Thousands Of Hotmail Passwords Leaked Online

Breaking News: Hotmail password scam spreads to Gmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo!

Update – there are now 20,000 accounts affected and non-Hotmail addresses.

Windows Live Hotmail

Yesterday, reports emerged that 10,000 Hotmail account addresses and passwords had been posted to the site Today, BBC News revealed that it has discovered another incriminating list containing log-in information for 20,000 additional e-mail addresses. The new batch, though, not only includes information from compromised Hotmail accounts, but also from Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and several other major e-mail providers.

Personal advice:
If you haven’t change your free email account password yet, please DO IT RIGHT NOW.

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Site Design Pro

If you’re looking for the simple design and easy to use template, then this is for you.

Site Design Pro is my brand new graphic package in September 2009. The web template almost no customization required. Just plug and play!

site design pro

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You can get your site up and running within 2 minutes with Site Design Pro. I also include website sales button and sales messages. Pick the template you want to use, choose the order button that fit the design and insert the sales message that help you to convert better. (Just plug and play)

This package also comes with graphic source file which is PSD you can open with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

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Storyteller Marketing: Scary Tactic

Have you heard of Storyteller Marketing?

Instead of keep on telling how good is your product why not use other way to sell your product? People use to say their product is the greatest and no other product can compare. Look at the advertisement around you and you will find out there are many company sell the same concept like this…

“We’re No.1 in this industry”
“The greatest product ever”
“The best program in Asia” 
and many more…

So who is the greatest and No. 1 actually? Everyone saying they’re No.1 or the greatest but who can proof that they’re actually the No.1 and the greatest?

Prospect already boring with this kind of marketing. I personally feel funny when I heard an old lady talk to a kitchen sales person in the morning market. She said “You guys always say we’re the best, so who is the best actually?”.

Whatever you say, make sure you do not set a trap for yourself to jump into it. (smile)

Let’s come back to Storyteller Marketing…

I saw a company applied this very well in a magazine advertisement. The company sell healthy cornflakes for breakfast. They advertised full page and it’s totally do not look like an advertisement but a news.

The advertisement start with telling the worst cases if you do not take your breakfast everyday. They also explain why everyone should take breakfast and the benefits. They use more on scary tactic in the story. Just like this — if you do not take breakfast often, your body will lose the XXX vitamin and you will sick.

So in the reader’s mind will float with this “Oh my god, I don’t want sick and I afraid to go to hospital and blah blah blah”. Reader will imagine their own scary scenario after reading the story. This is just like the ghost story. After listen to the ghost story, most girls will imagine a lot of funny scary scenario like maybe the ghost is hidding in the toilet or it’s outside the window….? (smile)

If your story can make the prospect create their own imagination — you WIN.

Their mind will hardcoded with your story and follow whatever you say. After telling the story, you must come out solution. That’s your product. So you will tell your prospect that this product will solve their problems. You see, you’re now telling the prospect that your product can solve their problems instead of telling them your product is the greatest and the No.1 brand.

How great and No.1 brand are nothing to do with your prospect. It’s none of their business so they will not care if your product is No.1 or No. 2 but they just care if your product can solve their problems.

Storyteller Marketing is one of the marketing method. Try this and let me know feedback!

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Marketing: Boost Your Sales Target


I love marketing.

You can do many things with marketing like advertising, event, party, flyer, cold call and etc.

Today, I want to share with you a very cool tactic to instantly boost your sales target within a short period of time. Let me start with offline marketing…

If you’re running a restaurant, you can sell membership card or voucher. That’s seem like just normal? Read this…

“Get Paid $100 Enjoy In My Restaurant”

It seems like a scam or hype. But it’s real. The tactic is this – You sell a membership card for $300 but you give $400 credit to your customer. This mean they get extra $100 for free. If you have 100 customers sign up to your membership card, then you will instantly have $30,000 for your company. Some people might think that this is too crazy to give away $100, of course you need to do the math if your business still make profit if you give out $100. I believe if your customer spend $400 in your restaurant, then you at least make 50% profit = $200, but you have already giveaway $100 to your customer, so your net profit will be $100. (Just work out the math)

Think about this, not all 100 customers will spend all the money within a month. Ask yourself, will you spend all $400 in the same restaurant within a month? Before the customers spend all the money in your restaurant, I believe your company will use that money to reinvest into other investment. There are many company not just doing business but also running investment at the same time like stock market, properties and etc.

