Create Web 2.0 Images Without Download Software

A friend of mine, Bill Ortell, has created an online application that with a few clicks creates immaculately beautiful, and professionally designed images that literally look as if you had an expert hand-creating every single one! No Software? No design experience? Virtually, No talent whatsoever? NO PROBLEM!!  Quite literally, within a few seconds, you WILL create images that you say “WOW! I cannot believe I did that!” It’s simply a point-n-click solution. In literally seconds, you can create: ==> Extravagant Web 2.0 Text Logos ==> Professionally Created Header/Footer Images ==> Opt-In Type Boxes ==> Squeeze Page Type Images ==> All Elements for Mini-Sites ==> Extra Features for Special Outline Methods/Styles And you’ll be able create an unlimited number, combination, variations of images of this high-qaulity and calibur using his product called… …QuickWebCreations! Membership to this great tool was closed and is now being reopened – And, now he’s re-releasing it with even more features! In a click, you can add: ==> An Array of Gloss Options, Solid, Gradient, Gloss Shape ==> Reflections, Shadows, Light Source – to create a ‘lit-up’ effect Click Here to watch the video to see how it works

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