How Walt Disney Got His Bankers to Believe

Just wanted to share a great story
that Mike Vance, Walt’s head of creative
thinking at the Disney Corporation shared.

Here’s the story:

Walt Disney went to the bank and told
them he wanted this HUGE LINE of credit.

When they asked him what he was going
to do with all that money…

Walt told them:

“I’m going to buy this giant swamp in
the middle of Florida”.

The bankers were a bit puzzled and then
asked him what he was going to do with
all that useless swampland.

Walt answered:

“I’m going to build a castle right in the
middle of the swamp”.

The bankers then asked:

And what are you going to do with a castle
in the middle of the swamp?

Walt replied:

“I’m going to put a mouse in the castle
and he’s going to live there with all his pals.”

What happens then?  the bankers asked.

Walt then said:

“Well, once I get the castle built and
the mouse has moved into the castle, people
are going to come from all over the world and
they’re going to bring buckets of money
with them.”

And then? the bankers demanded.

Walt answered,

“Well then the people are going to take
the buckets of money into the castle and
they are going to give it to the mouse.”

The bankers asked That’s it?

Pretty much replied Walt.

And just exactly how big a line of credit
are you going to need? asked the bankers.

Walt said “Oh…we’re going to need a big one”

And that was it.  Four years later Disney
World opened it’s doors to the world and the
rest is history.

I hope you enjoyed this story and the lesson
here is to dream of your castle and take action.

Today, you don’t need a line of credit.

You just need a great system and a model to

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The Aura of Legitimacy

(This article is written by me personally without proofreading and English is not my mother language, so you might find a lot grammar mistakes)

Business Strategy: The aura of legitimacy – Increasing Your Product Value At No Cost

Dealing with honesty and customer get what they pay for. (But they’re crazy to buy what you offer)

There are several different way to use this strategy. Although the method a bit different but it deliver the same result.

Example #1: Clothing Store

J&J selling their own design clothes and price range from $100-$200. When come to Sale Season, they can only give 10%-20% discount to all their clothes because their clothes are produced in high quality and by their own professional designer. They will make lost if they give 50%-70% discount.

But there’s a trick to give 50%-70% discount. They will buy other design clothes from other company and put their brand J&J on the clothes to claim as their own design. This is something like pay for private label. Consumer will never know this and won’t care about it because most consumers just want to buy the ‘brand’.

The ‘private label’ clothes are normal quality BUT they cannot sell below $100 because this will affect their own brand value. They also cannot sell for $100 above because the quality is not worth that much (If you’re selling overprice, this mean you’re cheating your customers). In order to make both balance, they decided to price the ‘private label’ clothes for $130 and give 60% discount. This way, they didn’t lower their brand value and also increase more sales.

Think about this, the consumers just can’t resist that the cloth price range from $100-$200 and now give 60% discount. So consumers will think this is a BEST DEAL.

This is a WIN-WIN business. The seller still remain their brand value, increase more sales and making good profits with the ‘private label’ product. The consumers are happy and they get what they’re paying for.

Example #2: Coffee

Big size and small size coffee are almost/ nearly the same costing for seller. The different is on the cup, it looks bigger. The rental, electrical and staffs all are fixed costing. Whether you have a good business or not, you still pay the same rental fee. If you can increase your sales, then you can lower your costing and increase profits.

When you order a small size coffee, the cashier will tell you that you can get the medium size by adding a dollar. Think about this, just one dollar you can get a bigger size. Great deal.

People who is doing restaurant business will know that adding extra won’t effect the costing. Use the bigger size of cup, adding extra coffee in it and it will look bigger a lot than the small size.

Same strategy also been using in Popcorn business. You buy a normal size of box popcorn for $8 and you get bigger size by adding extra $2 dollar, and the bigger box look bigger a lot than the small box. Seller make extra profits and buyer get better deal. This is also WIN-WIN deal.


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Storyteller Marketing: Scary Tactic

Have you heard of Storyteller Marketing?

