Over spend on the internet! :-)

Some people never realize they have already over spend money on the internet. Like buy the webtools, ebook, web scripts, membership or ecourses. I know, because I’m one of the ‘some people’ before. Last time when I was new to internet marketing, I bought a lot of different type of tools, web scripts and membership. I never realize that I have already over spend the money to those products. It’s too easy to take out the credit card with just fill in the blank and you can download the product instantly. Until end of the month when the credit card statement mail to your house, then you will suddenly “SHOCK”! Oh my god! Just look at the credit card statement, and all the make money online hope is gone or lose confident. Because still losing money month after month, or maybe make less than $100 per month. If you spend more than you earn, then you consider losing money. If you have already spend more than 3-4 month with the internet marketing and still make less than $100 per month or your internet business expenses more than your earning, I suggest you stop buying any product or tools. Just stop to spend money for a while, I suggest you spend 1 day to look back from start until now, what you have done and why you still losing money. You need to find out the problem, or you will just keep losing money without solve the problem. Take 2-3 pieces of paper to write down what you have done from start, what you have bought and how much you earn every month. After that, you will see the total you have spend and the total you have earned. OK, It’s time to find the solution how to earn back the money you have spend last time. Internet business is same like offline business, you also need to record the expenses and earning. So you can see the exact $ number every month. At least you can reduce the lost. The main solution is maintain your online business is cut expenses! If you cannot earn more than 50% of your monthly expenses. 80-90% of work do by yourself, never outsource the work to other people, because you’re losing money now. So you need to cut the expenses, until you make money. Find out what’s the problem. why you’re losing money. Maybe you don’t know how to drive traffic, setup salespage, post article/video or how to find people to join your online mlm. These are the common case that most people will facing, some people know how to setup salespage, but don’t know how to drive traffic to the site. Or some people good in drive traffic but dont’ know how to setup the salespage properly. Take my 2cents tips: Give your PC rest one day, and you take 2-3 pieces of paper to write down from you start until now, what you have done. Then create a plan how to do better than last time. If you’re not good in drive traffic, then go to buy the ebook or ecourses that teach you how to drive traffic. So you should not spend the money in any non-related product. Here are some product you can have a look if you need it to help you solve the problem. 1. Easy Blog Traffic – Show you how to drive traffic to your blog and get high ranking for your website. Package include ebook (PDF), Video and Audio. 2. Graphics Collection – More than 2000 web graphics, web templates, button, ready made ecover, header and many more. 3. All Niche Video – Step by step video show you how to setup your own internet business. 4. Magnetic Sponsoring – Learn How To Magnetically Attract Endless New Prospects And Customers To You, With Credit Card In Hand. ( for mlm people ) Thank you.

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