Get Free Web Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

If you’re looking for an easy/ lazy way to get free traffic to your website or blog, I have a solution for you. It’s Free.

I know there are a lot of methods to get free web traffic, but some require a lot of hard work like sitting in front of the computer to work with the traffic exchange, post forum, post articles to article directory……! I’m NOT saying those method do not work but they are time consuming.

You can easily spend a whole day just to post forum to get backlink and free traffic from the forum signature. NO kidding! This is not a good way for those people who are work this as part time. Maybe you’re part time blogger or internet business owner. I know some people have their full time job and work part time as internet marketer or blogger at night or weekend. You probably don’t have the time to do those time cosuming work.

1. Real Traffic Exchange by Jon Leger

It’s free to join. You can see the widget at my right sidebar from Real Traffic Exchange. I got free web traffic by adding the Ad widget on my blog to exchange the web traffic from others.

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 2. Blog Rush by John Reese

Put this ad widget on your blog and the system will exchange your blog post with other website owner. Pretty Cool! It’s Free to sign up and you can have your own Blog Rush ad widget within 5 minutes.

You can see one of the Blog Rush ad widget on my right sidebar.

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Go and sign up both free program above and put them up on your website or blog. You are not require to maintain anything with the ad widget. Just put them up and you’re done.

This is the most easy/ lazy way to get free web traffic to your website or blog. Because they’re free to join and use, so you’re nothing to lose to put them up on your website or blog. And you also get free web traffic from the program without pay them a cent.

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Increase & Boost Your Page Rank With NO SECRETS!

Past few days ago, I was asked from other internet friends that how did I achieved page rank 3 for my marketing blog . Yep, it’s Page Rank 3 at this moment, you can scroll down to the middle of the page and look at the sidebar there. That’s a live page rank display, or you can go to to check for proof.

I replied them that – I do nothing but  just uploaded a file and put a link in my blog. That’s it! No other secrets!

You may thinking same as my friends, “just uploaded a file and put a link in the blog” that can increase to page rank 3?

“Does it blackhat things”? “Special software”? or…..?


What I use is just a service that provided by Jonathan Leger called “3 Way Links

With this service, I just need to choose 3 set of favourite/ profitable keywords for my site and then upload a file to my server and place a link in main page. That’s it!

My site page rank went from 0-3 within 3 months. Yes, I joined 3WayLinks since it’s just started until now. In that time, I didn’t expect any result but just simply sign up. After around 3 months later, I checked that my site page rank went from 0-3 and WOW ! WOW!

I really suprised in that time, because I really do nothing but just sign up > choose keyword > upload file > place a link in my main page and DONE. If you would like to know how it works, Click here for more details >>>

Until today, I still continue the 3WayLinks services because it really give results! Why want to waste your valuable time and scratching your head just want to increase the page rank? You can get all the easy steps by signing up Jon Leger 3WayLinks and you save all your time which you can focus on other important things like marketing, building relationship with people…..! Those technical work just pass to Jon Leger 3WayLinks team to do it and you enjoy the result.

Click here to access the 3WayLinks now

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Why Let Your Customers Go? Build A Customers List Today…

Starting a business is hard, to maintain the business is the most harder part.

Some may wondering why the business become SLOWER… This happen in ONLINE & OFFLINE businesses.

“Customers can easily FORGET you”

In the online world, marketer ALWAYS said “Money is in the LIST” — Yep, THIS IS TRUE. No matter it’s 2002 or 2008, without a LIST just like starting a new business. When you have a LIST ( Mailing List ), you can just a click of button to let all your customers and subscribers know that you have new offer. This is common in the internet marketing.

No matter Online business or Offline business, building a customer LIST is a MUST in order to maintain the business. No more WALK IN business today. When your LIST growing bigger month after month, then you can expect your business will growing big soon. When you have new item arrival, you can save more on the advertising cost. Some offline business company use mobile message ( SMS ), Email and letter to communicate with their customers list.

This is to REMIND the customers that you’re still THERE. In order to have YOU in their mind when they want to buy something, you will need to build relationship with them first. HOW? Provide free informations or tips to the customers list when do not have any offer.

