Paypal Link Cloaker

Good news for $7 secrets script user! Introducing Paypal Link Cloaker plugin to help $7 product vendor attract more affiliates! Most affiliates afraid their email expose to all over the web and search engine. Now the problem solved with the Paypal Link Cloaker! Affiliate no longer “add” their paypal email for the affiliate link. They can choose their favourite username or keyword they want as their affiliate id. It’s very easy to use and vendor simply put the plugin into the existing $7 script with less than 5 minutes. Simply paste a piece of code and the plugin can go live. Click here to access Paypal Link Cloaker Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Paypal Link Cloaker”

  1. Hi John,

    I received quite a lot of this questions from my subscriber and customer. “Are you a programmer?”

    First and for all, I’m not a programmer. 😉

    I know nothing with the programming! Sometimes I hire programmer to do that for me or just buy the license from the programmer.

    It’s take time to create a software or script, especially like me zero experience with the programming.

    Just subscribe to your new site 7dollar killer templates. 😉

    Waiting for your site go live.

    Thank you


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