Godaddy CEO Shoots an Elephant – one of the largest domain registrar and internet hosting company. The CEO shoots an elephant in Africa and posted the video on the internet. There are tons of bad comment to the Godaddy CEO and many people saying will transfer all the domains to (Godaddy competitor). The original video is below: (WARNING: Very Graphic!) Godaddy CEO, Bob Parsons must be lost his mind to posting such video on the internet to share to the world. I was wondering if the company vote to agree the CEO to posting the video? is offering domain transfers at a price where they actually lose money. Transfer your domains to for only $4.99 by using the coupon code BYEBYEGD This special offer valid for 24 hours and limit 10 domains per user only. If you don’t have a account, click here to create an account for free Use the coupon code: BYEBYEGD to get discount. Personally, I totally disagree to shoot the elephant. Instead of kill the elephant, they can find a way to prevent the elephant to enter the place. Please support the site:

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One thought on “Godaddy CEO Shoots an Elephant”

  1. While I agree with his intentions, I disagree with
    his methods. Not very sporting to sit and wait for
    the elephants to return and shoot them…
    Sort of like putting out salt blocks for deer and
    shooting them when they come to lick them.

    Animals that damage crops or food sources need to be controlled. I think other ways could have been

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