Instead of keep on telling how good is your product why not use other way to sell your product? People use to say their product is the greatest and no other product can compare. Look at the advertisement around you and you will find out there are many company sell the same concept like this…

“We’re No.1 in this industry”
“The greatest product ever”
“The best program in Asia” 
and many more…

So who is the greatest and No. 1 actually? Everyone saying they’re No.1 or the greatest but who can proof that they’re actually the No.1 and the greatest?

Prospect already boring with this kind of marketing. I personally feel funny when I heard an old lady talk to a kitchen sales person in the morning market. She said “You guys always say we’re the best, so who is the best actually?”.

Whatever you say, make sure you do not set a trap for yourself to jump into it. (smile)

Let’s come back to Storyteller Marketing…

I saw a company applied this very well in a magazine advertisement. The company sell healthy cornflakes for breakfast. They advertised full page and it’s totally do not look like an advertisement but a news.

The advertisement start with telling the worst cases if you do not take your breakfast everyday. They also explain why everyone should take breakfast and the benefits. They use more on scary tactic in the story. Just like this — if you do not take breakfast often, your body will lose the XXX vitamin and you will sick.

So in the reader’s mind will float with this “Oh my god, I don’t want sick and I afraid to go to hospital and blah blah blah”. Reader will imagine their own scary scenario after reading the story. This is just like the ghost story. After listen to the ghost story, most girls will imagine a lot of funny scary scenario like maybe the ghost is hidding in the toilet or it’s outside the window….? (smile)

If your story can make the prospect create their own imagination — you WIN.

Their mind will hardcoded with your story and follow whatever you say. After telling the story, you must come out solution. That’s your product. So you will tell your prospect that this product will solve their problems. You see, you’re now telling the prospect that your product can solve their problems instead of telling them your product is the greatest and the No.1 brand.

How great and No.1 brand are nothing to do with your prospect. It’s none of their business so they will not care if your product is No.1 or No. 2 but they just care if your product can solve their problems.

Storyteller Marketing is one of the marketing method. Try this and let me know feedback!

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Marketing: Boost Your Sales Target


I love marketing.

You can do many things with marketing like advertising, event, party, flyer, cold call and etc.

Today, I want to share with you a very cool tactic to instantly boost your sales target within a short period of time. Let me start with offline marketing…

If you’re running a restaurant, you can sell membership card or voucher. That’s seem like just normal? Read this…

“Get Paid $100 Enjoy In My Restaurant”

It seems like a scam or hype. But it’s real. The tactic is this – You sell a membership card for $300 but you give $400 credit to your customer. This mean they get extra $100 for free. If you have 100 customers sign up to your membership card, then you will instantly have $30,000 for your company. Some people might think that this is too crazy to give away $100, of course you need to do the math if your business still make profit if you give out $100. I believe if your customer spend $400 in your restaurant, then you at least make 50% profit = $200, but you have already giveaway $100 to your customer, so your net profit will be $100. (Just work out the math)

Think about this, not all 100 customers will spend all the money within a month. Ask yourself, will you spend all $400 in the same restaurant within a month? Before the customers spend all the money in your restaurant, I believe your company will use that money to reinvest into other investment. There are many company not just doing business but also running investment at the same time like stock market, properties and etc.

When you got $30,000 for your company, and you just keep it in the bank, then this is just stupid. You have to reinvest the money to grow more money. Of course, don’t do the high risk investment.

I hope you see my point how to instantly boost up sales target. It’s just about ‘quantity’. You make less profit from each customer but you make more from all the customers.

Come from online industry…

If you’re selling digital product, you have pay nothing if extra 100 people buy your product. You don’t have to pay for printing cost, shipping and etc. So why not do a special promotion to combine several of your products into a big package for a special price?

Like, each of your product sell for $47. Now you pack 4 of them into a package and sell for just $67. This will instantly boost up your sales. That’s too crazy, if buy them separately, the price will be $188 but now for just $67. This tactic work and proven success. Of course, do not do this too often otherwise your customers will not feel special anymore.

