AWeber Phishing

I got an email from AWeber told me that my AWeber account has been flagged due to unusual activities on my account.

I thought it’s real when I receive the message, but I realize something wrong when reading the message. The message was written in non professional way. The email format, capital and small letter were not written proper.

Another thing they sent to the wrong email address. I’m using another email to manage my AWeber account, but they sent the phishing email to my other email account. How can AWeber knows my other email? (This is funny)

I went to search engine and search “”, and found a lot search results. There are many people got the same phishing email recently.

If you don’t know what is AWeber yet, basically it’s an email marketing service that let you build your subscribers database in their system. They also offer many cool features like create nice design webform with just a few clicks, auto follow up your subscribers, send email to your subscribers anytime, track how many subscribers open your email, track how many subscribers click your link in the email and many many more.

For more details, please go to AWeber Communications, Inc


Nothing is Perfect

Correct me if I’m wrong… nothing is perfect.

This is not any negative thinking but a good discovery from my own experiences.

Why I said “Nothing is perfect”?

Here’s the story why…

Recently I was so busy on creating product, designing a new website, integrating software and so on. During the work, I was so busy on making everything perfect. At the end of the day, everything were delayed to get done.

Even though I have make a better one, but still can’t really satisfied the work. This is really bad!

Project deadline is there and I have to deliver the product even though I’m not really satisfied the work. After a few days, I’m look back my work performance and progress. I found out that I shouldn’t trying to make things perfect because there’s no such thing ‘perfect’ in this world.

There’s no perfect product in the marketplace. We can only improve the product and make it better from time to time. So if I’m going to make the product perfect before deliver them, then the product will NEVER release to the public because by the time I thought that product is perfect, there will be a better one on the market.

It’s a NEVER ENDING game. There’s no PERFECT iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Window, Car, Laptop and so on. But they will have a better model and version from time to time. Don’t you agree with that?

I learned something from my mistake.

If the product already good, deliver it first and improve it later, make a better one later. Otherwise the ball will never get rolling. You will waste all the money, time and effort in researching for better product. At the end of the day, you don’t make any money and business fail.

Personally I think the word ‘perfect’ shouldn’t exist because nothing is perfect in this world. (I could be wrong but at least I don’t see anything is perfect for now)

If you’re like me, always trying to make things perfect, you might get the same problem like me. Never get the things done on time. LOL…

Feel free to leave your feedback and I love to know your thought as well.

Thank you!

-Sean Tan

Are you a perfectionist? Click here to take a test. (I have already took the test and it’s very accurate for me)

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Paul The Octopus?

Paul The Octopus is HOT!

Paul The Octopus

Actually Paul the octopus has nothing to do with my marketing blog, but I want to share something with you that it might give you some ideas on driving traffic, get ranked in search engine and email marketing.

While the World Cup 2010 is still playing and Paul the octopus is still hot during that time, I received other internet marketer promotion email. Guess what? The guy using Paul the octopus name in the email subject and the email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus.

When I received the marketer email with that subject, I open it immediately because I want to know what’s inside. BANG! The email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus. (smile)

I believe the email open rate will be VERY HIGH with the trick subject. This is one of a good tactic that skyrocket your email open rate. BUT you have to be careful when using this tactic. If you do it wrongly, you will get bad effect.

If you’re using the email subject that do not relate to your message, make sure you explain the reason or talk about your subject in your message at first, before start your real message.

Example: If you’re using Paul the octopus in your email subject like “Paul the octopus is now retired” and your message is promote a PLR product. Then you have to start your message with something like …

“World Cup 2010 is finally over.  It makes Paul the octopus become a superstar as well but Paul the octopus is going to retired.”

You can come out with other story as long as you talk about your email subject first.

If you always use the trick email subject and never talk about that email subject in your message, sooner later your subscribers will not open your email again.

This trick also can be applied with your website or blog. Your blog post can start with the hot topic first, and then only your real content. This mean you talk a little bit about the hot topic 2-3 sentences, then only start your real content.

Your blog or website will get indexed faster and also get free traffic from the search engine. The reason is simple, there are SO MANY people searching for the HOT TOPIC.

