What I have learned from Anthony Robbins Seminar

I would like to share what I have learned from the Athony Robbins Unlimited Power Seminar in Singapore. 1. Focus to the right target. Most failure focusing to the wrong target, that’s one of the reason why failed to success. If you’re doing MLM business, then one of your work is do presentation to your prospect. What most people will focusing when they start doing MLM business? They will focus to think ‘How the prospect will reject them” before present the opportunity or products to the prospect! Sound Familiar? At the end of the time, they didn’t make any sale because too much of negative picture popup in their mind and they will said to themselves “It’s hard to do presentation or sell product”. All the negative picture is from themselves Not the prospect. Why waste your time focusing on those non-exist thing? You won’t know what your prospect will throw you what question and you try to ‘figure out’ all the questions that your prospect will throw it to you or reject you. You waste your time and energy on the non-exist thing.  Go ahead to take action to sell your product to the customer rather than sit there wasting time to figure out a ‘Perfect Answer’. 2. Turn your ‘Should’ into ‘Must’ Some people say ‘Yes, I ‘should’ exercise everyday. But until at of the month, still no action! Why? Because it’s not a ‘Must’, so it’s not enough powerful to push yourself to take action. Why you go to toilet even you’re super busy on your work? Because it’s a “Must”. If you want to success, then you “MUST” turn your should into “Must”. Without the “Must” inside your mindset, you won’t be able to take action to complete every task! 3. NO “Try” — Just “Do” it This one I learned from my other friend who is a successful entrepreneur. Many people failed to build their own business or make money. Especially MLM business, many people join more than 3 company and still didn’t make any money. WHY? Because they “Try”. Many people keep the “Try” in their mindset to take the business opportunity. At the end never complete any action in order to make them success.  Once you believe in this business, then you “MUST” fully take action to “DO” it until completed. Remember, if you’re just start or want to start your own business, JUST DO or not to DO. If you “Try” — you died. ( That’s mean lose money)  If you’re not confident to do the business, then you better don’t try, it will waste your money, time and effort. Only Just “DO” it until completed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the teachings! 🙂 I really like the way how Anthony approaches our everyday doings by just simply changing our words. ” 2. Turn your ‘Should’ into ‘Must’” “3. NO “Try” — Just “Do” it”
    Couldn’t agree more with it! ^_^ If we always lives our word “try” then our life is just merely “trying” and guess what? “TRYing actually means FAILing with honour” so don’t ever try, Just DO it like Sean said. You will see some changes towards your reaction. If you don’t believe me, tell yourself when you are going to work for example – “I am going to party” you WILL find that your energy level rising while going to work. 😉

  2. Hi Kezo,

    Yeah, never ever Try. Just DO it. Hopefully to see you organize your own seminar one day. And don’t forget reserve one free ticket for me. 😉

    Sean Tan

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