Marketing: Ask the right question

When you’re doing sales marketing, the way how you talk to your client is played the most important part. If you have a good communication skill, you can sold out your product very well even your product quality is suck.

How you ask questions will determine your results.

If you’re selling life insurance, you probably having some problems when you are trying to pursue your friends to buy from you. Most of the time you will get the problems like below:

1. Your friends won’t listen to your phone.
2. They’re trying to stay away from you.
3. Friendship relationship will getting worst.

and etc.

It’s not your job fault but the way how you talk and ask questions. Most new sales people will directly sell the product instead of trying to understand the client problems.

Here are some questions that most new sales people ‘Love’ to use:

(I used insurance as an example)

1. Do you want to buy insurance medical card?
2. Please contact me when you want to buy insurance.
3. Do you have insurance already?

If you’re using the questions above, 95% of people will say NO or REJECT you.

Let me exlplain the first question:

When you’re asking ‘Do you want to buy insurance medical card’? Most people will say ‘NO’ – because you have set a trap for yourself in the question. When you’re asking this kind of question, the asnwer is only YES or NO. (you will get 90% of ‘NO’ for the answer)

How about tweak the question to:

‘What kind of insurance medical card you’re using?’

You won’t get yes or no from this kind of question. if the person able to give you the name of the insurance within 2-3 seconds, which mean they already got the medical card. (90% is honest answer)

If the person answer you the name of the insurance after 4 seconds, 90% is fake answer. Which mean the person do not have any medical card but trying to reject you. Don’t give up, at least you got the information that this person do not have any yet, so you can do follow with him.

Let’s proceed with the question number 2.

‘Please contact me when you want to buy insurance’. (99% will say OK)

If people say OK to you, which mean 99% will not contact you. It’s very rare case that you receive someone phone saying that ‘I want to buy inisurance’. People won’t sold themselve, so please do not ask people to selling something back to themselve.

So how to let people call you for questions? Here’s a good example:

‘I’m now studying insurance, you can call me if you have any questions or problems about insurance.’

99% people will say OK as well. But you will get some of them calling you for questions. You’re not selling them anything but giving free advice and tips. Just like blog, people like to read blog instead of reading salesletter. Blog provide free content but salesletter trying to sell something.

When people has problems or questions, they will seeing you like an expert. They won’t call to the person that they have rejected them before. Because they didn’t reject you previously when you give permission to them to ask you questions. So they’re more comfortable to call you instead of the person who has been rejected by them.

Let’s proceed with the last question:

‘Do you have insurance already?’

This question is something similiar like the question 1. You will get YES or NO for this question.

Use the same tactic like question 1:

‘What’s the insurance company you’re using right now?’

You won’t get yes or no for the answer. But the correct name of the insurance company. Same thing, if they can give you the name of the company within 2-3 seconds, which mean they have already using other insurance company services and 90% is correct answer.

If they give you the answer after 4 seconds, 90% will be a fake answer. Because they do not have any, so they will take time to think one to reject you. Most people will take around 5-7 seconds to give you a fake answer. So you will know that this person do not have any insurance yet and so you can put them into the future follow up list.

NOTE: These example marketing questions are not for insurance only, but I took insurance as an example to share what I have learned from real experiences.

As I said earlier, if you are asking the wrong question, the result will be different. Probaly losing relationship with your friends. They’re afraid of you to sell them something. What if you’re telling them that they can find you or ask for advice when they have any questions or problems about insurance.

Provide free advice and tips will help you to build up the relationship and trust. When people seeing you as an expert, they will take your advice to solve their problems.

Example: John is having problems with his computer. His computer under attacked by Virus and so he’s worrying about his data. He phone you for advice, and you give him some tips to transfering his data to somewhere else and then clear up the files. After that, you will ‘advice’ him to use ‘ABC Anti-Virus’ software to protect his PC to avoid the same case happen.

So, asking the right questions will help bringing more sales, while asking wrong questions will getting worst and worst. Think before you ask.

If you have ask wrong questions previously, no worries, we all learned from mistakes. There is no perfect but we’re trying to make it perfect.

Please leave your comment if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

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Economy down! What you should do?

Economy down… What you should do?

Everybody is struggling what to do when petrol price goes up. The transportation services, food, construction materials and many more will followed to increase the price by percentage.