Example: Your’re selling Cheese Cake, you can share some of the cheese cake informations to the customers through email, mobile message and newsletter ( hardcopy ). Please note that you’re NOT sharing how you do the cheese cake, but share more about cheese cake info like the benefits of the cheese, what type of cheese is good for health, the season cheese cake…….. ! Your customers will appreciate that they have gained so much of info from you for free and you will be in their MIND when the “cheese” popup in their mind. When they want to buy cheese cake, YOU will automatically popup from their mind. Because you’re the ONLY one who give free info and advise to them. So they will trust more on you.

Building relationship with your customers is NOT about give them more discount or special offer. If you think give more discount and special offer to the customers can build a good relationship with them, then you’re WRONG. You’re putting a BIG TRAP in your business. Because discount and special offer everywhere, so it’s very competitive and the customers will only choose the big discount or best offer to buy.

Information is MORE VALUE than discount or special offer. So when you start a business, or selling something, remember to get your customers details and store them into your business. This will become one of your business ASSET.

If you want to use Email to communicate with your customers list, then you will need an autoresponder system that you can just a mouse of click and send ten of thousands emails. Yep, just write an email and click send, then all your customers will receive it with the personalize name and details.

NEW to autoresponder? Click here to take a free tour

Most reliable and reasonable price AUTORESPONDER SERVICES at:

For the next post I will share the source of informations that you can get to share with your customer list. I know some people facing the problems that no idea where to dig the informations to share. Because writing your own will very time consuming. Talk soon…

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Free Download ProBloggers Secrets Report – By Steven Wong

A friend of mine – Steven Wong is a Blog Marketing Consultant. He released a report called “ProBloggers Secrets” that will explain to you How ProBloggers Make Money Online. The best part is – It’s FREE!


In this ProBloggers Secrets Report, you will learn:

  • All About Blogging,
  • Insider Secrets on How ProBloggers Make Money,
  • Probloggers Case Study,
  • Why Most of The Bloggers Fail?
  • Action Plan for You to Get Started,
  • Resources for Blogging,
  • And much, much more!  

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Information OVERLOAD In 24 Hours!

I believe most people will have the same thought in their mind. ( once for a while I will be the same )

Today – 15 Feb 2008, after I took my lunch, I went to the book store and looking for business marketing book and some other internet related books. Some of the books title and cover design very attractive and I nearly buy all of them. But lucky my mind told me that I have already bought a lot of books previously and the bad thing is I never read the book until the last page.

The reason is I was attract by those new books. 😉

This is same thing happen on the internet. Many people ( newbie ) have this same problem, they give up the previous course they bought and buy a new courses. I remember last time I received an email from one of my subscriber, and he asked my advise what he should do in order to make money online.

I told him in the email said that “If you’re new to setup the internet business, I suggest you get a complete A-Z course….” and after a few days, he replied to me said that “Sean, the course you recommend to me, I already have previously and I also have several internet courses, ebooks and membership..” but I still failed to make money online.

Guess what? I just replied to him said that “What you need to do is stop reading all of them, just pick one then only concentrate the only one”

We ONLY have 24 hours per day and if you have 3-4 package information waiting for you to study, then where you get extra time to take ACTION? Most of your time have been invested in study the information. Here are an example:

John took 2 courses to study at the same — “Business Marketing” and “Cooking”. After a few weeks later, he was attracted by the graphics design animation, then he decided to take another design course for his interest and want to create his own animation cartoon.

In this case, John will not expert in one of the 3 courses above. Simply because he don’t have extra time to improving 3 of them. After the “Business Marketing” class, then he will need to attend the next “Cooking” class, and so on to the Design class. The whole picture is, John JUST study the information but NOT improving them. Make sense?

Same in today during in the book store, I was attract by the Donald Trump books. But after I think a few times again and again, I decided not to buy the book at this moment because it’s NOT the right time to study the advanced business marketing book right now and it won’t help me much at this moment stage I’m in.