When you got $30,000 for your company, and you just keep it in the bank, then this is just stupid. You have to reinvest the money to grow more money. Of course, don’t do the high risk investment.

I hope you see my point how to instantly boost up sales target. It’s just about ‘quantity’. You make less profit from each customer but you make more from all the customers.

Come from online industry…

If you’re selling digital product, you have pay nothing if extra 100 people buy your product. You don’t have to pay for printing cost, shipping and etc. So why not do a special promotion to combine several of your products into a big package for a special price?

Like, each of your product sell for $47. Now you pack 4 of them into a package and sell for just $67. This will instantly boost up your sales. That’s too crazy, if buy them separately, the price will be $188 but now for just $67. This tactic work and proven success. Of course, do not do this too often otherwise your customers will not feel special anymore.

Whether it’s online or offline, some of the tactic cannot use too often otherwise will not work in the future. You have to make your customers feel ‘special’ and only for limited time. Try this and let me know your feedback. Thank you!

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2009: Internet Marketing Promotion Bonus

Last 3 days ago I received an email from my existing customer.

The email started with “Sean, what are your bonuses for MME4?”

Let me explain what is MME4, the full name is Marketing Main Event 4 created by Jeremy and Simon. Based on what I have read from the salesletter, it’s a turnkey system – ready made membership site. The membership sites are all ready to go. Cut in short, you’re buying “business-in-a-box”.

Okay, I’m not promoting MME4 today and I want to explain why I didn’t do promotion for JV Partners recently. It’s not their products not good but I have my own reason not promoting.

You see, there are more than 5 products about internet marketing release every single month. This is a never ending game and I don’t think you like to receive promotion after promotion from month to month.

I don’t want my subscribers get information overloaded and I even don’t want my subscribers just keep on reading marketing materials without taking action. If you have bought a marketing course and it contains 20 videos, 3 PDF books, 10 MP3 audio and etc. Tell me, how long you will finish all these information?

Based on my survey result, 8 out of 10 people never finish the course.

There are 3 common reasons –

1. They didn’t see the result after studying the course for 2 month
2. They were attract by other marketing course
3. They’re looking for magic button but not course

Hey, if you never take action then how do you see result? This is true, if you just STUDY without take action, then you’re not going to see anything in return. You’re not going to get result by buying the course but take action only.

If you have bought some courses previously and still haven’t get result. I suggest you stop buying any course or product and think carefully to find out your problems. You could be fall into one of the categories above. If you’re not interested to study the big course, then just take the small course that will just take you about 2 weeks to complete.

Some courses just have a small package like 5 videos, 2 PDF and 5 Mp3 where you can finish all the information within 2 weeks or a month. This way, you can start to take action after 2 weeks.

You might see some people invest many money into courses month after month and they still make a lot of money or get the result they want.

Are they genius? Absolutely NO.

I buy many many courses and books from time to time. Average 1 new book per month. The subjects include self improvement, business management, sales marketing, multi level marketing, internet marketing, advertising and etc.

Honestly, I never finish all the books and courses information. Only some books I like then I will read them until the end of the page. Like, Donald Trump “Think Bigs” book. The book interest me because it was their real life stories and experience.

The rest of the books and courses, I just grab the information I want. What does that mean?

Some books and courses have the information I want to learn or know about. So I will buy it and just learn THAT information I want. If the book chapter 4 has the information I want, then I will just read the chapter 4 and ignore the rest. If I need to finish ALL the books and courses information I have bought, then I don’t need to do business anymore and will take me many years to complete.