Let’s say example your income is $2500 per month.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – $1000
Transportation – $450
Electrical & Water bills – $150
Life Insurance – $100
Extra expenses like shopping and etc. – $300
Car loan or housing loan – $500

Total: $2500 per month

But now, most of the things are increase 30%. So you might save some money from the extra expenses to cover the food, transportation and the bills. But does it workable?

Yes and NO.

For short period, it’s the best way to cut extra expenses to cover the more important expenses like food and transportation. But this cannot be last long because your salary didn’t increase.

What if the Electrical and Water bills fee increase? May I know what expenses you will cut again? Probably you will not choose to sell your car or move to a smaller house? This is not a solution but you setup a trap for yourself.

The best way is to SAVE and then INVEST.

Temporary cut some extra expenses and then look for opportunity to increase your income. Don’t let your income stay at the same level. Some people will choose to work part time at night after their full time job working hours. Or some will do networking marketing (MLM/ Direct Selling), make money online by promoting other people’s product, blogging with Google Adsense and many other opportunity you can think of.

It’s rather than you just trying to cut expenses without increase your income. Find a way to increase your income will be more practical to resolve the economy down problem.

If you’re looking for opportunity to earn extra money in part time through online, here are some of my recommendation:

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Thank you.

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Make Your Customers Happy Part 2 – End

If you have missed the part 1 post, click here to read the part 1

Quick Recap: In part 1– Sell the product that your customers want. Help them achieve their goals, or get their problem solved.

When you creating product, you will need to make sure that this is the product that your customers WANT but not NEED. Both of them are DIFFERENT. The things they need, doesn’t mean they will want that things.

Example: James need a car, so he can go anywhere anytime he want without waiting for taxi or buses.

Take note here: ‘James need a car’

Car is too general, it could be BMW, M.Benz, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ferrari and etc. If you simply intro any model to James, then the percentage of closing sale is less than 50%. You will need to know what he WANT.

It could be fair price around $20k, 6 seats, 4 wheels drive and etc. THIS IS WHAT HE WANT.

James need a car but he want the car have 6 seats, 4 wheels drive and price around $20k. So if you intro James BMW that cost him around $50k and just 4 seats, do you think he will buy?

Or you intro him a car that cost around $10k, 4 seats and front wheel drive. Do you think he will buy? Of course NOT, although the price just $10k, but he want a 6 seats car so his whole family can get in.

The customers want 6 seats but you intro 4 seats, and the closing sale is less than 30%.

We know that our product will not 100% fit to all customers, but at least fit their 70% things that they want.

Example: James want a car just cost around $20k, with 6 seats and 4 wheels drive.

If you have a car that have 6 seats and 4 wheels drive, but the  price is around $25k. Then your closing rate is as high as 90% above. Because you have closed 2 of the things he want and just left 1 behind. So it’s time to say something good and sweet why your car is so GOOD, and say a few good reasons is because of 6 seats and 4 wheels drive (keep remind them that the car have 6 seats and 4 wheels drive), so you’re hypnotize the customer to their mind with “This is the Car you’re looking for” or “This is the Car you want”.

Keep praising the things they want, like James want a 6 seats car with 4 wheels drive. Then you target the ‘6 seats’ and ‘4 wheels drive’. Keep prasing how good is the 6 seats car and how good is the 4 wheels drive car. The customers will feel that you have a same thinking with them.

I know this may sound like not good, but HEY, this is WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Honestly, people like to hear GOOD and SWEET. But I know there are some people don’t like. Who care?

The truth is MOST people like to hear GOOD and SWEET. Do you want to do business with 80 people or 20 people?

You know the answer. We’re doing business, customer willing to pay money just because you can deliver the things they want. Who care you’re talking from your heart or not?

You can say GOOD and SWEET about their car, shirt, hair, hobbies, or the things they WANT. Example like: “I agree, 6 seats car is better because blah blah blah….”

A successful sales person know how to talk to their customer. They’re expert of entertainer! You make your customers happy, you get paid. And they’re more likely to hear from you again (because they want someone like you that understand what they want)

This is simple– do you like a person that always say something bad (negative) or always give bad comment on you? 🙁

If a person always say something GOOD and SWEET and always praise you, I believe you more likely to join with him. You know the answer. 🙂

Remember: There are no right or wrong in doing business. We do business with majority people and give what they want. That’s it. They get the things they want, they HAPPY and you get paid. Thank you!

