What’s the most important for online business?

If you want to make a steady income every month, then you have to know what’s the most important thing for your business. “Customer Base and JV Partner!” You probably heard this before “Money is in the List”. Yes, How many customer or subscriber in your list will depend how much you will earn. What if you have 5000 people in your list? Or 10,000 people? Imagine that you just send an email through autoresponder to all your list member to offer them your product! Let say your product sell $27 and you have 5,000 people in your list. What if just 50 people buy your offer? You earn $1,350 just send an email 🙂 Another one is JV Partner, find JV Partner to help you promote your product. Example your JV Partner have more than 5,000 people in their list also, and you have 5 JV Partner. That’s mean you have another 25,000 people going to see your offer again. Normally JV Partner will earn more than 50% commission on every sale from their own list. Having a big list will earn you more money, there are 2 list you have to build for your business. 1. Subscriber ( Free ) 2. Customer ( Paid ) The subscriber is you offer something like ebook, software or ereport to exchange their first name and email address. They need to subscribe to your list, so they can get the free stuff. Customer list, once the customer buy something from you, ask them to subscribe to your customer list. So you can give them special or bonuses or free update. Always take care of your customer list, because they are people who always buy product online. We called “Quality List”. Once you have too many free subscriber, offer them some cheap product so you can turn the free subscriber into customer. You won’t know who will become your customer and some never make any purchase on the internet. In order to know who’s potential subscriber, set your autoresponder special action to un-subscribe the subscriber if they buy your product and subscribe them into customer list. So you will have 2 list in your autoresponder, one is quality list and another one is free list. More people in your quality list, the more you will earn. Choose the right autoresponder AWeber Autoresponder System for your business. Affordable and no worry about SPAM. Why bother with the $19.95 /month? Make just one sale already cover your expenses and what if you need to handle 10,000 people in your list? You probably earn more than that every month with your list. Click here to get one Autoresponder if you don’t have yet

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  1. Thanks for your help. My biggest problem is converting more site visitors into actual paying customers. Any advice along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Justin (aka SureFire Guy)

  2. Hi Justin,

    I visited your website and cannot find where to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Here’s my 2 cents solution:
    1. Before you want to convert those visitors into customers, you have to building your subscribers list. Offer your visitors free newsletter and have them sign up with their name and email. We called “Opt-in” form.

    2. Share about your product info in newsletter and provide useful tips.
    Example: Pick one of your product to share in your newsletter, and how to use, how useful it can be, how it will help in some situation.

    If one day your subscriber suddenly want to buy flashlight, then they will remember you 1st, because you provide them more information.

    Sharing more useful information to your subscriber will help them remember you and trust you. Explain more about your product, because you have a lot of different model there, and a lot of people don’t know which one is suitable to them, so they afraid they buy the wrong one.

    People are lazy, they won’t go to read one by one to find which is suitable or maybe they even don’t know they need one.

    You can send weekly newsletter to your subscriber and some people will buy from you after read your newsletter.

    Here are a few example why:
    1. Sometimes people will forgot to buy something after someone remind them. example: their old flashlight already broken, but they no time to go out to buy new one and normally after a few days people will forget it. Until “You” remind them in the newsletter and you’re sharing and explain how useful your product and can solve their problem, and you also put a link to your website.

    If you can give them special coupon for discount to buy now, and I believe they will choose to buy from you. 2 reasons: People lazy to go out when they sit in front of PC and reading something — and people “love” discount.

    2. Make people interested to buy your product even they never think they need it. Some people never think they need this product, until you share with them WHY they need it.

    Example: John never use Mobile Phone, and he never think want to buy one. Until you share with him WHY he need to have mobile phone, — “you can call someone at outside when you need help” — “what if someone have very important message want to tell you, and you’re in out-station?”

    John will start thinking all of these in his mind.

    If you want to convert those visitors into long-term customers, then you need to provide newsletter. To keep in touch with them.

    You have to follow-up your visitors, normally people will not come back to your website after they leave. So you need to have newsletter to follow-up with them.

    Thank you.

    Sean Tan

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