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Paypal Link Cloaker

Good news for $7 secrets script user! Introducing Paypal Link Cloaker plugin to help $7 product vendor attract more affiliates! Most affiliates afraid their email expose to all over the web and search engine. Now the problem solved with the Paypal Link Cloaker!

Affiliate no longer “add” their paypal emailย for the affiliate link. They can choose their favourite username or keyword they want as their affiliate id.

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SalesBully Increases Your Sales As Much As 4X

Most marketers are under the mistaken presumption that the best way to get more sales, is to drive more traffic.

Well that’s one way to do it, but it’s certainly NOT the “best” way.

The fact is, unless you are “converting” your traffic effectively, you are leaving cold hard c-a-s-h on the table… and every ad dollar you spend is not going as far as it could.

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Video Traffic Assistant Software

How would you like to submit your video to the video site like Youtube.com, Blip.tv, Bolt.com, ZippyVideos.com and many more in just one place? I have my own copy of Video Traffic Assistant software and it’s awesome. I simply open up the software and just upload my video, then click submit to the video site.

VIP Edition

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