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WordPress 2.2 Missing Update Button?

Some wordpress user are getting the missing “Update button” problem with wordpress 2.2 version. That’s because every webhosting setting are not the same, so some wordpress user may experience missing ‘update button’ in theme editor.

Here are some tips you can try below to make your “update button” appear:
1. Open your FTP and login into your web server. Then look for this folder called “Themes” in your wordpress folder.
( public_html> wp-content> themes> “yourthemename” )
CHOMD “yourtheme” folder to 777 permission. then the problem should be solved.

2. If still cannot, then please CHOMD inside your theme php file to 666 or 777.
( Please CHOMD the php file back to 644 after you finish your edit. )

Extra option if you still getting the same problem:
3. CHOMD the “theme-editor.php” to 777
( wp-admin > theme-editor.php )

What is CHOMD? And How to CHOMD?
1. In short story CHOMD is give permission to admin or outsider edit the file.
2. How to CHOMD ( set permission ) ? Open up your FTP software, and login to your web server, then right click on the folder or file you want to set permission. You will see “File Attributes” or “CHOMD”. Simply click on it and type the number like 666 or 777. Or you can check the “check box” and you will see the number change.

If you have other better solution and better idea how to make the theme editor “update button” appear. Please post your comment here. Thank you.