Domain Name, Hosting & DNS Explanation

What is Domain name, hosting and DNS? Most newbie will confuse about three of these when they just get started. Me too! 1. Domain Name Domain name will be your Company name. Example: , , are called domain name. Or , also are domain name. ( .com , .net , .info are domain extension ) Domain extension explanation: .COM = Commercial .NET = Network .INFO = Information .ORG = Organization Choose the right domain extension for your domain name. Example: If your website is provide information to the reader, then the domain extension should be .info or .com ( suggestion ). 2. Web Hosting Web hosting will be your office. It’s depending how many spaces you have rent from the hosting provider. If you have take 1000MB space hosting, then you can host a lot of web pages and files. 3. DNS ( Domain name server ) DNS will be your office address ( location ). This is use for manage your domain name only. How to setup domain name and hosting? 1. Go to register your domain name at 2. Apply a web hosting. Click here for our recommendation hosting 3. Change the DNS in your domain name account. First, go to to register your domain name, and you will get a NameCheap account to manage all your domain name. After you have registered your domain name, go to the hosting provider website and apply a hosting. Once you have make payment to the hosting provider. You will get the hosting details from the hosting provider within 48 hours or less. The details will be your hosting login details and the DNS ( Domain name server ). You must change the DNS in your domain name account before your website go live. You must let your domain name know where is your office ( hosting ). So when people type your domain name, they will go to the right website. To change the DNS, login to your account and look for the Manage domain name > DNS or Domain name server. Insert the DNS that you get from the hosting provider. Save the setting and you’re done. If you do not change the DNS, then your domain name will NOT know where is your hosting and it will not able to send your visitors to your website. So please remember that you must change the DNS in your domain name account before your website able to go live. Summary Explanation: 1. Domain name is your company name. 2. Hosting will be your office. 3. DNS is your company address. Let say your domain name is : When someone type then it will follow the DNS you have given to him, transfer your visitors to the right hosting. If you have forgotten give the DNS to your domain name, then the domain name will not know where to send your visitors to. Faq section: 1. I have registered a domain name from, but why I didn’t get the DNS yet? If you go to goverment office to register your company name, do they provide you what is your company address? You’re the person who provide them what is your company address when you register your company name. So where to get a company address (DNS)? You should rent an office ( hosting ) then you will know what is your company address. The answer is the DNS will be provide by the hosting provider NOT domain registrar ( ) NO office ( hosting ) = NO company address ( DNS )

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