Increase & Boost Your Page Rank With NO SECRETS!

Past few days ago, I was asked from other internet friends that how did I achieved page rank 3 for my marketing blog . Yep, it’s Page Rank 3 at this moment, you can scroll down to the middle of the page and look at the sidebar there. That’s a live page rank display, or you can go to to check for proof. I replied them that – I do nothing but  just uploaded a file and put a link in my blog. That’s it! No other secrets! You may thinking same as my friends, “just uploaded a file and put a link in the blog” that can increase to page rank 3? “Does it blackhat things”? “Special software”? or…..? NO! NO! NO! What I use is just a service that provided by Jonathan Leger called “3 Way Links” With this service, I just need to choose 3 set of favourite/ profitable keywords for my site and then upload a file to my server and place a link in main page. That’s it! My site page rank went from 0-3 within 3 months. Yes, I joined 3WayLinks since it’s just started until now. In that time, I didn’t expect any result but just simply sign up. After around 3 months later, I checked that my site page rank went from 0-3 and WOW ! WOW! I really suprised in that time, because I really do nothing but just sign up > choose keyword > upload file > place a link in my main page and DONE. If you would like to know how it works, Click here for more details >>> Until today, I still continue the 3WayLinks services because it really give results! Why want to waste your valuable time and scratching your head just want to increase the page rank? You can get all the easy steps by signing up Jon Leger 3WayLinks and you save all your time which you can focus on other important things like marketing, building relationship with people…..! Those technical work just pass to Jon Leger 3WayLinks team to do it and you enjoy the result. Click here to access the 3WayLinks now [tags] Increase Page Rank, Google Page Rank, 3 Way Links, Jon Leger [/tags]

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8 thoughts on “Increase & Boost Your Page Rank With NO SECRETS!”

  1. Wow congratulation for your page rank! It was fast then…

    Link building really helps a lot in your page rank. But remember that link building is not just about the quantity but the quality of the links you have.

  2. Hi Ken,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Yes, driving traffic to the website is the most basic requirement and also the most important part.

    If a website do not have traffic, even you have a superb salesletter mean to useless.

    Thank you.


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