Why Most Newbie Failed To Make Money Online?

There are a lot of new people learn how to make money online every single day! But most newbie failed to make money online and keep buying ebook/course without earn any cent. After some time, they will give up and said to their friend make money online is hard and almost impossible because XYZ…….blah blah blah ( tons of excuse/reasons ). There are a few reasons why they didn’t make money after study those ebook/ course. 1. Type of business Many newbie don’t know which online business is suitable for them. So they just keep ‘trying’ all the online business like Google adsense ( become bloggger ), Selling info product ( internet marketing niche ) and ( other niche market ), Selling in eBay, Promote as an Affiliate, provide Services, buy Turnkey website ( like Games site, Video site, Community site….. ), Online MLM and many more…! Newbie should concentrate into 1-2 businesses only. Once you decide to selling info product like ebook, ereport, software or ecourse. Then you must put 100% effort, time and money into it. Most newbie always having “TRY” in their mindset, like creating info product in the middle and give up because they discover writing ebook is boring or lazy to write email, salesletter, setup website….! And they will go to try google adsense or other new stuff.  Sound familiar? When I was newbie, I’m the person who do this kind of action, keep trying all the online businesses and give up in the middle. Wasted money for those turnkey website like network community website and adsense turnkey website. I’m not saying those things not good, but you have to concentrate to the things before it can bring you profit. Why others able to make money with PPC ( Google Adword Pay Per Click ) or Selling info product on the internet, BUT why you can’t? There must be some reasons between you and those people. If you’re selling info product, then do not waste your time to figure out how to make money from google adsense. You will just waste your time and effort. Unless you have spare time, or else you will lose both business at the end of time. Interested in Pay Per Click business? Click Here For More Now… 2. Forgot those technical stuff – Why want to bother those SEO or search engine ranking? Do not waste your value time into those SEO technical stuff. It won’t help you much to make money online from start. People can easily spend more than 1 week to figure out how to win the search engine or get better alexa ranking. If you’re able to spend 1 week to create new info product, then I believe you will make more money than figure out the SEO stuff. Do not do the wrong thing in your business. It could be able to destory your business anytime. 3. Low of budget – Most newbie low of budget to get start online business. Do not hire people do the work for you if you low of budget to get started. Just buy those ready made tool like web template, software… that may able to help you save 3 times of the money. You can write your own salesletter and create ebook if you’re low of budget. Try to do the thing that you’re able to do. If you want a software, then you will no choice to hire a programmer to create for you. You’re not require to know everything in order to do online business. There are a few online businesses that you can choose to step in ( if you’re not start yet or want to do other online business ) One of my friend Dane Bergen, the creator of PPC Prophecy. He’s offer an ebook that will teach you how to make money through Per Pay Click. The best part is the price “affordable” to everyone. I have personally review the ebook and feel that this is a good ebook that very easy to understand, so it’s good to share with those newbie that still wondering how to make money online. REMEMBER: Before you want to start money or study the PPC Prophecy, please remove the “Try” keyword from your mind. Just DO it and follow all the step by step. Click Here To Access PPC Prophecy NOW!

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  1. I think there is so much information online that you can find quickly and this is a big problem. As soon a newbie tries a method and fails they move onto the next fad. So for newbies I think it can be a trap for new players. Eventually you find the information and take action on it to make money. It took me at least 3 years lol


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