Popup is ALIVE! List Building Software

Finally a Popup software that grabbed my attention is Instant Popover version 3. Some people say “Popup is dead” but what I can say is “Popup is ALIVE” because it’s unblockable. If the popup software you use is blockable by some popup killer, then you should consider to get a new one that unblockable.

Introducing Instant Popover version 3 with many types of different pop styles like sticky note, window style, floating in and many others. Click here for more details

Why Popup? It grab your visitors attention and command them to take action– either subscribe to your list or click on your ad. It pop in front of your visitors screen and grabbing your visitors attention in the first place.

If you’re still apply the old version Popup software in your business, then you’re gambling because you cannot know how many of your visitors actually see your popup. The chances are less than 30%, because most Internet Browser especially Firefox fully block popup in default setting.

It’s NOT worth to take the risk if you’re doing business. Get a newer version and you’re guarantee that your visitors will see your popup when they arrive your webpage. No more gambling game and never waste your web traffic.

Click here to see Instant Popover Demo

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Everyone can become ebook author for less than $10 bucks! e-Writer Pro

I know there are a few PDF convertor sell for $27 – $47 on the internet. Now the new software available called “e-Writer Pro” software ( also called “PDF Writer” ) that sell for less than $10 bucks with bonuses.

e-Writer Pro

Click here to read more about e-Writer Pro software

Plus! You will also get free access to our Newsletter free for life that will be shared with you “How to” make money with ebook business or even how to get started. I know some people are new to the internet and no idea how to setup their online business to sell ebook, in the Newsletter will be covered all of these.

e-Writer Pro special Newsletter by SeanTanMarketing.com

Note: The newsletter only available for people who the purchase the e-Writer Pro software.

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What Is SeanTanSystem.ws All About?

Do you failed to make money online? Or make less than $100 per month?

Thousands of people try to make money on the internet but more than 80% people failed, 18% people make some money and only 2% people become successful. You see, our mind are not the same — some people very smart, some people are slow learner and some lazy.

I heard a lot of people complain that they have read a lot of ebook, courses, attend seminar and coaching membership but still cannot make money. ( Information overload )

Look, I heard some of them saying that they do google adsense, adword, affiliate marketing and selling ebook. How can a newbie get started so many businesses at the same time? Because they have read so many ebook, courses and seminar – and they attract by the successful story. Yep, I know some people make thousands dollar per month just from Google adsense. But they’re either experiences marketer or get someone coaching. If you’re just new, do not try so many things at the same time.

Every businesses need time, effort and money to get start and maintain them. If you thought just setup 20-30 adsense site and then just leave it to hope they can bring you thousands dollar a month? NO traffic = NO visitors = NO money

I do not encourage newbie buy those cheap resale rights products to get start for the selling online businesses. You’re not going to make thousands or even hundred from those ‘crap’ product. Find your own niche market, create your own niche product to sell and brand yourself in that niche marketer. From there, you will be more successful than selling the resale rights product.

Some people will say — Sound easy but HOW? Good question – It’s really sound easy like find your niche market, create your own niche product, setup website/autoresponder, find JV partner and advertise. When you go into action, there will be a lot of step to complete them and most people give up in the middle. That’s why they failed.

Some people are do not know how to complete the step, like how to find niche market, how to create products….. “HOW TO” stuck in their brain and give up.

That’s why SeanTanSystem.ws come in — we choose the suitable program, market and tools for our members. No more “HOW TO” do this or that, members follow the whole step process to get the result.

Example: You like to eat the ABC Cake Store cheese cake very much, and you also want to do one by yourself. But because you do not know their cheese cake recipes and the bake process, so you always failed to do the same taste like them.

What if they give you their recipes and the bake step by step guide to you? Just follow the step like mix how many cheese with the water, eggs and how long is the baking time. Finally SUCCESS!

Rather than you try to figure out yourself that may take you 3-6 months or you can just get the recipes and complete within a week. Don’t you think you save more time to reach the success?

We give you the recipes, tools and step by step guide that you required to success. You skip the trial and error, save more time and money. If you do not know how google adwords works, then better save your money to trial and error. Go get some books, courses or workshop will save you more money and make more money. But not all people can afford the courses or workshop, so we will not suggest that to newbie.