However, those are not targeted traffic, but since it’s FREE,  why not?

Remember, apply the trick carefully so you won’t get bad effect in return.

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Online Business Or Make Money Online?

Many people never realize that they have mixed up the Online Business and Make Money Online.

Online Businessis a real business like offline business. You need to take care your customers and business. There’s no such thing work for 3 days and rest for a month in the business. I believe your clients will run away if they know you’re not doing a real business. They’re just afraid that you get the money and disappear for a month and they can’t get any help. If you’re doing this, you’re going to out of the business soon.

Make Money Online? You might heard it many times and see many advertisement regarding this. Make Money Online is different. You don’t have any commitment.

You make some money, and disappeared. That’s how most people make money online. They promote something and make some money that enough for the vacation, they will rest for a month for holiday. There’s no right or wrong with this. Because you help other to get sales and you split the profit. They will handle the customer service and everything. So you can go on holiday for a month even doesn’t matter. (smile)

However, if you’re a freelancer. You cannot have the make money online habit. Freelancer has to take it as a business but at least a small business. When you get the project, make sure you have completed them and your client is satisfied before you leave.

I personally work with several freelancers for the last few months. Only 2 freelancers take it as a business and working seriously. The rest of them took it like a part time job. They online or reply your email when they’re happy. When the project comes to the deadline, they never reply your email until you warning them. (I hate the most)

They will give you bad reason why they’re not replying your email, like pc crash, emergency thing happen, not receive the email or sick. If it happen the first time, that’s ok – I can understand that. But it used to be like that. They happy, they reply your email after a few days. Email delivery just take a few seconds, but it end up like sending me a postal mail. Until they have no other reason to give, they just reply really sorry for the late reply. SUCK!

Even though they offer cheaper fee, I won’t be using them anymore in the future.

It’s the same case when you’re selling online. Your clients buying your product, but somehow they have problem with the product. They will contact you for help. Clients will expect you reply their email within 2 business days. If not, you will out of the business soon. What they’re thinking is, you’re not doing real business. Where have you been for the last 2 days? You get my money and went on holiday? (Just kidding!)

Usually when I buy a product online, I will try to contact their support first. If they’re in a real business, they will reply your email within 2 business days. Some company even respond within 24 hours. That’s cool and I feel safe!

What is best for Make Money Online?
1. Google Adsense, blogging to earn advertisement money.
2. Affiliate Marketing, promote other people product for a commission.

What is best for Online Business?
1. Selling products
2. Offer services like writing articles, designing graphic and etc.

You could agree or not with me the article above. It’s just my personal thought and experience but I hope it will give you some ideas of the internet marketing stuff and happening.

Personal Note:I know there are many grammar mistakes in my english and it has already known as common in some forum about my poor english. I admit that I’m not good at grammar but I just don’t want to get someone writing the post because it will not 100% stuff you will read. What you read here is truly written by me from my experience without polish by any writer. But of course, when come to selling product online, I will hire expert writer to polish all my salesletter and content. (smile)

Feel free to leave your comment and feedback.

Thank you!

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2009: Internet Marketing Promotion Bonus

Last 3 days ago I received an email from my existing customer.

The email started with “Sean, what are your bonuses for MME4?”

Let me explain what is MME4, the full name is Marketing Main Event 4 created by Jeremy and Simon. Based on what I have read from the salesletter, it’s a turnkey system – ready made membership site. The membership sites are all ready to go. Cut in short, you’re buying “business-in-a-box”.

Okay, I’m not promoting MME4 today and I want to explain why I didn’t do promotion for JV Partners recently. It’s not their products not good but I have my own reason not promoting.

You see, there are more than 5 products about internet marketing release every single month. This is a never ending game and I don’t think you like to receive promotion after promotion from month to month.

I don’t want my subscribers get information overloaded and I even don’t want my subscribers just keep on reading marketing materials without taking action. If you have bought a marketing course and it contains 20 videos, 3 PDF books, 10 MP3 audio and etc. Tell me, how long you will finish all these information?

