Paul The Octopus?

Paul The Octopus is HOT!

Paul The Octopus

Actually Paul the octopus has nothing to do with my marketing blog, but I want to share something with you that it might give you some ideas on driving traffic, get ranked in search engine and email marketing.

While the World Cup 2010 is still playing and Paul the octopus is still hot during that time, I received other internet marketer promotion email. Guess what? The guy using Paul the octopus name in the email subject and the email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus.

When I received the marketer email with that subject, I open it immediately because I want to know what’s inside. BANG! The email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus. (smile)

I believe the email open rate will be VERY HIGH with the trick subject. This is one of a good tactic that skyrocket your email open rate. BUT you have to be careful when using this tactic. If you do it wrongly, you will get bad effect.

If you’re using the email subject that do not relate to your message, make sure you explain the reason or talk about your subject in your message at first, before start your real message.

Example: If you’re using Paul the octopus in your email subject like “Paul the octopus is now retired” and your message is promote a PLR product. Then you have to start your message with something like …

“World Cup 2010 is finally over.  It makes Paul the octopus become a superstar as well but Paul the octopus is going to retired.”

You can come out with other story as long as you talk about your email subject first.

If you always use the trick email subject and never talk about that email subject in your message, sooner later your subscribers will not open your email again.

This trick also can be applied with your website or blog. Your blog post can start with the hot topic first, and then only your real content. This mean you talk a little bit about the hot topic 2-3 sentences, then only start your real content.

Your blog or website will get indexed faster and also get free traffic from the search engine. The reason is simple, there are SO MANY people searching for the HOT TOPIC.

However, those are not targeted traffic, but since it’s FREE,  why not?

Remember, apply the trick carefully so you won’t get bad effect in return.

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Webmaster Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Webmaster Tips Newsletter is launched at

I will be sharing about customizing webpage, blog and internet tools technical issues. This newsletter is open to public, anyone can join for free.

Yes, it’s 100% free to join.

All the tutorials will be archived on the webpage and all the members can access to the archive tutorials for free at anytime. So when you have any problem on setting up website or customizing, you can access to the tutorials by signing up as a member at: Webmaster Tips Newsletter

Why am I sharing my knowledge that I can charge people for fixing technical problems?

I know there are webmaster charging for a fee to fix your website technical issue or customization. I’m not going to charge for the tutorials but give something back to the world.

The technical issues can be customize autoresponder button into image (see live example at Webmaster Tips Newsletter), install wordpress plugin, make Google & YouTube video autoplay on your website, how to export your AWeber subscribers and etc.

To join the newsletter, please go to:

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Learn More, Earn More

Can a doctor stop learning new things?

Do you confident to see a doctor that never update his knowledge in the past 5 years?

Whether it’s offline or online businesses, new things are keep on coming out fast. Let’s say mobile phone, a new model sell $1800 when it’s just released. Three months later, the price drop until $1500 because of another new model came out.

New books, courses and programs release every month, every week and every day. People are getting smarter after a new thing is came out.

In my previous post, I have talked about asking marketing question techniques. People are smarter than the last 10 years ago. You couldn’t apply the last 10 years old technique to attack on the new generation people.

If you have a friend that didn’t meet him for 2 years and you suddenly call him out for a coffee or lunch, he will know that you have something to sell him. Usually is MLM or Direct Selling opportunities. That’s common enough!

Sometimes I also receive a phone call from a friend that we didn’t see each other since graduated. Guess what? A direct selling opportunity to ‘share’ with me. I’m OK with that, and totally understand that. (smile)

To make more money on my online businesses, I will need to read more, learn more, discover more, try more and do more. I’m not a genius, so I will need to learn from other people too. I bought a lot of courses, books and video to update myself.

The recent internet course is: MLM Traffic Formula by Mike Dillard
MLM Traffic Formula

Click Here To Learn More About MLM Traffic Formula

In this course, I have learned a lot about driving traffic and lead capture page (optin page). There are more to go for me since it’s a huge binder book that hundred of pages and many CDs and Video.

I truly recommend this course for online network marketer or people who are interested to do online network marketing. Learn from this course to avoid mistakes and save you more money and time from the mistakes.

Honestly, this course is not for anyone because you will need to read and take action. If you think you’re very serious want to make money online in network marketing, then read more on MLM Traffic Formula.

I have personally reviewed the course and listen to the audio CDs. Good content and real deal!

