How Walt Disney Got His Bankers to Believe

Just wanted to share a great story that Mike Vance, Walt’s head of creative thinking at the Disney Corporation shared. Here’s the story: Walt Disney went to the bank and told them he wanted this HUGE LINE of credit. When they asked him what he was going to do with all that money… Walt told them: “I’m going to buy this giant swamp in the middle of Florida”. The bankers were a bit puzzled and then asked him what he was going to do with all that useless swampland. Walt answered: “I’m going to build a castle right in the middle of the swamp”. The bankers then asked: And what are you going to do with a castle in the middle of the swamp? Walt replied: “I’m going to put a mouse in the castle and he’s going to live there with all his pals.” What happens then?  the bankers asked. Walt then said: “Well, once I get the castle built and the mouse has moved into the castle, people are going to come from all over the world and they’re going to bring buckets of money with them.” And then? the bankers demanded. Walt answered, “Well then the people are going to take the buckets of money into the castle and they are going to give it to the mouse.” The bankers asked That’s it? Pretty much replied Walt. And just exactly how big a line of credit are you going to need? asked the bankers. Walt said “Oh…we’re going to need a big one” And that was it.  Four years later Disney World opened it’s doors to the world and the rest is history. I hope you enjoyed this story and the lesson here is to dream of your castle and take action. Today, you don’t need a line of credit. You just need a great system and a model to follow. If there is THE ONE best system or model to build your castle on… It would be this – Unlocking Offline Secrets model… Your castle dreams and how to get it is only one click away:? CLICK HERE To Unlocking Offline Secrets NOW . . . [tags] offline secrets, walt disney, local business marketing [/tags]

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