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Make Your Customers Happy Part 1

There is no secrets or advanced courses to teach you how to make your customers happy. Every customers will have their own characteristic and styles. You cannot apply the same tactics to all your customers otherwise you will make them unhappy and they will feel that you’re not understand what they want.

This is based on previous experience– You only can know more about your customers when you are talking with them. You will more understanding your customers after conversation with them.

Example: After talking with “James” (your customer), you discovered that James very interested to learn how to play golf and enjoy the game. So the suitable product to John will be the basic golf courses but not those advanced courses or how to win in the game.

Some people might just want to enjoy the game but not win in the game. If you push them to learn the advanced technique then they will fail to enjoy the game. What will happen then? You lose the customer.

Just give what your customers want and they will be more happy to do business with you. Some people might not want to be an expert but want to enjoy the learning process. Sell the suitable product to your customers.

If you’re selling “How to” information, you can consider to split them into 10 ebook or package. Some people might not want to learn A-Z but just some part only. You will reduce the refund rate and also have more happy customers.

We do business with majority people but not the 10% market. It could be harder to attack the 10% market and high risk. We cannot make all customers happy but at least 80% of them are happy from doing business with you. If you find out your 80% customers like to learn basic information, then you could consider to just attack them basic products.

What is basic? Split the information from A-Z into A-C, D-F, G-I…. so on!

If your majority customers are working 9-5 a day, you should know that they do not have the time to learn the A-Z information. Let’s take build an online business as an example– James (customer)

James is currently work as ABC company customer service 9-5 every day and he’s interested to build an online business to earn extra income. So what do you think the best course for James? It’s the A-C (basic) information, because he just want to earn ‘extra income’ but NOT want to quit his job.

Online business and Offline business are the same. You will need to put in your effort, time and money to build it. There is NO push a button and money coming in 24 hours! (NEVER)

When a customer achieve something like he/she successfully made a sale after study your course, then he/she will said that your course is good and better than those ‘Gurus’ course. There is no right and wrong.  The ‘Gurus’ course might teach advanced information or A-Z course and probably cost them thousands dollar.

It’s not easy to learn from A-Z, because it’s takes time to learn and understand. Most people ‘know’ the information after study the course but not ‘understand’ what it mean.

Know and Understand are different thing. ‘Know’ doesn’t mean you ‘Understand’. Like a customer knows he/she will need to build a website, setup opt-in page, write follow up email…… to sell a digital product online! But the problem is he/she do not understand how to setup. Make sense?

That’s why there are so people complain that they have spent a lot of money into the courses but still failed to achieve what they want. Some people are slow learner and they cannot understand the A-Z information. They will confuse and give up fast. They just want to get a small achievement. So help them achieve what they want, but NOT what you want.

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Information OVERLOAD In 24 Hours!

I believe most people will have the same thought in their mind. ( once for a while I will be the same )

Today – 15 Feb 2008, after I took my lunch, I went to the book store and looking for business marketing book and some other internet related books. Some of the books title and cover design very attractive and I nearly buy all of them. But lucky my mind told me that I have already bought a lot of books previously and the bad thing is I never read the book until the last page.

The reason is I was attract by those new books. 😉

This is same thing happen on the internet. Many people ( newbie ) have this same problem, they give up the previous course they bought and buy a new courses. I remember last time I received an email from one of my subscriber, and he asked my advise what he should do in order to make money online.

I told him in the email said that “If you’re new to setup the internet business, I suggest you get a complete A-Z course….” and after a few days, he replied to me said that “Sean, the course you recommend to me, I already have previously and I also have several internet courses, ebooks and membership..” but I still failed to make money online.

Guess what? I just replied to him said that “What you need to do is stop reading all of them, just pick one then only concentrate the only one”

We ONLY have 24 hours per day and if you have 3-4 package information waiting for you to study, then where you get extra time to take ACTION? Most of your time have been invested in study the information. Here are an example:

John took 2 courses to study at the same — “Business Marketing” and “Cooking”. After a few weeks later, he was attracted by the graphics design animation, then he decided to take another design course for his interest and want to create his own animation cartoon.

In this case, John will not expert in one of the 3 courses above. Simply because he don’t have extra time to improving 3 of them. After the “Business Marketing” class, then he will need to attend the next “Cooking” class, and so on to the Design class. The whole picture is, John JUST study the information but NOT improving them. Make sense?