Have you notice that? If you keep on buying information and study all of them until the end, then you’re not going to get result. Just study what you need from now.

By the way, I just released a new information called The Amazing Copywriting System

If you’re looking to make real cash on the internet, selling your skill is one of the most easier to get started and bring you steady income. I personally offer graphic design service, copywriting and webmaster service.

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Getting Things DONE FAST

Have you ever feel that you can’t finish your work and your work performance getting slower?

It could be the Time Management issue. When we failed to manage our time, we will getting tired and feel work overloaded.

We have only 24 hours a day even the richest man in the world. The billionaires and multi-millionaires do not have extra hour a day but they know how to manage their time and leverage.

If you have 10 tasks to be done in a day, probably you can’t make it as one person but you can manage to delegate to other people that can help you out. Otherwise you will not be able to finish the tasks.

Sometimes we are getting slow performance. Like, you can write 500 words article in just 30 minutes previously, but now you take an hour to complete an article. This mean your work performance getting slower and you need to fix it.

“Always track your work performance and quality from time to time.”

You can prepare a checklist and record your best record time. This way, you can compare your current work performance with previous best record. You can see it clearly how you improve your work performance.

Our brain cannot store too many things and cannot remember everything all the time. I knew it, because I always stuck in the middle when someone interrupt me. I need to get a paper or notepad to write down all the things I need to do for today (just like a checklist).

That’s another scenario like this…

When you’re doing something at home and your mother just work over and ask you to buy something at 5pm later. Then you just answer YES. But sooner later you totally forgot what she said just now. Why? Because you never store that task into your brain.

When we’re busy on something and someone talk to us, we will never store anything into our brain of what they’re saying because our brain is concentrating on our work. The best way you can avoid this it… take a notepad and write down the things you need to do and the things that people ask you to do later.

I have written a quick report called “How To Get Things Done FAST With 3 Simple Steps”


Feel free to pass the report to your friends and family to share the tips with them.

Thank you!


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Instant MiniSites – Amazing Design

Get the Instant MiniSites that save your time and money.

Instant MiniSites provides you design source file PSD, HTML page and PDF Help Guide.

Just change to your name and you can instant upload to your site.

That’s not all. You also get bonuses that will help you to create your own minisite as well and the videos will show you how to use the tool to make your own design.

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Why Average People Remain Average By Patric Chan

If you do what you’re expected to do, don’t expect an outstanding result, my friend.

Study successful people and you’ll sure to discover one thing that many of them would have in common… they live by that words of “always do more than what is expected of you.”

I don’t care. It could be sleeping an hour less everyday to have more time to build your wealth or whatsoever.

Whether you are mowing people’s lawn or someone is mowing your lawn, when you are teaching a seminar or being a participant, or when sharing your knowledge or giving advice to your people, always do or give more than what people expect. Then they will flock around you, they will line up to meet you and be happy to support you in whatever thing that you want to do next.

If you’re training to be a champion, don’t just train like an average player. Train more than you’re expected to train.

If you’re building a multi-level marketing business, increase the numbers of prospects you would like to meet everyday. If it used to be 10, now you would have at least 12. By just increasing your effort 20%, you’ll end up with 60 new prospects a month. Now, that’s what I called exponential.

Trying to win a girl’s heart? I’m not surprise that you could be “competing” with three other guys for the same girl. And you can only win if you’re giving more than all of them if everyone’s equal. I’m not saying giving more money or buying stuff’ give love, time or whatever that counts to her.

Whenever you are interacting with people or in a relationship, treat the other party extremely well.

Whatever is expected of you in that relationship, be it with your girlfriend or business partner or client, your spouse or your friend, always do or give more than what is expected of you in that relationship for that is the secret of making it a success.

It is not that you have to do or give a whole lot more; you have to do just a little bit more than the rest. That’s it. The 10mm-difference is what Anthony Robbins calls it for you to become outstanding… in any undertaking.

