How to Make Year 2008 a GREAT Year for You and Your Internet Business

Hope you’re doing great! 🙂 My friends Edmund Loh & Vince Tan have a hilarious comic to share with you. It certainly did lighten up my mood and I think you should take a look at it too! It doesn’t just stop at the laughs though; there’s a strong, inspiring message behind it and it has to do with how you can make Year 2008 YOUR YEAR. Whether you’re young or old. Whether you juggle a full-time job or you’re unemployed. Whether you have superior technical skills or just basic computer literacy. And number of years of experience under your belt is NO longer a requirement to succeed online. These boys have proven. Go read this comic for a couple of laughs and be sure to see Part 2 after this! Click here to see the rest of the comic in full.

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