Same in today during in the book store, I was attract by the Donald Trump books. But after I think a few times again and again, I decided not to buy the book at this moment because it’s NOT the right time to study the advanced business marketing book right now and it won’t help me much at this moment stage I’m in.

If you’re just a salesperson, the right book need to study is about the sales marketing strategy or any books that related to the marketing. But if you buy some kind of the books like “Business Management”, “Become A Smart Boss”…. then you’re going to waste the money. It’s NOT because the books information not good, but they’re NOT for you at the moment in your stage.

Choose the only one and then concentrate on that, until you achieve certain of level, then move on to the next stage. Just like once you’re able to fully control the Mercedes SLK 200 sport car, then you probably want to move to another stage with Ferrari sport car! LOL

Cash Voucher Method Still Works?

The Cash Voucher method still works to increase sales?

The asnwer is YES, if you have done it correctly.

Last 2 weeks I have spent my time in a few shopping mall with my friends and family, because of Christmas and New Year 2008. Most of my money spent on the same shop since last few years ago.

The reason is simple: “Cash Voucher”

I’m the member of the shop since last few years ago and I also join a lot of membership in bookstore, fashion shop, restaurant and many others. Because the member fee very low and get reward for every dime you have spent.

Some of them have a good strategy to get more repeat sales from the existing customers. But some of the shop do not apply the “Cash Voucher” method correctly, so they failed and canceled the cash voucher promotion.

Here how the Cash Voucher method works:
1. The client spend every $100 get 10 points / %
2. Once the point have reach the limit like: 50 points / 100 points the client will receive a Cash Voucher to spend in your shop again.

The shop that have applied the method very successful is because they make the “Cash Voucher” like real cash. But the “Cash” is going to expire if you do not use it. If you have $50 / $100 cash going to expire, I bet you will spend it as soon as possible before expire.

What if you have $1 / $5 cash going to expire? I believe there are only 20%-30% will take immediate action on it, while other will forget it ( I’m one of them ).

The reason is simple — because the $1 or $5 cash voucher doesn’t seems very attractive and people are lazy if you have ask to drive your car to shopping mall because of the $5 cash voucher? Most people will say “Forget it”. My vehicle gas or petrol is more value than the $5 cash voucher.

Do you see my point? If you give a few dollar cash voucher to the client, 80% of people will see it “NO Value”. Most people will only apply the voucher when they need it. If you give $50 or $100 cash voucher, the client will come to buy again because they afraid to lose.

The shop owner do not give the cash voucher if the client do not spend enough of money to accumulate the points. Let’s say the client has spent around $300 in that shop, so the client get 30 points ( or $30 ) – but the shop owner do not release the cash voucher to the client yet because the $30 cash voucher seems not enough attractive, so the shop owner give the cash voucher to the client until they have spent enough money to get the $50 cash voucher.

Wow! If you get $50 Cash Voucher and the expire date is next week, will you miss it? I bet 95% of people will take action to apply the cash voucher before it expire. The rest 5% it could be the client forgot the expire date, do not have money to buy again so they are qualify to apply the cash voucher or they have give to their friends and family.

In conclusion: Let your client spend more before release the cash voucher to them. Help them accumulate the point until it reach $50 – $100 instead of giving them $1 – $5 cash vouchers separately.

Let your client spend more to get the voucher — they will feel the Cash Voucher like their hard earned money because they have spent so much of money in order to get the $50 or $100 cash voucher.

What have you done in 2007? What is your 2008 plan?

We’re going to celebrate 2008 new year! So what’s your plan for 2008?

Make more money?

Earn extra $500 per month?

Buy a new car or a new house?

not in the list?….? Whatever you want to achieve!

If you plan to make more money, then you will need to create an action plan. If your plan just to “Make more money”, then you’re NOT going to make more money because you do not have any actual action to achieve more money.

I have asked most of the people “What’s your plan for 2008?” Most answered me “Make more money”.

OK! Very Good. Then “How you’re going to make more money?” Most answered: Don’t know YET.

Do you see my point? Most people don’t have a actual action for their plan, they just know want to make more money but never think how to make more money to achieve what they want.

That’s why most people failed to achieve their goal EVERY Year! If you do not have a proper action, then you’re going to chasing the same plan every year – “Make more money”.

Why people say want to “Make more money”? Because they do not have an exact goal yet. They do not know how much they want to earn, in conclusion: They DO NOT know what they want.

