Easy Download Guard is LIVE now!

Easy Download Guard Easy Download Guard is LIVE now! (Click here for full details) Are you selling digital product like ebook, software, graphics or music/video on the internet? What kind of download page you’re using? Old type download page: http://domain.com/download.html (no protection) NEW type download page: http://domain.com/download.html?id=12345 (protected with expire link) Some people may say “I can change the download page name manually without purchase any software” – If you’re just selling one digital product and never thought to make more money, then I don’t have anything to say more. What if you’re doing Internet Business, you can’t say this anymore. You probably do not have the time to change your download page name from time to time. If you’re selling more than 20 digital products on the internet, how much time and effort will cost you? Software is to make our Internet Business life easy, if you have 5 hours, do you prefer to use this 5 hours to change ALL your download page name or to create a new product? Which one make you more money? Protect your digital product and spend more time on your internet business by using the brand new software called “Easy Download Guard” system. (Click here for full details) Easy Download Guard

Easy Download Guard

 Click here to watch the demo video What will happen if your download link has exposed? – Sales drop from time to time – Affiliates stop promoting your product – Hosting bandwidth wasted for nothing – Time, money and effort wasted to create the product Click here to see how Easy Download Guard will help you [tags] download protector, easy download guard, digital download guard, dl guard, protect download page, download page protector [/tags]

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