Whether it’s online or offline, some of the tactic cannot use too often otherwise will not work in the future. You have to make your customers feel ‘special’ and only for limited time. Try this and let me know your feedback. Thank you!

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Building Business Relationships

This is one of the most important lesson for doing business in offline or online world.

It doesn’t matter what business you do, relationship play the most important role in doing businesses. If you don’t know the company director and you suddenly pop up to their company and approach them your product, guess what? You will be rejected or kick out of the business.

If the Director is your friend, then it’s much easier to approach him your product. You save many steps to do business with him. You doesn’t need to wait 2-3 hours in their company just to see them and not even waste entertainment fee on them.

Remember this “Before business, friend first”

You need to make friend with those business person before you try to approach them your product/ businesses. That’s several ways to make friend with them without spending much money.

Remember, you do not need to always buy them lunch or dinner or any entertainment fee. Otherwise people will know that you’re trying to good with them.

To be a friend, we are sharing what we know and help each other.

How to make friend with those business person?

Find out their interest. What they like to do when they’re free. Like playing golf? hiking? playing badminton? tennis? and etc.

If they’re any member of the club like Lion Club, then you can join too so you can make friend with them. Find out what they do and what they like. Find chances to make friend with them.

When you’re trying to make friend with them, make sure you do not contribute too much on them, like always buy them lunch, dinner or entertainment. This doesn’t help you. How you can make them like you very much is how you can help them when they have problems. (I’m not referring to money problem)

Example: He/ she has a kid want to study in ABC high school but the school management reject their request because of some reasons (maybe poor of results). If you can help them get into that school, then they will very appreciate you. They will feel that you’re a person that able to solve problem so they have no worries to make friend or business with you.

If you have any comment, ideas or experience want to share with us, please post in the comment.

Thank you.

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Recession in 2009

It has been a month that I didn’t update my blog. (very very busy)

I started to learn a lot of new things like playing share with quick cash method, piano music (training my brain), offline sales marketing and follow up the rest of the investment like unit trust, property and etc.

The market getting slow down because some people has lost their job and pay cut. Many people trying to spend less and save more. Some MLM company aim the timing to attack on those factory worker. I personally attended a MLM presentation recently. Most of the people there, are the factory people. They want to earn extra money before they’re the next to be fired.

I didn’t join the opportunity. To me, there’s no any company is the best and make you most money. It’s depend if that opportunity comfortable for you. I have been very very busy doing my things, so I probably don’t have extra time to spend on doing presentation to recruit downline in this new opportunity.

Everything is slow and getting worst. Like stock market, today in Malaysia, the share index drop 18. Right now the index remain less than 900. Last time index over 1000. (drop almost 100++ since the recession)

It’s the best time to entering into the stock market. “Buy low sell high” (right now the price is very low)

I met some of my friends, some of them worked as salesperson. They told me that the market very quite. That’s true. I went to my uncle company that their business is to supply tools to factory. My uncle sat in the company and I ask “Didn’t go out to meet customers?”, and he said “The market is very quite and no order from factory”.

Since the market is getting slower, there will be less cash flow in the market. I would advice to spend only it needed. Cut down the unnecessary expenses and do more good investment like saving or any insurance investment plan.

If you’re not good in investment, then I suggest you ask from those professional finiancial planner to design a investment plan for you. You can find them from bank or insurance & investment company. Mostly they will design a long term investment for you because you don’t have the time to monitor your money.

Unless you’re business owner or have extra time like me, then you can monitor your own money on many investment like Unit trust, share and etc.

My personal advice: NEVER EVER involve HYIP on the internet (High Yield Investment Plan). HYIP will always offer you like 3% interest or 10% interest per month. A few attractive investment plan that ask you to throw in your money. NEVER EVER trust in this investment. If you have already invested money into HYIP, then what you can do is just pray they pay you the money before they shut down their website.

