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This will be benefit for those who resell product on the internet. There are tons of resale rights products on the internet but if you pick the wrong product to sell, then you will not make much profit. Let me take some example to describe this. When I was started as a newbie to resell product on the internet, I picked graphic product to resell and make some good amount of money. Afterward, I tried to resell some ebook the topic of ‘How to make money online’ like Affiliate marketing, Google adsense, Google adwords and etc. Guess what? The profit I made not enough 1% of my graphic product income. There are numerous of reasons why the ‘How to make money online’ products are not selling well. 1. I’m a newbie (nobody know who is Sean Tan in 2006) 2. The resale rights products (How to make money online) most are theories ebook. 3. Thousands of reseller selling the same ebook and playing the price war (some even selling $1) The ‘How to make money online’ topic has a wide range of customer base. You could sell to anyone that who want to make money online like housewife, student, teacher, internet marketer, taxi driver and etc. The products will be everywhere on the internet and reseller are just keep the price cheaper than each together to get a sale. Why? Because they have no confident with the product. Make sense? Like the reseller sell an ebook teach how to make $10k on the internet for $10 each copy. When they saw other sell cheaper than him, then they will put down the price again to against the other. Think about this, “Why they want to sell cheaper to get a sale if the ebook content is real deal?” Because the ebook content suck and that’s just a game to make money online and some even include resale rights to the ebook so you can sell to the next victim. (smile) Most of my products are tools, service and information. What does that mean? Why I don’t sell niche product? This will be same as the ‘How to make money online’ issue. Let say I have an ebook teach about ‘Dog training’. This is not easy to sell, because you will need to do article marketing, newsletter to provide some tips and advise to build up relationship with your reader and customers. This way, you can make some good money with that topic of ebook. (I’m not interested in those niche products, so I don’t spend my time to do all these) If you’re selling tools like software and script, then it’s more easier to sell without doing much marketing. You doesn’t need to be an expert of the software to resell but at least know the basic how to use it. Note: Not all the tools will make you good money but you will need to manually pick a good one to resell. Here are some of the requirements you will need to know when you want to resell a product. 1. The product is not resell everywhere on the internet that anyone can easily find it on the search engine. 2. You doesn’t require to be an expert of that topic to resell. 3. It must be a quality product that you satisfied. I have several products reselling on the internet that charge above $40-$67 for each copy. I’m not the creator of that product but I can resell for such price because I have done the research of that product and understand how quality of that product. This is far more better than selling those $5 crappy products. For a $67 product, I sold just 10 copies and I already made $670 profits to my pocket. If you’re selling the $5 crappy product, you will need to sell 134 copies to make $670. Do you see the different? I sell just 10 copies but you need to sell 134 copies. (which one do you prefer?) Think carefully when you buy resale rights product. Read the product and do the research if this product will make you good amount of money. Otherwise, don’t waste your time to resell the crappy product that only make you little money that only enough to pay your electrical bill. IMPORTANT: Christmas Special This is a Christmas Special Deal that you can grab it for a super low price. Click here to read the Christmas Special Deal (for a limited time only)   . [tags] resale rights product, resell digital product, selling on the internet, internet marketing [/tags]

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