Godaddy CEO Shoots an Elephant – one of the largest domain registrar and internet hosting company. The CEO shoots an elephant in Africa and posted the video on the internet.

There are tons of bad comment to the Godaddy CEO and many people saying will transfer all the domains to (Godaddy competitor).

The original video is below: (WARNING: Very Graphic!)

Godaddy CEO, Bob Parsons must be lost his mind to posting such video on the internet to share to the world. I was wondering if the company vote to agree the CEO to posting the video? is offering domain transfers at a price where they actually lose money.

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Personally, I totally disagree to shoot the elephant. Instead of kill the elephant, they can find a way to prevent the elephant to enter the place.

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Donate To Japan

On March 11 at 2:46pm JST a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan, creating extremely destructive tsunami waves which hit Japan just minutes after the earthquake, and triggering evacuations and warnings across the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan, leaving thousands of people confirmed dead, injured or missing, and millions more affected by lack of electricity, water and transportation.

Donate to Japan – go to

Step 1: Select which organization you would like to donate the money. I personally choose Unichef.

Step 2: Create a new Google account or sign in to your existing Google account.

Step 3: Fill in your credit card details and complete the payment.

After complete the payment, you will receive the email receipt like below:

There are some scam sites that asking people to donate money, please do not fall into the scam. If you want to donate money, make sure you find the organization that you trust.

Thank you.

The Easiest Method To Include An Up-sell

Amazon does it, EBAY does it, so why can’t you?

After all, up-selling is a technique employed by leading e-commerce sites to boost their sales and though you may be some light years away from them, this could be used by you effectively too. And though this is a technique, there is not a lot different from up-selling and selling by themselves!

There are many ways you could up-sell a product, but before we get into knowing the easiest method, know that an up-sell is a product you wish to sell immediately after he has bought the first one. Needless to say, the second product or the product to be up-sold has to be related to the first product bought by the customer.

To the point – The easiest method to up-sell is to work on the ‘checkout’ page!

What you can do with the Checkout Page?

I’m not asking you to redesign the entire webpage. Follow this process to uncover the easiest method to up-sell.

First, identify your webpage which you want to include the upsell. It could be your product page, salesletter page, your newsletter subscription page, your thank you page and so on.
Then just add an option for them to include MORE products before they ‘checkout’.

So if it’s a newsletter subscription page, ask them if they want to include a free trial offer to your other paid product before they click “Register” on your newsletter page.

If your page is a salesletter webpage, give them an option to include another of your product before they click the “Order Now” button.

Here’s another example – if your webpage is a shopping cart, you can always ‘upsell’ your prospects for them to add more quantity of the product that they’re buying.

The list goes on.

Here are some things you would like to watch out for while up-selling:

==>  The product you up-sell needs to be somewhat related to the product the customer bought. The closer the correlation, the better it is for you because you’ll get more sales.

==>  Write your up-selling ad as carefully and diligently as you would have designed your sales ad. Just the fact that the customer bought one product from you doesn’t mean he is sure to buy another!

==>  Up-sell but don’t push – Pushing is bad for any form of selling and the same applies in up-selling too. Inform the
customer about your product and leave the choice to him. Also, bear in mind that you’re adding more value to your customer by offering greater solutions to them in your upsell products.

The method to up-sell your product is not as tough as you would have thought it to be. Basically, if you’re not integrating any upsell in your sales funnel, you’re literally losing money.

It’ll cost you more time, effort and money to acquire a new customer compare to selling to an existing customer who already trust you and like your product.

Although the technicalities surrounding the deal make it a slightly tough nut to crack, but I can tell you that it’s worth your time to explore this powerful marketing strategy.

1ClickUpgrade System is a free software that can be integrated into your existing website and allow you to create upsells within minutes! Get it now for free and for a limited time, you’ll also get an audio course at


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Thousands Of Hotmail Passwords Leaked Online

Breaking News: Hotmail password scam spreads to Gmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo!

Update – there are now 20,000 accounts affected and non-Hotmail addresses.

Windows Live Hotmail

Yesterday, reports emerged that 10,000 Hotmail account addresses and passwords had been posted to the site Today, BBC News revealed that it has discovered another incriminating list containing log-in information for 20,000 additional e-mail addresses. The new batch, though, not only includes information from compromised Hotmail accounts, but also from Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and several other major e-mail providers.

