Never hear ‘no’ from your prospects again

What can you do with E-books and how can you or your downline increase their credibility almost instantly (even if you guys are brand spanking new in network marketing…)

Very simple… just slap your name on it!

Let me explain carefully the concept of private label rights:

With the private label rights or PLR to a collection of network marketing books, you will get the Microsoft WORD document (in addition to the PSD file for viewing) which you can edit.

Let’s say the title of the book is – How to generate more leads for any MLM business.

You will get the chance to edit the book and call it… How to generate more leads for any MLM business – by “your name”

Imagine how sweet is that?

What will your friends or your prospects think of you if you have AUTHORED your very own book?

Did you know that reading a book creates a very deep connection with your prospects? They will be able to perceive you as an expert and listen to every word you say.

But the problem with writing the book is that not everyone can write. Even if they can, most people just don’t have the flair for writing. And ghostwriter’s aren’t particularly cheap either. Don’t even get me started on the market research aspect…

But with PLR, you get to skip all that straight to the end – (just like a boring TV show, you would just want to skip all the way to the ending just to see what happens in the end…)

The book is 99.9% completed, just slap your name on it and you are done.

Best of all, your downlines can do it too – no training or headaches required… just pure, 100% duplication.

Gain access to these books at $1 each:

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Learn More, Earn More

Can a doctor stop learning new things?

Do you confident to see a doctor that never update his knowledge in the past 5 years?

Whether it’s offline or online businesses, new things are keep on coming out fast. Let’s say mobile phone, a new model sell $1800 when it’s just released. Three months later, the price drop until $1500 because of another new model came out.

New books, courses and programs release every month, every week and every day. People are getting smarter after a new thing is came out.

In my previous post, I have talked about asking marketing question techniques. People are smarter than the last 10 years ago. You couldn’t apply the last 10 years old technique to attack on the new generation people.

If you have a friend that didn’t meet him for 2 years and you suddenly call him out for a coffee or lunch, he will know that you have something to sell him. Usually is MLM or Direct Selling opportunities. That’s common enough!

Sometimes I also receive a phone call from a friend that we didn’t see each other since graduated. Guess what? A direct selling opportunity to ‘share’ with me. I’m OK with that, and totally understand that. (smile)

To make more money on my online businesses, I will need to read more, learn more, discover more, try more and do more. I’m not a genius, so I will need to learn from other people too. I bought a lot of courses, books and video to update myself.

The recent internet course is: MLM Traffic Formula by Mike Dillard
MLM Traffic Formula

Click Here To Learn More About MLM Traffic Formula

In this course, I have learned a lot about driving traffic and lead capture page (optin page). There are more to go for me since it’s a huge binder book that hundred of pages and many CDs and Video.

I truly recommend this course for online network marketer or people who are interested to do online network marketing. Learn from this course to avoid mistakes and save you more money and time from the mistakes.

Honestly, this course is not for anyone because you will need to read and take action. If you think you’re very serious want to make money online in network marketing, then read more on MLM Traffic Formula.

I have personally reviewed the course and listen to the audio CDs. Good content and real deal!

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Black Belt Recruiting Reviewed

How To Sponsor 10 – 20 Reps Per Month In Any Company.

Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard & Mark Wieser

I got my own copy Black Belt Recruiting few days ago. (see screen shot below)

If you’re doing network marketing business, this is a MUST course that you should study. Before I bought Black Belt Recruiting, I have ordered Magnetic Sponsoring book and studied few months ago. I’m very surprised that the information shared in the Magnetic Sponsoring book are worth 3 times than the price I paid for. So when the Black Belt Recruiting is launched, I ordered immediately without think twice because I know Mike Dillard always over delivered the information.

Click here to learn more about Black Belt Recruiting

Inside the information shared how you can get invited, how to generate attraction, step to produce 20-40 leads per day and many more. This course is for newbie, intermediate and advanced marketer.

Before this course, I have studied several network marketing books and none of them better than Black Belt Recruiting.

In Black Belt Recruiting information, you can easily understand and put them into action. Not like other that takes you time to understand the technique and some even very hard to put into action.

After my personally reviewed, Black Belt Recruiting is the best course that I recommend to anyone who’s doing network marketing. I did even recommend to some of my friends too.

Click here to learn more about Black Belt Recruiting


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How You Can Personally Sponsor 254 Reps In One Year

Have you ever wondered the secrets to how top recruiters seem to sponsor so many people into their company almost effortlessly?

