9 Hypnotic Words You Can ‘Instantly’ Use

I just picked up this cool tip from my good friend – Jo Han Mok, who’s truly a Master Wordsmith. Apparently, certain words that end with “ly” can be sneakily used in your copy to slowly and hypnotically influence your readers. Obviously, these words easily slip into their minds under their radar and you can clearly see how these words work powerfully as persuasion weapons. Quite evidently, I’ve already led by example in using all these words in the couple of paragraphs earlier… * obviously * clearly * slowly * apparently * certainly * easily * powerfully * evidently * Insantly Spot them? : – ) Then next time you write copy, try sprinkling your copy with a liberal dose of words that end with “ly”. I think you might easily wind up amazed at how much more ‘hypnotic’ your copy instantly becomes. Hope you found this quick tip useful. P.S. Obviously, if you like what I just shared with you, you’ll clearly be delighted with Jo Han’s brand new “Recipe For Riches” report, which you’ll certainly want to pick up, over at: ==> http://www.askseantan.com/go/recipeforriches   [tags] jo han mok, recipe for riches, unlimited wealth and riches, bestselling author of the e-code [/tags]

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