Everybody also want to make more money, but the problem is you’re not going to achieve any goal if you do not have any exact amount of money you want to achieve. Trust me – try to set a goal that you want to achieve extra $300 in the next 30 days.

Remember, you must achieve $300 in the next 30 days. So what should you do to achieve $300? Now You have an exact amount to achieve — think what you can do to earn extra $300 within 30 days.

Provide services? Sell a new book? Work extra 1 hour per day? Or improving your marketing strategies ?

Once you have an exact goal, your mind will start thinking a lot of things in order to achieve the goal.

NO MORE think “Make more money” — Throw this sentence away from your mind. Put the exact amount of money you want to achieve. Maybe $300 is too low for you – you can set even more higher BUT make sure the goal is still under your ability to achieve.

If you never earn more than $10,000 per month — NEVER set your goal to achieve $30,000 in the next 30 days.

How to set a goal correctly?

Example: If your income is $1000 per month, then you can set your goal to achieve extra 50% from $1000 income. Use 50% will help you achieve your goal more easily and also increase your confident.

Once you have achieve your goal, then set another goal for the next 30 days. Let your income is $1000 per month and you have achieved extra $500 from your 1st goal. So right now set your goal to 50% again — and your next goal 50% will be $750 amount of money.  And so on……

I know this works because I use this to achieve some goals in the past few months.

Like I want to get a new laptop, goft set, marketing courses, new clothes, new targus laptop backpack and a sport car.

All the above goals I have achieved except the last one – sport car. This will achieve in 2008.

Before I buy a new laptop, I will need to know how much for the laptop. So I can have an exact amount to achieve. ( Finally I got the super machine with fully upgraded )

Here’s an example:
What you need to give in order to get a new laptop? Answered is : MONEY.

So we move to the next question: What you need to do in order to get MONEY?
Answered is: Think yourself — what you’re expert? provide services, write a new book, designing, reparing vehicle,…..!

So you will need to do something to get MONEY in order to get the laptop.

Action to get > Money > Laptop / Car / House / or whatever you want.

Don’t just put the “laptop” inside your mind — You’re not going to achieve the goal if your mind just thinking the “Laptop”. You must think what action you need to take to get MONEY so you can get the “Laptop”. This is how it works.

Have you achieved any goal in the past with different method than mine? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each other. Thank you!

The Truth Of Making Money Online

Have you ever think that put up a few products selling on the internet and quit your job?

Why most people will have this thinking?
Answer: You may know some of the internet marketer show you how they make $XX,XXX amount of money within X days. The truth is you’re NOT going to make those amount of money every single day!

Look, I know some of the internet marketer make ten of thousands USD within a few days from the new info product launch. You may say “WOW”, but the truth is they’re NOT going to make those amount of money from that product everyday or every month. I’m NOT saying they’re scam and they also never say that they make those amount of money every X day or month. Just because some people misunderstood thought that those people able to make ten of thousands USD every X day just from the product that selling on the internet.

Some internet marketer really make ten of thousands USD income every single month, BUT they’re NOT just selling 1 product on the internet that you have seen. Most of them doing other businesses like coaching, affiliate marketing, google adsense, online mlm and many others. Some of them may have 2-3 businesses on the internet in order to make ten of thousands every month.

NO one able to make ten of thousands USD every month from just 1 info product selling on the internet. When I was newbie, I’m also same like other newbie thinking that those internet marketer make ten of thousands USD every month just selling an ebook on the internet. This is “CRAZY” and I end up buying the ecourse to learn how to copy the same success. ( LOL )

After a few months later, I lost a few thousands USD just end up buying ebook, software, ecourse and membership. Until I know some internet marketer on the internet and they’re sharing how they managed to generate their income every month.

Why am I sharing this to you? Some people blame that make money online is a scam because they failed to make money after reading the ebook or ecourses. So I want those people who just started to learn how to make money online, MUST have a correct mindset before you getting the empty hope. You need to treat your online business like offline business or a job, IF you thought just put up a few info products without taking care of them and able to make ten of thousands every month, SORRY — The truth here is NO SUCH THING.

I’m personally NOT only selling info products on the internet, I’m also doing affiliate marketing, google adsense, online and offline MLM. Here’s the check from AWeber ( Autoresponder Services ) and GDI ( Online MLM ).