I have see many HYIP movement, some shut down their website in 3 months, some 6 months and the longer is after 2 years. I don’t want to speak out the name that the one last until 2 years but if you’re live in Malaysia and have notice the newspaper last few years back, then you will know which HYIP website. (many people lost their money in this HYIP)

I cannot give any advice on how to overcome and ideas to make more money because the readers are from around the world and different people has different situation. What I can share is how to make money online, using internet to make extra money.

I will create a small ecourse (maybe free or charge a small fee) that teach how to make money online without spending a single cent. That’s right, no need to pay advertising or buy website. It’s just a simple small ecourse that won’t take you much time to learn.

Stay tuned for my small ecourse release.

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Ask Trick Question

It’s almost a month that I didn’t update my marketing blog. I went to China & Hong Kong for a week and just came back on 14th September 2008. It’s a good experience to go oversea to learn how other people live, do business and lifestyle.

Finally, I managed to spare 30 minutes to update my blog and I would like to share how to ask a trick question to get the real answer.

If you ask question straight to the point, then you will not get the real answer.

Here’s an example:

James is a shy man and he went out with a girl for dinner last night. Let say James is my friend (normal friend) and I want to know if James really had dinner with that girl last night. James probably will say “NO” to me because he’s shy to let people know.

I will use a trick question below:

“James, I heard you had dinner with a girl last night, how’s the food? Is it good or bad?”

First, I didn’t ask if he had dinner with a girl last night in my question but I ask how’s the food. I gave him 2 option at the last sentence. “Is it good or bad” (about the food).  Whether the answer for the food is good or bad, both answer is to proof that he went out with a girl last night.

Normally people will ask the question directly like, “hey, I heard you went out with a girl last night”. Mostly will get Yes or No answer. You will never know it’s a real answer with Yes or No.

Add some trick in the question will help you get the real answer. Never ask a question that will only get Yes or No answer.

This method work very well when you want to know your competitor information. I’m not going to go further how you can get your competitor information but the above trick question will work very well if you applied correctly.


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Marketing: Ask the right question

When you’re doing sales marketing, the way how you talk to your client is played the most important part. If you have a good communication skill, you can sold out your product very well even your product quality is suck.

How you ask questions will determine your results.

If you’re selling life insurance, you probably having some problems when you are trying to pursue your friends to buy from you. Most of the time you will get the problems like below:

1. Your friends won’t listen to your phone.
2. They’re trying to stay away from you.
3. Friendship relationship will getting worst.

and etc.

It’s not your job fault but the way how you talk and ask questions. Most new sales people will directly sell the product instead of trying to understand the client problems.

Here are some questions that most new sales people ‘Love’ to use:

(I used insurance as an example)

1. Do you want to buy insurance medical card?
2. Please contact me when you want to buy insurance.
3. Do you have insurance already?

If you’re using the questions above, 95% of people will say NO or REJECT you.

Let me exlplain the first question:

When you’re asking ‘Do you want to buy insurance medical card’? Most people will say ‘NO’ – because you have set a trap for yourself in the question. When you’re asking this kind of question, the asnwer is only YES or NO. (you will get 90% of ‘NO’ for the answer)

How about tweak the question to:

‘What kind of insurance medical card you’re using?’

You won’t get yes or no from this kind of question. if the person able to give you the name of the insurance within 2-3 seconds, which mean they already got the medical card. (90% is honest answer)

If the person answer you the name of the insurance after 4 seconds, 90% is fake answer. Which mean the person do not have any medical card but trying to reject you. Don’t give up, at least you got the information that this person do not have any yet, so you can do follow with him.

Let’s proceed with the question number 2.

‘Please contact me when you want to buy insurance’. (99% will say OK)

If people say OK to you, which mean 99% will not contact you. It’s very rare case that you receive someone phone saying that ‘I want to buy inisurance’. People won’t sold themselve, so please do not ask people to selling something back to themselve.

So how to let people call you for questions? Here’s a good example:

‘I’m now studying insurance, you can call me if you have any questions or problems about insurance.’

99% people will say OK as well. But you will get some of them calling you for questions. You’re not selling them anything but giving free advice and tips. Just like blog, people like to read blog instead of reading salesletter. Blog provide free content but salesletter trying to sell something.