To do this, it’s not difficult. But most people are just too lazy to put in the effort. I’m one of them but I’ll always keep reminding myself this’ winner takes all. There is no second place, my friend. I would rather strive with the extra effort to get #1 because the pay off is many times greater.

Do you remember who the second best basketball player is? Nope. You can remember Michael Jordan because he’s #1. In fact, as far as I know, there’s no such place as ‘the second best basketball player’.

Who’s the second fastest runner in the world? Who knows. I just know the #1.

Others have called this ‘more than expected attitude’ as ‘going for the extra mile’. Notice that they don’t say the extra 10 miles.

How come?

Because the average persons don’t bother to do more than what is expected of them. I know it’s sad but that’s the truth.

To most people, “always do more than what is expected of you” are mere words and they don”t put substance to it because people are greedy and they just want to do the bare minimum to make money, to make a profit or whatever.

And guess what… successful people are never your average persons.

To be generous and to treat others extremely well, you must come from the perspective of abundance thinking. Then only “always doing more than what is expected of you” will come easy and naturally.

So the next time you are with somebody, or in a business negotiation, or just interacting with another person, ask how can I help you… without even expecting any return.

As the other saying goes– you have to give, in order to get. In fact, if you want to gather riches you have to be as generous as you can. Touch people’s lives profoundly, in ways that they would never forget. Give it forward… help another and that person will help another. Always do more than what is expected of you. Do this and the reward will come to you 10 folds or 100 folds when you are least expecting it.

Do you think you can do more than what you’re doing today? Of course you can. The question is… DO YOU WANT OR NOT? You’ll have to decide for your own future on that.

Patric Chan is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace Private Membership. Find out what are his other success strategies and get free gifts from Patric at Click Here To Download Free Gifts


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DIY Make Money Online Easily

I just completed a special report called DIY Make Money Online Easily. In this special report, I show the step by step method to start making money online. This is a basic information for those new people who haven’t make any money on the internet.

The report is free. Go to download at

DIY Make Money Online Easily

Download the report and go through page by page so you will not miss any step.


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Create Your Own Luck

Have you ever blame that you don’t have luck?

Do you know that you can create your own luck if god didn’t give you one?

Although ‘Luck’ will not help you to achieve 100% what you want, but it takes a small percentage on your success.

If you’re a sales person and want to see the manager but you’re stopped by their secretary and give you many B.S. reasons like ‘our manager is too busy and can’t see you’ or ‘our company do not interested on your product’.

You’re stopped at their filter. So you have no luck to pass through.

Create your own luck to reach the manager.

Example: Find out what are the activities that the manager do, like golfing, hiking, swimming and etc. Maybe check what are the places that the manager always go for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Let say you found out the manager always go to ABC restaurant for dinner. Then you can have the same time to have your dinner too in that restaurant. So when you see the manager arrive at the restaurant, then try your best to have the table near him. Ok, then just act like this:

YOU: Hey, Are you Mr. John from XXX company?
Mr. John: Yes, may I know you before?
YOU: Oh, I’m so lucky meet you here. My name is X X X (try not to intro your company at first but make friend with him)

then the conversation go on… (for building relationship techniques, please refer to your favourite bookstore for the suitable books that can help you on this)

You see, you can create your own luck to meet the person you want but NOT wait for the ‘luck’ to come.

Ok, you must know that sometime you just meet someone in a place that you both do not plan to meet, so it’s called a luck. However, if you really want to meet that person, then you need to create your own luck but not waiting for the luck to come because you won’t know when your luck will come.

If you want to know a girl, that’s the same thing. You need to create your own luck. Never think you can get to know the girl based on your luck to see if both of you will meet again in some where. If you know the girl always go to the gym for exercise, then you can join the gym too to create your luck to meet her again. In this case, you will 100% sure to meet her again without waiting for the luck to come.

Remember, luck is just part of the thing. It may help you to get started or help you to complete the thing.

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