Free Fonts You Can Use!

Recently I received some “Graphics Collection” customer email, asking me where I get beautiful font for my banner, header, mini-site and other. I have reply them the website I get free fonts and I’m going to revealed all the free fonts website that I always download from. So all my readers, visitors, subscribers and customer can directly know where I get the beautiful fonts for free right here, instead of I reply everyone of them.

“Sorry guy, I have more than thousands graphics collection customer, I cannot reply the email to one by one with the same question!”

 Here are a few free fonts website you can download for free:

Find the suitable fonts for your mini-site, header, banner and ecover. BUT remember, do not use the font in your ebook and salesletter text, because people who don’t have that type of font in their website, the text will not display in their PC or browser. So you need to save the font text as graphics format like you use the special font text in your header, banner or ecover, you will save it to graphics format. So everyone can view the text with the special font.

If you use the special font in your salesletter, remember to save the certain special font as graphics format, then put it into your salesletter. Otherwise, your visitors will not view the salesletter properly with the text because their PC don’t have the special font type.

Thank you.