Do you have trouble talking to prospects on the phone, or avoid making those phone calls all together?

When you do finally pick up the phone are do you find it hard to find the right things to say and answer objections like…

“How money are you making?”


“Is this a pyramid scam?”

Well if you have problems in any of these areas your problems are answered.

You see my friend Mike Dillard, network marketing expert, recently sat down to interview one of the industries top recruiters, Mark Wieser, on how he is able to personally sponsor as many as 25 reps per month and over 254 reps in one single year.

This interview was video taped and Mike decided that instead of charging hundreds of dollars for this information that he would give it away for free.

If you would like to get your hands on this video and learn how you can become a Black Belt Recruiter, and over come your issues with talking to prospects on the phone.

Click here to get your hands on this free video…

Sponsoring people will never be the same.

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The Truth Of Making Money Online

Have you ever think that put up a few products selling on the internet and quit your job?

Why most people will have this thinking?
Answer: You may know some of the internet marketer show you how they make $XX,XXX amount of money within X days. The truth is you’re NOT going to make those amount of money every single day!

Look, I know some of the internet marketer make ten of thousands USD within a few days from the new info product launch. You may say “WOW”, but the truth is they’re NOT going to make those amount of money from that product everyday or every month. I’m NOT saying they’re scam and they also never say that they make those amount of money every X day or month. Just because some people misunderstood thought that those people able to make ten of thousands USD every X day just from the product that selling on the internet.

Some internet marketer really make ten of thousands USD income every single month, BUT they’re NOT just selling 1 product on the internet that you have seen. Most of them doing other businesses like coaching, affiliate marketing, google adsense, online mlm and many others. Some of them may have 2-3 businesses on the internet in order to make ten of thousands every month.

NO one able to make ten of thousands USD every month from just 1 info product selling on the internet. When I was newbie, I’m also same like other newbie thinking that those internet marketer make ten of thousands USD every month just selling an ebook on the internet. This is “CRAZY” and I end up buying the ecourse to learn how to copy the same success. ( LOL )

After a few months later, I lost a few thousands USD just end up buying ebook, software, ecourse and membership. Until I know some internet marketer on the internet and they’re sharing how they managed to generate their income every month.

Why am I sharing this to you? Some people blame that make money online is a scam because they failed to make money after reading the ebook or ecourses. So I want those people who just started to learn how to make money online, MUST have a correct mindset before you getting the empty hope. You need to treat your online business like offline business or a job, IF you thought just put up a few info products without taking care of them and able to make ten of thousands every month, SORRY — The truth here is NO SUCH THING.

I’m personally NOT only selling info products on the internet, I’m also doing affiliate marketing, google adsense, online and offline MLM. Here’s the check from AWeber ( Autoresponder Services ) and GDI ( Online MLM ).

( From AWeber Autoresponder — Commission $23.94 )

You may laugh that how I’m going to survive for just $23.94? This is one of my businesses that I promote AWeber Autoresponder as an affiliate. Although $23.94 not much for food, BUT it can gave my car a full tank of petrol free. ( LOL )

( GDI Online MLM )

You may laugh again — $255 also not enough to survive! This is also one of my businesses on the internet. I managed a few type of businesses on the internet to ensure that my income is secure. If one of my info product sales less than 20 a month, then I still can survive — because I have other businesses income to cover the expenses as well. Never afraid the sales drop to affect your life.

I do not anti any opportunity like MLM or investment is because it’s depend you accept or not to accept the fact. Many people blame that MLM is a scam opportunity, the reason is because they never make any money. The reason why most of them failed to make money is because they DO NOTHING.

Most people have a same thinking in MLM is — pay money to join the business, waiting upline or prospect to sign up without do any work. I personally know some people who failed to make money in MLM business, the same excuses is “HARD” to do. But the TRUTH here is not hard to do, just they “DON’T WANT” to do.

My new system is currently upgrading, but once it’s completed — It will help more people to make money with GDI business. If you’re not familier with GDI business, Click here to watch the flash presentation.

I’m not going to cover how I managed to make money from different type of businesses on the internet in this post. But will share some in the future post in this blog, so if you don’t want to miss it — make sure you check the blog more often. ( smile )

If you’re interested to join AWeber Autoresponder as an affiliate, Click here to join now for free

Interested in GDI business? Click here to access the flash presentation

What I have learned from Anthony Robbins Seminar

I would like to share what I have learned from the Athony Robbins Unlimited Power Seminar in Singapore.