Based on my survey result, 8 out of 10 people never finish the course.

There are 3 common reasons –

1. They didn’t see the result after studying the course for 2 month
2. They were attract by other marketing course
3. They’re looking for magic button but not course

Hey, if you never take action then how do you see result? This is true, if you just STUDY without take action, then you’re not going to see anything in return. You’re not going to get result by buying the course but take action only.

If you have bought some courses previously and still haven’t get result. I suggest you stop buying any course or product and think carefully to find out your problems. You could be fall into one of the categories above. If you’re not interested to study the big course, then just take the small course that will just take you about 2 weeks to complete.

Some courses just have a small package like 5 videos, 2 PDF and 5 Mp3 where you can finish all the information within 2 weeks or a month. This way, you can start to take action after 2 weeks.

You might see some people invest many money into courses month after month and they still make a lot of money or get the result they want.

Are they genius? Absolutely NO.

I buy many many courses and books from time to time. Average 1 new book per month. The subjects include self improvement, business management, sales marketing, multi level marketing, internet marketing, advertising and etc.

Honestly, I never finish all the books and courses information. Only some books I like then I will read them until the end of the page. Like, Donald Trump “Think Bigs” book. The book interest me because it was their real life stories and experience.

The rest of the books and courses, I just grab the information I want. What does that mean?

Some books and courses have the information I want to learn or know about. So I will buy it and just learn THAT information I want. If the book chapter 4 has the information I want, then I will just read the chapter 4 and ignore the rest. If I need to finish ALL the books and courses information I have bought, then I don’t need to do business anymore and will take me many years to complete.

Have you notice that? If you keep on buying information and study all of them until the end, then you’re not going to get result. Just study what you need from now.

By the way, I just released a new information called The Amazing Copywriting System

If you’re looking to make real cash on the internet, selling your skill is one of the most easier to get started and bring you steady income. I personally offer graphic design service, copywriting and webmaster service.

Learn more about The Amazing Copywriting System


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Why Average People Remain Average By Patric Chan

If you do what you’re expected to do, don’t expect an outstanding result, my friend.

Study successful people and you’ll sure to discover one thing that many of them would have in common… they live by that words of “always do more than what is expected of you.”

I don’t care. It could be sleeping an hour less everyday to have more time to build your wealth or whatsoever.

Whether you are mowing people’s lawn or someone is mowing your lawn, when you are teaching a seminar or being a participant, or when sharing your knowledge or giving advice to your people, always do or give more than what people expect. Then they will flock around you, they will line up to meet you and be happy to support you in whatever thing that you want to do next.

If you’re training to be a champion, don’t just train like an average player. Train more than you’re expected to train.

If you’re building a multi-level marketing business, increase the numbers of prospects you would like to meet everyday. If it used to be 10, now you would have at least 12. By just increasing your effort 20%, you’ll end up with 60 new prospects a month. Now, that’s what I called exponential.

Trying to win a girl’s heart? I’m not surprise that you could be “competing” with three other guys for the same girl. And you can only win if you’re giving more than all of them if everyone’s equal. I’m not saying giving more money or buying stuff’ give love, time or whatever that counts to her.

Whenever you are interacting with people or in a relationship, treat the other party extremely well.

Whatever is expected of you in that relationship, be it with your girlfriend or business partner or client, your spouse or your friend, always do or give more than what is expected of you in that relationship for that is the secret of making it a success.

It is not that you have to do or give a whole lot more; you have to do just a little bit more than the rest. That’s it. The 10mm-difference is what Anthony Robbins calls it for you to become outstanding… in any undertaking.

To do this, it’s not difficult. But most people are just too lazy to put in the effort. I’m one of them but I’ll always keep reminding myself this’ winner takes all. There is no second place, my friend. I would rather strive with the extra effort to get #1 because the pay off is many times greater.

Do you remember who the second best basketball player is? Nope. You can remember Michael Jordan because he’s #1. In fact, as far as I know, there’s no such place as ‘the second best basketball player’.

Who’s the second fastest runner in the world? Who knows. I just know the #1.