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Get Free Web Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

If you’re looking for an easy/ lazy way to get free traffic to your website or blog, I have a solution for you. It’s Free.

I know there are a lot of methods to get free web traffic, but some require a lot of hard work like sitting in front of the computer to work with the traffic exchange, post forum, post articles to article directory……! I’m NOT saying those method do not work but they are time consuming.

You can easily spend a whole day just to post forum to get backlink and free traffic from the forum signature. NO kidding! This is not a good way for those people who are work this as part time. Maybe you’re part time blogger or internet business owner. I know some people have their full time job and work part time as internet marketer or blogger at night or weekend. You probably don’t have the time to do those time cosuming work.

1. Real Traffic Exchange by Jon Leger

It’s free to join. You can see the widget at my right sidebar from Real Traffic Exchange. I got free web traffic by adding the Ad widget on my blog to exchange the web traffic from others.

Click here to access the Real Traffic Exchange for free 

 2. Blog Rush by John Reese

Put this ad widget on your blog and the system will exchange your blog post with other website owner. Pretty Cool! It’s Free to sign up and you can have your own Blog Rush ad widget within 5 minutes.

You can see one of the Blog Rush ad widget on my right sidebar.

Click here to access Blog Rush for free

Go and sign up both free program above and put them up on your website or blog. You are not require to maintain anything with the ad widget. Just put them up and you’re done.

This is the most easy/ lazy way to get free web traffic to your website or blog. Because they’re free to join and use, so you’re nothing to lose to put them up on your website or blog. And you also get free web traffic from the program without pay them a cent.

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Increase & Boost Your Page Rank With NO SECRETS!

Past few days ago, I was asked from other internet friends that how did I achieved page rank 3 for my marketing blog . Yep, it’s Page Rank 3 at this moment, you can scroll down to the middle of the page and look at the sidebar there. That’s a live page rank display, or you can go to to check for proof.

I replied them that – I do nothing but  just uploaded a file and put a link in my blog. That’s it! No other secrets!

You may thinking same as my friends, “just uploaded a file and put a link in the blog” that can increase to page rank 3?

“Does it blackhat things”? “Special software”? or…..?


What I use is just a service that provided by Jonathan Leger called “3 Way Links

With this service, I just need to choose 3 set of favourite/ profitable keywords for my site and then upload a file to my server and place a link in main page. That’s it!

My site page rank went from 0-3 within 3 months. Yes, I joined 3WayLinks since it’s just started until now. In that time, I didn’t expect any result but just simply sign up. After around 3 months later, I checked that my site page rank went from 0-3 and WOW ! WOW!

I really suprised in that time, because I really do nothing but just sign up > choose keyword > upload file > place a link in my main page and DONE. If you would like to know how it works, Click here for more details >>>

Until today, I still continue the 3WayLinks services because it really give results! Why want to waste your valuable time and scratching your head just want to increase the page rank? You can get all the easy steps by signing up Jon Leger 3WayLinks and you save all your time which you can focus on other important things like marketing, building relationship with people…..! Those technical work just pass to Jon Leger 3WayLinks team to do it and you enjoy the result.

Click here to access the 3WayLinks now

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BlogRush — Free Blog Traffic

Do you have Blog?

How would you like to get free traffic to your Blog?

Introducing BlogRush free service to help you get more traffic to your blog from others Blog. See my right sidebar there ( black box ). It’s something like ‘Traffic Exchange”, you display people Blog Post and others will display your Blog Post in their Blog in order to get credit for free traffic.

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You don’t pay any red cents for this service. It’s FREE. You’re nothing to lose to join this. If you refer more to join this program, you will more credit and more traffic to your blog. Cheers!

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Keyword Anywhere Software ( keyword tool )

This is really unbelievable.. veteran SEO guys are getting fired
everywhere thanks to “Keyword Anywhere”…

Kelvin Hui and Vince Tan have tied the noose on the SEO industry
this time with their fabulous keyword tool, just launched today!

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With Keyword Anywhere, all you need to do is enter a domain name
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Plus… you can research keywords in up to 13 languages!

Who needs to pay thousands of dollars for SEO consultation when
you have something this powerful that basically does all the work
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Sorry if I sound hyped-up, it’s pretty hard to hide my excitement
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Once you get your hands on Keywords Anywhere, you’ll start behaving
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So head on to this page and get your copy of Keyword Anywhere now
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