If you’re just a salesperson, the right book need to study is about the sales marketing strategy or any books that related to the marketing. But if you buy some kind of the books like “Business Management”, “Become A Smart Boss”…. then you’re going to waste the money. It’s NOT because the books information not good, but they’re NOT for you at the moment in your stage.

Choose the only one and then concentrate on that, until you achieve certain of level, then move on to the next stage. Just like once you’re able to fully control the Mercedes SLK 200 sport car, then you probably want to move to another stage with Ferrari sport car! LOL

Seller Are Getting Smarter Nowadays!

How to make extra 100% of profit with the same product?

When the customers become smart, the seller will become smarter. Otherwise they will close the door very soon.

Buyer like to compare the price, quality, free gifts, services and benefits. These are most headache things when you’re selling to the prospects. They will ask you a lot of questions such as why your’s one is expensive than ABC company?, why your’s don’t attach free gifts like ABC company?, and many more…. ( some even no logic questions )

BUT some seller are getting SMARTER nowadays! They have discovered how to make extra 100% of profits with the same product. No one is KING in this world, if you think you’re the smarter marketer, then there must be someone smarter than you. It’s good that you believe yourself and have confident to do whatever things, but not over the limit.

Some people thought they’re the SMARTER. Whatever they do, they won’t listen to anyone and their personality will start changing. If you’re like me, love to watch “The Apprentice” TV show, you will more understand what I mean.

Here’s how some Seller manage to make extra 100% profits with the same product.

“Split the product from a package”

The “Split” product tactics it won’t works if you didn’t plan well. You need to plan well before you use the “Split” product tactic. Here’s example how it works:

The seller split the full set of Car audio system into 3 part– CD player, Amplifier and Speaker. Actually they’re ONE SET. But the seller split them into 3 part. When you’re inquiry the car audio system, they will ask you whether you want half set or full set?

Honestly, a package or a set of product is more easier to sell– but those smart seller manage to split the product from full set into half set or become standalone product to make extra 100% profits.

This is SAME as some of the marketer who are selling courses or software on the internet. Some of them applying this tactics very well. Here’s how it works with software or ecourses:

Let say the Autoresponder software can send more than 10k of email with 99% delivery rate in a day and able to add up to 20k subscribers in one single account.

But the seller split the software features into 2 version, they always sell the 1st version to the public– right now the Autoresponder software only can send 3k email max per day and only able to add 5k of subscribers per day max.  But after you have purchase the software, they will have the ONE-TIME-OFFER upgrade to the “Full Version” which can send up to 10k email in a day and add 20k subscribers in a day.

Or some marketer selling their basic ecourses in front, and offer you their ADVANCED version after you have purchase the basic version. I like their headline when they’re offering their advanced ecourses–

“WHY Make Thousands When You Can Make Millions?”

Probably they’re telling you, you will only make thousands by learning the basic version BUT now you can make Millions if you take the advanced version. There will be a lot of people take the advanced version offer since they have been sold from the  start. So it’s very easy to make extra profits with the split product tactics. But as I mentioned above, you will need to plan very well in order to make the tactics works well.

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How to Make Year 2008 a GREAT Year for You and Your Internet Business

Hope you’re doing great! 🙂

My friends Edmund Loh & Vince Tan have a hilarious comic to share with you.
It certainly did lighten up my mood and I think you should take a look at it too!

It doesn’t just stop at the laughs though; there’s a strong, inspiring message
behind it and it has to do with how you can make Year 2008 YOUR YEAR.

Whether you’re young or old.

Whether you juggle a full-time job or you’re unemployed.

Whether you have superior technical skills or just basic computer literacy.

And number of years of experience under your belt is NO longer a requirement
to succeed online.

These boys have proven.

Go read this comic for a couple of laughs and be sure to see Part 2 after this!

Click here to see the rest of the comic in full.

Guarantee $30k In 90 Days with Triple-Protection Policy

Many people always looking for ‘guarantee’ income from the internet. But the sad part is — it’s hard to find an opportunity that guarantee you succeed. Not to mention those internet marketing courses available on the internet, although the method has been proven but there is still no guarantee that you will make the same amount.