Others have called this ‘more than expected attitude’ as ‘going for the extra mile’. Notice that they don’t say the extra 10 miles.

How come?

Because the average persons don’t bother to do more than what is expected of them. I know it’s sad but that’s the truth.

To most people, “always do more than what is expected of you” are mere words and they don”t put substance to it because people are greedy and they just want to do the bare minimum to make money, to make a profit or whatever.

And guess what… successful people are never your average persons.

To be generous and to treat others extremely well, you must come from the perspective of abundance thinking. Then only “always doing more than what is expected of you” will come easy and naturally.

So the next time you are with somebody, or in a business negotiation, or just interacting with another person, ask how can I help you… without even expecting any return.

As the other saying goes– you have to give, in order to get. In fact, if you want to gather riches you have to be as generous as you can. Touch people’s lives profoundly, in ways that they would never forget. Give it forward… help another and that person will help another. Always do more than what is expected of you. Do this and the reward will come to you 10 folds or 100 folds when you are least expecting it.

Do you think you can do more than what you’re doing today? Of course you can. The question is… DO YOU WANT OR NOT? You’ll have to decide for your own future on that.

Patric Chan is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace Private Membership. Find out what are his other success strategies and get free gifts from Patric at Click Here To Download Free Gifts


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Create Your Own Luck

Have you ever blame that you don’t have luck?

Do you know that you can create your own luck if god didn’t give you one?

Although ‘Luck’ will not help you to achieve 100% what you want, but it takes a small percentage on your success.

If you’re a sales person and want to see the manager but you’re stopped by their secretary and give you many B.S. reasons like ‘our manager is too busy and can’t see you’ or ‘our company do not interested on your product’.

You’re stopped at their filter. So you have no luck to pass through.

Create your own luck to reach the manager.

Example: Find out what are the activities that the manager do, like golfing, hiking, swimming and etc. Maybe check what are the places that the manager always go for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Let say you found out the manager always go to ABC restaurant for dinner. Then you can have the same time to have your dinner too in that restaurant. So when you see the manager arrive at the restaurant, then try your best to have the table near him. Ok, then just act like this:

YOU: Hey, Are you Mr. John from XXX company?
Mr. John: Yes, may I know you before?
YOU: Oh, I’m so lucky meet you here. My name is X X X (try not to intro your company at first but make friend with him)

then the conversation go on… (for building relationship techniques, please refer to your favourite bookstore for the suitable books that can help you on this)

You see, you can create your own luck to meet the person you want but NOT wait for the ‘luck’ to come.

Ok, you must know that sometime you just meet someone in a place that you both do not plan to meet, so it’s called a luck. However, if you really want to meet that person, then you need to create your own luck but not waiting for the luck to come because you won’t know when your luck will come.

If you want to know a girl, that’s the same thing. You need to create your own luck. Never think you can get to know the girl based on your luck to see if both of you will meet again in some where. If you know the girl always go to the gym for exercise, then you can join the gym too to create your luck to meet her again. In this case, you will 100% sure to meet her again without waiting for the luck to come.

Remember, luck is just part of the thing. It may help you to get started or help you to complete the thing.

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What is your plan in 2009?

This question will be asked many times when gathering with friends.

Everybody wanted to know each other plan in 2009 and see if we can work together to achieve the goals. That’s good to share your plan with your friends that who wanted to work together. Sometimes you might need their help to accomplish something.

People are looking for better offer to change their current job. I knew some of my friends have changed their job in 2009 because they got better offer from other company. That’s normal because people always looking for better offer (income).

Know what you want so you will do the right things.

Many people saying that want to make more money and want to be rich. Hello?

If your goal is to make more money, then it’s not your main goal. Why?

Ask yourself a question when you set your goal. “Why I need so many money?”

Okay, so what’s your answer? “The answer will be the real ‘goal’ that you want”

Like, I want to buy a house, car, boat, travel around the world and etc. So you need money to achieve your goal. Make sense? Your goal is not money but other things.

If you just know your goal is money, then you will be like closing your eye to shoot the bird. You will never know where is your target but always try to shoot it.

