How To Withdraw Money From PayPal in Malaysia?

Finally, Paypal allow Malaysian to withdraw money to Malaysia debit card or ATM card which have Visa/Master logo. No more headache to search around how to withdraw the money or pay higher fees to others merchant to withdraw the money. Here’s the screen shot how to withdraw the money. 1. Login to your Paypal account. ( Click here if you don’t have Paypal account ) 2. Go to Withdraw > *Screenshot below You will see that there is a small *fee $5.00 USD ( still cheaper than others ), Click the “Transfer funds to your card” and you will lead to another page below. Enter your card details and wait for the money send to your account. CHEERS! Don’t have debit card to withdraw the money? Go to AmBank or Public Bank to get one, it’s just cost you less than RM50 without need to verify your annual income or any supported documentation. Or don’t have Paypal account yet? Click Here to get one for FREE.

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