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After I opened the Free Image Editor to public. I received a few emails from my loyal subscribers and customers asking me how they can do same on their own hosting as well. If you’re new or have missed the earlier blog post, please read them at: I’m going to released the script that I used on my website that provide free image editor to my subscribers and customers. If you have website (hosting), then you can download and install the script into your hosting. You can provide your subscribers and customers the free service just like me. I have uploaded the script and installation tutorial at: Webmaster Tips Member Area If you’re not my Webmaster Tips subscriber, register your account (free) and you will be notified every time I have new webmaster tutorial to share with you. Plus, I will archive everything so you can access all of them anytime anywhere. Click here to read all the benefits you get as a subscriber of Webmaster Tips [tags] online image editor, photo editor, graphic design software, edit image [/tags]

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