Open your eye so you can see where is your target.

If you want to buy a house that cost you $100, 000 then your goal target will be $100,000. Right now you’re very clear that you want to achieve $100k so can buy your house.

Draw your plan that will achieve $100k.

There are many way to create your own plan. But I wanted to share with you how I achieve the amount of money that I want.

Here’s the how:

I want to have $10,000. So I will divided $10k into 3 part. Which mean around $3500. From every $3500, I will think what project can help me achieve that $3500. First, I will plan to create a new product to sell online that will help me achieve some quick cash.

Then I will also plan to do some quick investment like stock market. I will also plan to be part time broker for selling car, house and etc.

I don’t do one thing to achieve a goal. I leverage them into a few part. Like my internet business will handle $3500, stock market investment will handle $3500 and misc broker business will handle $3500. Maybe I’m lazy person or can’t take too much pressure on one thing.

Some people will do just one thing to achieve the goal. There’s no right or wrong but you choose the way that you feel more comfortable.

NOTE: If you just make $1000 per month, then do not set your goal to make $10,000 per month right now. You will give up very quickly after a few failure. Try to increase your target by double or triple.

I was so busy to update my blog recently because I’m trying a new tactic on stock investment. After a few tried, the tactic is work so well to have some bonus income. Although the tactic can’t make me rich but it’s low risk and good money to have as bonus. The best part is – it’s a quick cash method. It could be turn into cash within month, week or a few days.

If you want to know this cool tactic on stock investment, subscribe to my marketing blog email notification and you will be notified when the post is available on this blog.

You have your plan or ideas to share? Please post in the comment and let see if we can work together? Thank you!

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Are you busy for nothing?

Are you busy for nothing?

When you are feel yourself very busy, ask yourself a question:

“What am I busy with?” and then follow with “I’m busy for what?”

Ok, the first question is what are you doing right now and the second question is you’re doing for what purpose.

This will happen all the time when researching information on the internet.

Like, you’re searching weight loss information on the internet and suddenly you’re attract by the website ads or promotion with other things. You will curious to know more about things while you’re searching for weight loss information.

You won’t know that you have already out of the topic.

You searching weight loss information but suddenly go to read skin care articles.

Sometimes I spent a few hours in my WordPress blog for nothing. I’m planned to write a blog post but suddenly I was attracted by other things like email notification, wordpress traffic stats and etc.

I loved to watch the wordpress traffic stats.

Always remind and ask yourself 2 questions when you’re doing something.

“What am I busy with?” and “I’m busy for what?”

You will have a very clear mind to know what you’re doing and what’s the purpose doing for. So you will not waste your valuable time.

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Missing Step To Start Making Money Online

There are many ebooks and ecourses release every month. The topic could be Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, PPC (Pay per click), Selling on eBay, Product Creation and etc.

Don’t buy/ study multiple subject at the same time. If you have already learn about affiliate marketing, then focus on that subject. Don’t go to buy other topic course.

If you’re newbie that didn’t make any money on the internet yet, don’t buy the big package course. You will end up study the course without have the time to take action. I know there are some courses split into monthly issue. Newbie is not recommended to study that kind of courses.

Most people who failed to make money online, usually spend too much time on the courses and study the information. The right way should be 30% theory and 70% practical.

Remember, if you have already purchase some courses and ebooks previously, then stop buying another now. Go back and pick one of the courses/ ebooks that you have bought previously and focus on that topic.

Take action after you have read a few chapters.

Example: You have read how to register a domain name, hosting and setup your own wordpress blog. Go ahead to take action to register the domain name, hosting and setup wordpress blog. Don’t read until sales strategies topic and then start taking action just to register a domain name. It will be too late.

This is also one of the reason why most newbie failed. They complete the whole ecourse then take action to work with them. The right way should learn 30% from the information and then apply them into action.

Hey, there are some “GURUS” ecourse need to take 1 year to complete. Don’t you want to take action in next year? I saw some ecourse split into week1, week2 until week20.

Are you going to wait 20 weeks later to take action?

Remember, 30% study and 70% practical.

Take action, action and action.

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