When people has problems or questions, they will seeing you like an expert. They won’t call to the person that they have rejected them before. Because they didn’t reject you previously when you give permission to them to ask you questions. So they’re more comfortable to call you instead of the person who has been rejected by them.

Let’s proceed with the last question:

‘Do you have insurance already?’

This question is something similiar like the question 1. You will get YES or NO for this question.

Use the same tactic like question 1:

‘What’s the insurance company you’re using right now?’

You won’t get yes or no for the answer. But the correct name of the insurance company. Same thing, if they can give you the name of the company within 2-3 seconds, which mean they have already using other insurance company services and 90% is correct answer.

If they give you the answer after 4 seconds, 90% will be a fake answer. Because they do not have any, so they will take time to think one to reject you. Most people will take around 5-7 seconds to give you a fake answer. So you will know that this person do not have any insurance yet and so you can put them into the future follow up list.

NOTE: These example marketing questions are not for insurance only, but I took insurance as an example to share what I have learned from real experiences.

As I said earlier, if you are asking the wrong question, the result will be different. Probaly losing relationship with your friends. They’re afraid of you to sell them something. What if you’re telling them that they can find you or ask for advice when they have any questions or problems about insurance.

Provide free advice and tips will help you to build up the relationship and trust. When people seeing you as an expert, they will take your advice to solve their problems.

Example: John is having problems with his computer. His computer under attacked by Virus and so he’s worrying about his data. He phone you for advice, and you give him some tips to transfering his data to somewhere else and then clear up the files. After that, you will ‘advice’ him to use ‘ABC Anti-Virus’ software to protect his PC to avoid the same case happen.

So, asking the right questions will help bringing more sales, while asking wrong questions will getting worst and worst. Think before you ask.

If you have ask wrong questions previously, no worries, we all learned from mistakes. There is no perfect but we’re trying to make it perfect.

Please leave your comment if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

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Black Belt Recruiting Reviewed

How To Sponsor 10 – 20 Reps Per Month In Any Company.

Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard & Mark Wieser

I got my own copy Black Belt Recruiting few days ago. (see screen shot below)

If you’re doing network marketing business, this is a MUST course that you should study. Before I bought Black Belt Recruiting, I have ordered Magnetic Sponsoring book and studied few months ago. I’m very surprised that the information shared in the Magnetic Sponsoring book are worth 3 times than the price I paid for. So when the Black Belt Recruiting is launched, I ordered immediately without think twice because I know Mike Dillard always over delivered the information.

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Inside the information shared how you can get invited, how to generate attraction, step to produce 20-40 leads per day and many more. This course is for newbie, intermediate and advanced marketer.

Before this course, I have studied several network marketing books and none of them better than Black Belt Recruiting.

In Black Belt Recruiting information, you can easily understand and put them into action. Not like other that takes you time to understand the technique and some even very hard to put into action.

After my personally reviewed, Black Belt Recruiting is the best course that I recommend to anyone who’s doing network marketing. I did even recommend to some of my friends too.

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How You Can Personally Sponsor 254 Reps In One Year

Have you ever wondered the secrets to how top recruiters seem to sponsor so many people into their company almost effortlessly?

Do you have trouble talking to prospects on the phone, or avoid making those phone calls all together?

When you do finally pick up the phone are do you find it hard to find the right things to say and answer objections like…

“How money are you making?”


“Is this a pyramid scam?”

Well if you have problems in any of these areas your problems are answered.

You see my friend Mike Dillard, network marketing expert, recently sat down to interview one of the industries top recruiters, Mark Wieser, on how he is able to personally sponsor as many as 25 reps per month and over 254 reps in one single year.

This interview was video taped and Mike decided that instead of charging hundreds of dollars for this information that he would give it away for free.

If you would like to get your hands on this video and learn how you can become a Black Belt Recruiter, and over come your issues with talking to prospects on the phone.

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Sponsoring people will never be the same.

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