Free Icon for Personal and Commercial

There’s a useful website I would like to share about is an icon finder website.

Icon Finder allow you get free icon for personal use and commercial use. There’s a search filter that allow you search only for commercial use. Some icon only for personal use and you will need to pay a small fee for commercial use.

You can get a lot cool icon for your website, software and computer. If you’re applying the icon to your website or software, make sure you’re using the icon that comes with commercial license. Just select the search filter to “Allowed for commercial use”.

Here are some of the cool icon:

Click Here To Find The Icon FOR FREE!

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Site Design Pro

If you’re looking for the simple design and easy to use template, then this is for you.

Site Design Pro is my brand new graphic package in September 2009. The web template almost no customization required. Just plug and play!

site design pro

Click Here To See The Template Design

You can get your site up and running within 2 minutes with Site Design Pro. I also include website sales button and sales messages. Pick the template you want to use, choose the order button that fit the design and insert the sales message that help you to convert better. (Just plug and play)

This package also comes with graphic source file which is PSD you can open with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

–>> Click Here To See The Template Design

Thank you!

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Instant MiniSites – Amazing Design

Get the Instant MiniSites that save your time and money.

Instant MiniSites provides you design source file PSD, HTML page and PDF Help Guide.

Just change to your name and you can instant upload to your site.

That’s not all. You also get bonuses that will help you to create your own minisite as well and the videos will show you how to use the tool to make your own design.

—> Click here to preview the templates design


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Free Online Photo Editor – Download

After I opened the Free Image Editor to public. I received a few emails from my loyal subscribers and customers asking me how they can do same on their own hosting as well.

If you’re new or have missed the earlier blog post, please read them at:

I’m going to released the script that I used on my website that provide free image editor to my subscribers and customers. If you have website (hosting), then you can download and install the script into your hosting. You can provide your subscribers and customers the free service just like me.

I have uploaded the script and installation tutorial at: Webmaster Tips Member Area

If you’re not my Webmaster Tips subscriber, register your account (free) and you will be notified every time I have new webmaster tutorial to share with you. Plus, I will archive everything so you can access all of them anytime anywhere.

Click here to read all the benefits you get as a subscriber of Webmaster Tips

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Free Image Editor

Don’t have Adobe Photoshop?

No problems! Now you can get a similar of feature image editor like Photoshop for free. No Installation require and you can play your design anywhere anytime you want.

Watch the video below:

>>> Click here to start using the Image Editor

Get Firefox plugin here

Bookmark this URL:

More graphic resources at:

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5 Minisites Package

5 Minisites Package is my first product launched in 2009. This package include niches design like dating, sport, wellness and business. Click here for more details

I have spent week to create this package and also include bonuses like webmaster graphics (arrow, bullet, tickbox and etc), video tutorials and many more.

As you can see, there are so many items in this package and they can easily cost you hundred of dollar. See the items below:

But you can get this package for a very price by going to

You will save at least 90% of money to hire freelancer to design your website. I also include PSD (graphic source file) so you can change the design on your own.

Click here to see the design package



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Rules of design a better header

To design a better website header, you will need to know what are the basic rules so your header design will look balance and nice.

The video below will explain to you the basic rules and tips to design a better header for your website.

Please enjoy:

Here’s the download link for the PSD source file:

The resources that we used to create this video:

1. Background music:

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Camtasia Studio

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Create Software Box eCover

I have created a tutorial to share how to create software box ecover in Adobe Photoshop for free.

Here’s the link for the tutorial:

If you haven’t sign up to the free webmaster tips newsletter, please go to

You will be notified by email whenever there’s a new tutorial updated.

Create Your Own Product eCover

I just launched a new product called “eCover MAX Action Scripts” that use to create your own professional ecover with Photoshop. Visit at:

If you have Adobe Photoshop software, this is a good news for you. You can now create your own digital product ecover without hire graphic designer anymore. Plus, you can open your service to design ecover for your clients. This is a great opportunity that you can earn extra income.

eCover MAX Action Scripts

If you’re not familiar with eCover design, it’s very easy to use the Action Script. You don’t need to manually create the box or resize the box. Just put in your own design into the layer and then click ‘play’ button and your ecover box is done.

This is exactly how the ecover action script works. Some people may thought that only graphic design will know how to design the ecover because it’s require the knowledge and expertise to resize the box. That’s not true, they just design the graphic and use the same action scripts to generate the ecover box.

Does the Action Script very expensive?

If you buy from other place, it might cost you more than $90 or above. Some may charge you for each action script. I’m not going to do that – I include them into a package that sell for just an affordable price that you’re going to be surprised.

Click here to learn more about the eCover MAX Action Scripts


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