY,  ( 6th-13th August 2007 ), you can get them all at no cost.

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Free Fonts You Can Use!

Recently I received some “Graphics Collection” customer email, asking me where I get beautiful font for my banner, header, mini-site and other. I have reply them the website I get free fonts and I’m going to revealed all the free fonts website that I always download from. So all my readers, visitors, subscribers and customer can directly know where I get the beautiful fonts for free right here, instead of I reply everyone of them.

“Sorry guy, I have more than thousands graphics collection customer, I cannot reply the email to one by one with the same question!”

 Here are a few free fonts website you can download for free:

Find the suitable fonts for your mini-site, header, banner and ecover. BUT remember, do not use the font in your ebook and salesletter text, because people who don’t have that type of font in their website, the text will not display in their PC or browser. So you need to save the font text as graphics format like you use the special font text in your header, banner or ecover, you will save it to graphics format. So everyone can view the text with the special font.

If you use the special font in your salesletter, remember to save the certain special font as graphics format, then put it into your salesletter. Otherwise, your visitors will not view the salesletter properly with the text because their PC don’t have the special font type.

Thank you.

Video Traffic Assistant Software

How would you like to submit your video to the video site like,,, and many more in just one place? I have my own copy of Video Traffic Assistant software and it’s awesome. I simply open up the software and just upload my video, then click submit to the video site.

VIP Edition

No more go to the video site one by one anymore. Save tons of time with the old style submit video process. I’m now can submit my video right in my desktop with just a few click of mouse.

For a limited time, you can get the ‘VIP Edition’ Video Traffic Assistant Software for free.

Yes, No cost, No one-time-offer and No trial. 100% free download.

Click here to download the VIP Edition Video Software

Download now while it’s still available for free.
( If you have ask to buy the software, then I only can say sorry, you’re late )

Hope you enjoy the gift.

Thank you.

How would you like to know how to get 1000 visitors in 24hours with just a simple video. It’s very easy to understand eReport that show you just a simple video submit to the video site and get 1000visitors in 24hours. Click here to get the eReport now

Increase PageRank Free! Limited for 50 ONLY

If you want to increase your website or blog page rank, I’m going to giveaway 50 people to add their website URL to my free directory.

This is limited to 50 people ONLY.

The free directory door will closed once it reach the number of 50. Add you website URL to SeanTan Marketing Free Directory free for life. If you miss it, then you have to pay weekly/ monthly text link fee to place your website URL in my Marketing Blog. 🙂

Hurry up if you haven’t add your website URL to my Marketing Blog yet.

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Thank you.

To your success,


Traffic Digger & GiveAway Events

Last few days ago, I joined traffic digger and also recruite a lot of member. What is traffic digger? It’s like a place for you to advertise you ad in their website. The best part is it’s Free. You only need to promote/recruite people to join and advertise then your ad will show up more. It’s a simple calculation, 10x10x10x10……… that’s mean there are million of people seen your ad on that website. I only send out email to my subscriber to share traffic digger with them and the member just do the samething like me. Nobody will care is it really get result because it’s free.

Another new giveaway event “Saint Patrick’s Ultimate Give-A-Way“. If you are looking for any free stuff or build subscriber list, then you should take action right now. It’s free to join and make money with their affiliate program. Internet Marketer newbie or beginner should take a look and learn from there.

I remember when I was just start my internet marketing, I know nothing. Someone send spam email to me and I just curious that person say in email get over 200 free stuff from the xxx giveaway website. I go to have a look and read the salespage then quickly join the giveaway event. Afterward I was so excited because I have download almost 50 gifts from the giveaway event. Have software, ebook, script and other free membership.

You know what happen after I download those gifts? My email box full of email and some are waiting me to confirm to their list and some sending me tons of crazy offer which I don’t like these kinds of email. So I never send crazy offer to my subscriber because I know a lot of people don’t like to see full of crazy offer email in their email box. It’s a waste of time to delete those crazy offer email.

Web Traffic: Traffic Digger
Free Stuff: Saint Patrick’s Ultimate Give-A-Way