The Truth Of Making Money Online

Have you ever think that put up a few products selling on the internet and quit your job? Why most people will have this thinking? Answer: You may know some of the internet marketer show you how they make $XX,XXX amount of money within X days. The truth is you’re NOT going to make those amount of money every single day! Look, I know some of the internet marketer make ten of thousands USD within a few days from the new info product launch. You may say “WOW”, but the truth is they’re NOT going to make those amount of money from that product everyday or every month. I’m NOT saying they’re scam and they also never say that they make those amount of money every X day or month. Just because some people misunderstood thought that those people able to make ten of thousands USD every X day just from the product that selling on the internet. Some internet marketer really make ten of thousands USD income every single month, BUT they’re NOT just selling 1 product on the internet that you have seen. Most of them doing other businesses like coaching, affiliate marketing, google adsense, online mlm and many others. Some of them may have 2-3 businesses on the internet in order to make ten of thousands every month. NO one able to make ten of thousands USD every month from just 1 info product selling on the internet. When I was newbie, I’m also same like other newbie thinking that those internet marketer make ten of thousands USD every month just selling an ebook on the internet. This is “CRAZY” and I end up buying the ecourse to learn how to copy the same success. ( LOL ) After a few months later, I lost a few thousands USD just end up buying ebook, software, ecourse and membership. Until I know some internet marketer on the internet and they’re sharing how they managed to generate their income every month. Why am I sharing this to you? Some people blame that make money online is a scam because they failed to make money after reading the ebook or ecourses. So I want those people who just started to learn how to make money online, MUST have a correct mindset before you getting the empty hope. You need to treat your online business like offline business or a job, IF you thought just put up a few info products without taking care of them and able to make ten of thousands every month, SORRY — The truth here is NO SUCH THING. I’m personally NOT only selling info products on the internet, I’m also doing affiliate marketing, google adsense, online and offline MLM. Here’s the check from AWeber ( Autoresponder Services ) and GDI ( Online MLM ). ( From AWeber Autoresponder — Commission $23.94 ) You may laugh that how I’m going to survive for just $23.94? This is one of my businesses that I promote AWeber Autoresponder as an affiliate. Although $23.94 not much for food, BUT it can gave my car a full tank of petrol free. ( LOL ) ( GDI Online MLM ) You may laugh again — $255 also not enough to survive! This is also one of my businesses on the internet. I managed a few type of businesses on the internet to ensure that my income is secure. If one of my info product sales less than 20 a month, then I still can survive — because I have other businesses income to cover the expenses as well. Never afraid the sales drop to affect your life. I do not anti any opportunity like MLM or investment is because it’s depend you accept or not to accept the fact. Many people blame that MLM is a scam opportunity, the reason is because they never make any money. The reason why most of them failed to make money is because they DO NOTHING. Most people have a same thinking in MLM is — pay money to join the business, waiting upline or prospect to sign up without do any work. I personally know some people who failed to make money in MLM business, the same excuses is “HARD” to do. But the TRUTH here is not hard to do, just they “DON’T WANT” to do. My new system is currently upgrading, but once it’s completed — It will help more people to make money with GDI business. If you’re not familier with GDI business, Click here to watch the flash presentation. I’m not going to cover how I managed to make money from different type of businesses on the internet in this post. But will share some in the future post in this blog, so if you don’t want to miss it — make sure you check the blog more often. ( smile ) If you’re interested to join AWeber Autoresponder as an affiliate, Click here to join now for free Interested in GDI business? Click here to access the flash presentation

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