Make $69,000 With Your Own Firesale

Do you know what a “firesale” means? While I’m not of the origin of the word, in the Internet marketing world it means having your own mega blow-out sale where you bundle a dozen or so products for one low price. Then, you increase the price every day to send your conversions over the roof, since everyone wants to get it before the price increases!   Gobala, Vince and Melvin made over $69,000 recently with their “Send Us To U.S” firesale, and now they are letting you in on their secret tactics: Click Here To Access Now  It’s doesn’t matter if you’re totally new – anyone can benefit from this! Their case study has left a big impression on me, as I never though it could be that simple to have your own firesale. In fact I’m considering holding my own firesale soon 🙂 I strongly recommend that you get “Firesales Exposed” now:   Sincerely, Sean Tan P/S: Firesales are not new – and that’s a good thing! A lot of smart marketers have financed anything from a wedding to the purchase of a business, with firesales. It works!

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