This is funny when you just started an online business, or still look around. ( me too )

When I just started, I like to stick a keyword “guarantee’ then the following keyword. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not looking for money back guarantee, I look for ‘guarantee income’ opportunity.

The result is — I found it and it’s called “HYIP” scheme. The sad part is — I lose money at the end of time. They all SCAM me. I have joined more than 3 HYIP scheme and some of them has been blacklisted. Don’t be like me when you just started. But most newbie will get the same experiences like everyone including me.

Don’t be sad — There is one opportunity offer by world famous copywriter and internet marketer with triple protection policy money back guarantee if you failed to make $30k in 90 days.

NOTE: This OFFER has been ended and you will need to use this link to access the opportunity. ( When I wrote this post, there are just 4 places left )

Click Here To Access Project Pill Gates Site

Jo Han only need 250 Beta-testers and the limit has been reached. But I have reserved 5 places during the launch time so you can take a last chance to access this great opportunity offer by the big player.

If you’re looking for any opportunity that guarantee income, I would suggest you to take a 90 days test-drive or you get your money back if you didn’t make the amount of money. You have NOTHING to lose.

Click Here To Access Project Pill Gates Site

[ If you have redirect to a ‘Sorry Page”, that’s mean the extra places have been taken ]

Please note that this opportunity is too crazy because of the ‘Triple-Protection Policy”. You get your full money back if you failed to make $30k in 90 days. Sound crazy but you have to believe it.

Cash Voucher Method Still Works?

The Cash Voucher method still works to increase sales?

The asnwer is YES, if you have done it correctly.

Last 2 weeks I have spent my time in a few shopping mall with my friends and family, because of Christmas and New Year 2008. Most of my money spent on the same shop since last few years ago.

The reason is simple: “Cash Voucher”

I’m the member of the shop since last few years ago and I also join a lot of membership in bookstore, fashion shop, restaurant and many others. Because the member fee very low and get reward for every dime you have spent.

Some of them have a good strategy to get more repeat sales from the existing customers. But some of the shop do not apply the “Cash Voucher” method correctly, so they failed and canceled the cash voucher promotion.

Here how the Cash Voucher method works:
1. The client spend every $100 get 10 points / %
2. Once the point have reach the limit like: 50 points / 100 points the client will receive a Cash Voucher to spend in your shop again.

The shop that have applied the method very successful is because they make the “Cash Voucher” like real cash. But the “Cash” is going to expire if you do not use it. If you have $50 / $100 cash going to expire, I bet you will spend it as soon as possible before expire.

What if you have $1 / $5 cash going to expire? I believe there are only 20%-30% will take immediate action on it, while other will forget it ( I’m one of them ).

The reason is simple — because the $1 or $5 cash voucher doesn’t seems very attractive and people are lazy if you have ask to drive your car to shopping mall because of the $5 cash voucher? Most people will say “Forget it”. My vehicle gas or petrol is more value than the $5 cash voucher.

Do you see my point? If you give a few dollar cash voucher to the client, 80% of people will see it “NO Value”. Most people will only apply the voucher when they need it. If you give $50 or $100 cash voucher, the client will come to buy again because they afraid to lose.

The shop owner do not give the cash voucher if the client do not spend enough of money to accumulate the points. Let’s say the client has spent around $300 in that shop, so the client get 30 points ( or $30 ) – but the shop owner do not release the cash voucher to the client yet because the $30 cash voucher seems not enough attractive, so the shop owner give the cash voucher to the client until they have spent enough money to get the $50 cash voucher.

Wow! If you get $50 Cash Voucher and the expire date is next week, will you miss it? I bet 95% of people will take action to apply the cash voucher before it expire. The rest 5% it could be the client forgot the expire date, do not have money to buy again so they are qualify to apply the cash voucher or they have give to their friends and family.

In conclusion: Let your client spend more before release the cash voucher to them. Help them accumulate the point until it reach $50 – $100 instead of giving them $1 – $5 cash vouchers separately.

Let your client spend more to get the voucher — they will feel the Cash Voucher like their hard earned money because they have spent so much of money in order to get the $50 or $100 cash voucher.