Seller Are Getting Smarter Nowadays!

How to make extra 100% of profit with the same product? When the customers become smart, the seller will become smarter. Otherwise they will close the door very soon. Buyer like to compare the price, quality, free gifts, services and benefits. These are most headache things when you’re selling to the prospects. They will ask you a lot of questions such as why your’s one is expensive than ABC company?, why your’s don’t attach free gifts like ABC company?, and many more…. ( some even no logic questions ) BUT some seller are getting SMARTER nowadays! They have discovered how to make extra 100% of profits with the same product. No one is KING in this world, if you think you’re the smarter marketer, then there must be someone smarter than you. It’s good that you believe yourself and have confident to do whatever things, but not over the limit. Some people thought they’re the SMARTER. Whatever they do, they won’t listen to anyone and their personality will start changing. If you’re like me, love to watch “The Apprentice” TV show, you will more understand what I mean. Here’s how some Seller manage to make extra 100% profits with the same product. “Split the product from a package” The “Split” product tactics it won’t works if you didn’t plan well. You need to plan well before you use the “Split” product tactic. Here’s example how it works: The seller split the full set of Car audio system into 3 part– CD player, Amplifier and Speaker. Actually they’re ONE SET. But the seller split them into 3 part. When you’re inquiry the car audio system, they will ask you whether you want half set or full set? Honestly, a package or a set of product is more easier to sell– but those smart seller manage to split the product from full set into half set or become standalone product to make extra 100% profits. This is SAME as some of the marketer who are selling courses or software on the internet. Some of them applying this tactics very well. Here’s how it works with software or ecourses: Let say the Autoresponder software can send more than 10k of email with 99% delivery rate in a day and able to add up to 20k subscribers in one single account. But the seller split the software features into 2 version, they always sell the 1st version to the public– right now the Autoresponder software only can send 3k email max per day and only able to add 5k of subscribers per day max.  But after you have purchase the software, they will have the ONE-TIME-OFFER upgrade to the “Full Version” which can send up to 10k email in a day and add 20k subscribers in a day. Or some marketer selling their basic ecourses in front, and offer you their ADVANCED version after you have purchase the basic version. I like their headline when they’re offering their advanced ecourses– “WHY Make Thousands When You Can Make Millions?” Probably they’re telling you, you will only make thousands by learning the basic version BUT now you can make Millions if you take the advanced version. There will be a lot of people take the advanced version offer since they have been sold from the  start. So it’s very easy to make extra profits with the split product tactics. But as I mentioned above, you will need to plan very well in order to make the tactics works well. Click here to learn more business strategies

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