( From AWeber Autoresponder — Commission $23.94 )

You may laugh that how I’m going to survive for just $23.94? This is one of my businesses that I promote AWeber Autoresponder as an affiliate. Although $23.94 not much for food, BUT it can gave my car a full tank of petrol free. ( LOL )

( GDI Online MLM )

You may laugh again — $255 also not enough to survive! This is also one of my businesses on the internet. I managed a few type of businesses on the internet to ensure that my income is secure. If one of my info product sales less than 20 a month, then I still can survive — because I have other businesses income to cover the expenses as well. Never afraid the sales drop to affect your life.

I do not anti any opportunity like MLM or investment is because it’s depend you accept or not to accept the fact. Many people blame that MLM is a scam opportunity, the reason is because they never make any money. The reason why most of them failed to make money is because they DO NOTHING.

Most people have a same thinking in MLM is — pay money to join the business, waiting upline or prospect to sign up without do any work. I personally know some people who failed to make money in MLM business, the same excuses is “HARD” to do. But the TRUTH here is not hard to do, just they “DON’T WANT” to do.

My new system is currently upgrading, but once it’s completed — It will help more people to make money with GDI business. If you’re not familier with GDI business, Click here to watch the flash presentation.

I’m not going to cover how I managed to make money from different type of businesses on the internet in this post. But will share some in the future post in this blog, so if you don’t want to miss it — make sure you check the blog more often. ( smile )

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Why Most Newbie Failed To Make Money Online?

There are a lot of new people learn how to make money online every single day! But most newbie failed to make money online and keep buying ebook/course without earn any cent. After some time, they will give up and said to their friend make money online is hard and almost impossible because XYZ…….blah blah blah ( tons of excuse/reasons ).

There are a few reasons why they didn’t make money after study those ebook/ course.

1. Type of business
Many newbie don’t know which online business is suitable for them. So they just keep ‘trying’ all the online business like Google adsense ( become bloggger ), Selling info product ( internet marketing niche ) and ( other niche market ), Selling in eBay, Promote as an Affiliate, provide Services, buy Turnkey website ( like Games site, Video site, Community site….. ), Online MLM and many more…!

Newbie should concentrate into 1-2 businesses only. Once you decide to selling info product like ebook, ereport, software or ecourse. Then you must put 100% effort, time and money into it. Most newbie always having “TRY” in their mindset, like creating info product in the middle and give up because they discover writing ebook is boring or lazy to write email, salesletter, setup website….! And they will go to try google adsense or other new stuff.  Sound familiar?

When I was newbie, I’m the person who do this kind of action, keep trying all the online businesses and give up in the middle. Wasted money for those turnkey website like network community website and adsense turnkey website. I’m not saying those things not good, but you have to concentrate to the things before it can bring you profit.

Why others able to make money with PPC ( Google Adword Pay Per Click ) or Selling info product on the internet, BUT why you can’t? There must be some reasons between you and those people.

If you’re selling info product, then do not waste your time to figure out how to make money from google adsense. You will just waste your time and effort. Unless you have spare time, or else you will lose both business at the end of time.

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2. Forgot those technical stuff –
Why want to bother those SEO or search engine ranking? Do not waste your value time into those SEO technical stuff. It won’t help you much to make money online from start. People can easily spend more than 1 week to figure out how to win the search engine or get better alexa ranking. If you’re able to spend 1 week to create new info product, then I believe you will make more money than figure out the SEO stuff. Do not do the wrong thing in your business. It could be able to destory your business anytime.

3. Low of budget –
Most newbie low of budget to get start online business. Do not hire people do the work for you if you low of budget to get started. Just buy those ready made tool like web template, software… that may able to help you save 3 times of the money. You can write your own salesletter and create ebook if you’re low of budget. Try to do the thing that you’re able to do. If you want a software, then you will no choice to hire a programmer to create for you.

You’re not require to know everything in order to do online business. There are a few online businesses that you can choose to step in ( if you’re not start yet or want to do other online business )

One of my friend Dane Bergen, the creator of PPC Prophecy. He’s offer an ebook that will teach you how to make money through Per Pay Click. The best part is the price “affordable” to everyone. I have personally review the ebook and feel that this is a good ebook that very easy to understand, so it’s good to share with those newbie that still wondering how to make money online.

REMEMBER: Before you want to start money or study the PPC Prophecy, please remove the “Try” keyword from your mind. Just DO it and follow all the step by step.

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