1. Focus to the right target.
Most failure focusing to the wrong target, that’s one of the reason why failed to success. If you’re doing MLM business, then one of your work is do presentation to your prospect. What most people will focusing when they start doing MLM business?

They will focus to think ‘How the prospect will reject them” before present the opportunity or products to the prospect! Sound Familiar?

At the end of the time, they didn’t make any sale because too much of negative picture popup in their mind and they will said to themselves “It’s hard to do presentation or sell product”. All the negative picture is from themselves Not the prospect.

Why waste your time focusing on those non-exist thing? You won’t know what your prospect will throw you what question and you try to ‘figure out’ all the questions that your prospect will throw it to you or reject you. You waste your time and energy on the non-exist thing.  Go ahead to take action to sell your product to the customer rather than sit there wasting time to figure out a ‘Perfect Answer’.

2. Turn your ‘Should’ into ‘Must’
Some people say ‘Yes, I ‘should’ exercise everyday. But until at of the month, still no action! Why? Because it’s not a ‘Must’, so it’s not enough powerful to push yourself to take action. Why you go to toilet even you’re super busy on your work? Because it’s a “Must”. If you want to success, then you “MUST” turn your should into “Must”.

Without the “Must” inside your mindset, you won’t be able to take action to complete every task!

3. NO “Try” — Just “Do” it
This one I learned from my other friend who is a successful entrepreneur. Many people failed to build their own business or make money. Especially MLM business, many people join more than 3 company and still didn’t make any money. WHY? Because they “Try”.

Many people keep the “Try” in their mindset to take the business opportunity. At the end never complete any action in order to make them success.  Once you believe in this business, then you “MUST” fully take action to “DO” it until completed.

Remember, if you’re just start or want to start your own business, JUST DO or not to DO. If you “Try” — you died. ( That’s mean lose money)  If you’re not confident to do the business, then you better don’t try, it will waste your money, time and effort. Only Just “DO” it until completed.

Promote MLM 3 BIG Mistakes

There are many of people failed in MLM because they make 3 BIG Mistakes in the beginning.
#1. Promote Company
#2. Doing the Boring Presentation
#3. Attitude/Negatif thinking
Do not ever promote your company in the 1st place. Because they already have invole one and WHY they should join your MLM? If because your company or product better than their MLM then WHY they didn’t join yet?

Promote your company in the 1st place will NOT solve their problem. You have to share with them “How To” earn money from a system/way.

Still cold calling your friends/family as many as you can? Then doing the Boring presentation to them in coffee house? I told you what, when you suddenly call them to the coffee house without answer their question why you want to meet them, they will know you want to promote MLM, sound familiar? Almost all the MLM beginner do this.

If after 2-3 months still didn’t get any result, they will start have negative thinking. Example: “The product are too expensive”, “Other MLM company history better than our”, “No speaking skill” and Blah Blah Blah….. ! Then quit/inactive their MLM.

If you take Mike Dillard 10 days Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp then you will learn more about MLM techniques.

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“Magnetic Sponsoring”

Just received my Magnetic Sponsoring Course 2 day ago. I’m very happy in that moment I received from Postman hand. I open it immediately and start read it.

What I found in 1st Chapter are Open my mind. I really don’t know I’m losing my hard earn money everyday. If you are failed like me then we are doing the samething. Looking for the BEST of the BEST “Course” or an “Ebook” will teach EVERYTHING and make million dollar in short period.

Many of people who failed in MLM or any business just because they don’t understand. Are you looking for a “Course” or an “Ebook” will teach you EVERYTHING you want to know or to success? I have to say SORRY, there are Don’t have any Course or an ebook will teach you EVERYTHING for life.

Every infomation will out of date, Do you want to buy 2002 ebook will teach you “How To Make Money Online”? Of course NOT, now 2007 and the 2002 tactic will not work in 2007 any more. If you’re still using 2005/6 Adword tactic to earn money in 2007, then you are start losing money.

Don’t waste the time looking for another Course or an ebook will teach you EVERTHING. Take action to start making money.

Every infomation you bought NOT Magic Pill to make you million over-night. It’s ONLY increasing your VALUE and Knowledge.

Education NEVER stops.

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