If you tired to figure out yourself to make money online, and want to get access to our system, please click here to subscribe to our launch notification mailing list. Why want to waste your time to figure out when you can get the recipes?

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New Version Of SeanTanSystem.ws Coming Soon!

Previously I posted a few blog post about make money online topic. I would like to introduce my new version of SeanTanSystem.ws website will be launch very soon. This is upgrade version — more powerful than the previous edition. This is a money making system that will help newbies, intermediate and advanced marketer to make more money.

Check out the site and subscribe to the notification list to be the 1st one to know when the site is launch to the public.

I will explain a little bit more about the SeanTanSystem.ws in the next blog post. Stay tuned!

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69 Professional Business Photo FOR SALE!

Do you buy photo on the internet for your online business use? How would you like to get the professional business photo for less than the original price that you’re going to pay normally?

Click here to see the full page

Please see the screenshot below:

( ***Photo size has been reduced in the screenshot )

These are all 100% Royalty Free photo! To know more about where are these photo come from please go to 69 Professional Business Photo Package for more details.

Thank you.

[Update] Brand New Version Graphics Collection

I managed to completed my total brand new version Graphics Collection and put it Live now. This total brand new version design that you won’t get anywhere else.

The full package market price will cost you at least $147, but you’re going to get crazy deal from me today. Go and read the full package now before I change my mind to increase the price.

Click here to read the brand new Graphics Collection

Free Minisite Web Template

I managed to completed one minisite web template last few days ago, and I’m going to give away for free. There is 100% original created by SeanTan Marketing, so you won’t get this anywhere else.


Click here to download for FREE now — I don’t know when I will stop giving away for free, so you need to hurry up before I change my mind to start charging for a fee.

Notice – About My Graphics Collection Product!

This is Sean Tan here. I just found out that someone is using my name and support email address selling my “old version” unauthorized graphics collection on the internet through other payment processor besides PayPal.

The “old version” unauthorized graphics collection was released in March 2007 for less than 3 weeks. The “old” version has some image copyrights issues and has since been replaced with a new version from March 10th 2007. All the existing customer that bought tru’ my official site has already replaced the “new version” graphics collection.

The “new version” graphics collection which released in 10th March 2007 is 100% copyright free. So all the existing customer get the “new version” for free from 12th March 2007 onwards for the replacement.

Right now, I found that someone using my old version salesletter with my name and use my support email address selling the old version graphics collection on the internet through other payment gateway.

Here’s the important announcement!
Those who buy the “Graphics Collection” through other website domain name will not get our support and if you get any problem with the product, please do not email or submit ticket to our helpdesk. We will not respond to your email ticket if you buy from other sites. This is a serious case of identity theft and fraud by some irresponsible child!

We only have ONE website that sells “Graphics Collection”!
Here’s the original website for Graphics Collection:

When you make payment, make sure the website address is http://SeanTanMarketing.com/collection .

Thank you.

Paypal Link Cloaker

Good news for $7 secrets script user! Introducing Paypal Link Cloaker plugin to help $7 product vendor attract more affiliates! Most affiliates afraid their email expose to all over the web and search engine. Now the problem solved with the Paypal Link Cloaker!

Affiliate no longer “add” their paypal email for the affiliate link. They can choose their favourite username or keyword they want as their affiliate id.

It’s very easy to use and vendor simply put the plugin into the existing $7 script with less than 5 minutes. Simply paste a piece of code and the plugin can go live.

Click here to access Paypal Link Cloaker

Thank you.

PAGEPeel Pro Edition

The next generation promo tool for internet marketer and webmaster!

“The Hidden Profits Revealed!”

Do you know your website hidden profits at the back?

Introducing my Next Generation Promo Tool “PAGEPeel Pro Edition”

Want to see the demo? See my blog top right corner? 😉

Cool right?

Why want to waste the extra spaces at the back of your website or blog? 🙁
Or you can selling advertising spaces to earn extra income! 🙂

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You need to take serious now! This tool will be very popular very fast and you will see a lot of marketer wordpress blog and website start using this tool right now.