Personal advice:
If you haven’t change your free email account password yet, please DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Here are the related news from other website:
BBC NEWS: Google Targeted In Email Scam
BBC NEWS: Phishing attack targets Hotmail
SWITCHED: Hotmail Password Scam Spreads To Gmail, AOL Mail And Yahoo – Thousands of Hotmail passwords leaked online – Researcher refutes Microsoft’s account of hijacked Hotmail passwords

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Recession in 2009

It has been a month that I didn’t update my blog. (very very busy)

I started to learn a lot of new things like playing share with quick cash method, piano music (training my brain), offline sales marketing and follow up the rest of the investment like unit trust, property and etc.

The market getting slow down because some people has lost their job and pay cut. Many people trying to spend less and save more. Some MLM company aim the timing to attack on those factory worker. I personally attended a MLM presentation recently. Most of the people there, are the factory people. They want to earn extra money before they’re the next to be fired.

I didn’t join the opportunity. To me, there’s no any company is the best and make you most money. It’s depend if that opportunity comfortable for you. I have been very very busy doing my things, so I probably don’t have extra time to spend on doing presentation to recruit downline in this new opportunity.

Everything is slow and getting worst. Like stock market, today in Malaysia, the share index drop 18. Right now the index remain less than 900. Last time index over 1000. (drop almost 100++ since the recession)

It’s the best time to entering into the stock market. “Buy low sell high” (right now the price is very low)

I met some of my friends, some of them worked as salesperson. They told me that the market very quite. That’s true. I went to my uncle company that their business is to supply tools to factory. My uncle sat in the company and I ask “Didn’t go out to meet customers?”, and he said “The market is very quite and no order from factory”.

Since the market is getting slower, there will be less cash flow in the market. I would advice to spend only it needed. Cut down the unnecessary expenses and do more good investment like saving or any insurance investment plan.

If you’re not good in investment, then I suggest you ask from those professional finiancial planner to design a investment plan for you. You can find them from bank or insurance & investment company. Mostly they will design a long term investment for you because you don’t have the time to monitor your money.

Unless you’re business owner or have extra time like me, then you can monitor your own money on many investment like Unit trust, share and etc.

My personal advice: NEVER EVER involve HYIP on the internet (High Yield Investment Plan). HYIP will always offer you like 3% interest or 10% interest per month. A few attractive investment plan that ask you to throw in your money. NEVER EVER trust in this investment. If you have already invested money into HYIP, then what you can do is just pray they pay you the money before they shut down their website.

I have see many HYIP movement, some shut down their website in 3 months, some 6 months and the longer is after 2 years. I don’t want to speak out the name that the one last until 2 years but if you’re live in Malaysia and have notice the newspaper last few years back, then you will know which HYIP website. (many people lost their money in this HYIP)

I cannot give any advice on how to overcome and ideas to make more money because the readers are from around the world and different people has different situation. What I can share is how to make money online, using internet to make extra money.

I will create a small ecourse (maybe free or charge a small fee) that teach how to make money online without spending a single cent. That’s right, no need to pay advertising or buy website. It’s just a simple small ecourse that won’t take you much time to learn.

Stay tuned for my small ecourse release.

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Economy down! What you should do?

Economy down… What you should do?

Everybody is struggling what to do when petrol price goes up. The transportation services, food, construction materials and many more will followed to increase the price by percentage.

Let’s say example your income is $2500 per month.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – $1000
Transportation – $450
Electrical & Water bills – $150
Life Insurance – $100
Extra expenses like shopping and etc. – $300
Car loan or housing loan – $500

Total: $2500 per month

But now, most of the things are increase 30%. So you might save some money from the extra expenses to cover the food, transportation and the bills. But does it workable?

Yes and NO.

For short period, it’s the best way to cut extra expenses to cover the more important expenses like food and transportation. But this cannot be last long because your salary didn’t increase.

What if the Electrical and Water bills fee increase? May I know what expenses you will cut again? Probably you will not choose to sell your car or move to a smaller house? This is not a solution but you setup a trap for yourself.

The best way is to SAVE and then INVEST.

Temporary cut some extra expenses and then look for opportunity to increase your income. Don’t let your income stay at the same level. Some people will choose to work part time at night after their full time job working hours. Or some will do networking marketing (MLM/ Direct Selling), make money online by promoting other people’s product, blogging with Google Adsense and many other opportunity you can think of.

It’s rather than you just trying to cut expenses without increase your income. Find a way to increase your income will be more practical to resolve the economy down problem.

If you’re looking for opportunity to earn extra money in part time through online, here are some of my recommendation:

1. Start your own Online Niche Business home course study (Click here)

2. Earn residual income by helping people to succeed (Click here)

3. Create your own Profitable Minisite (Click here)

4. The 90 days Money Back Guarantee make money online program (Click here)

Thank you.

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