Promote MLM 3 BIG Mistakes

There are many of people failed in MLM because they make 3 BIG Mistakes in the beginning.
#1. Promote Company
#2. Doing the Boring Presentation
#3. Attitude/Negatif thinking
Do not ever promote your company in the 1st place. Because they already have invole one and WHY they should join your MLM? If because your company or product better than their MLM then WHY they didn’t join yet?

Promote your company in the 1st place will NOT solve their problem. You have to share with them “How To” earn money from a system/way.

Still cold calling your friends/family as many as you can? Then doing the Boring presentation to them in coffee house? I told you what, when you suddenly call them to the coffee house without answer their question why you want to meet them, they will know you want to promote MLM, sound familiar? Almost all the MLM beginner do this.

If after 2-3 months still didn’t get any result, they will start have negative thinking. Example: “The product are too expensive”, “Other MLM company history better than our”, “No speaking skill” and Blah Blah Blah….. ! Then quit/inactive their MLM.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    I am Melissa Tan from Singapore.

    I stumbled upon your website in one of the newsletters that I subscribe to. You have a lot of good resources and recommendations. Thanks for sharing.


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